Flat Cut Metal Letters in Atlanta a Popular Choice for Building Signs

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You need a building sign for your business. But you do not just want to have a run-of-the-mill sign that everyone else is displaying. You want the kind of sign that encapsulates your brand message. Flat cut metal letters in Atlanta are the ideal and popular choice for this signage setup.

Precision, Durability, and Aesthetics Combine for Functionality

Flat Cut Metal Letters in AtlantaFlat-cut metal letters last a long time. Unlike sign foam, their longevity is measured in decades. Many manufacturers of these products offer lifetime warranties. Because they know that stainless steel, for example, is virtually impossible to destroy, they can do so with ease.

What makes these style elements so attractive is the laser-cutting process that most manufacturers choose. It creates perfect sizing and crisp edges. These edges set your sign apart from others. In fact, it is an essential complement for certain architectural building designs.

Material options abound as well.

  • Stainless steel. The good looks of stainless steel are difficult to beat. The silvery glow of the material stands out, even more, when you opt for a polished look.
  • Cor-Ten steel. Envision the rustic charm of steel that looks weathered. For the right business, it is the ideal brand encapsulation.
  • Copper. The reddish tone of copper underscores your message and brings an attractive color play to the façade. Consider a brushed metal finish.
  • Aluminum. When you are thinking of painting the metal, aluminum is an ideal substrate. Our team can paint it in any metal tone you like – or any color match that you want us to make.

Mounting Options for Metal Letters

Flat Cut Metal Letters in AtlantaThe majority of metal letters are about half-an-inch to an inch deep. They might be as tall as 40 inches or a little higher. Almost all clients ask for a flush-mount of their metal letters. When your façade is smooth, this looks fantastic.

However, it may not look that good if you have a rough façade or stone block setups. Even on some brick masonry, it may not offer you the appearance you are looking for. A stud mount makes it possible to provide the right look. By creating a slight spacing between the wall and the letters, you concurrently enable the creation of a shadow display.

This looks professional and can boost brand recognition through the shadow creation. Because it adds to the visual aesthetics, people are far more likely to remember your name display.

Another installation method involves the bottom or top stud mount. When you want the letters to hang from an overhang or attach to a roof, this is the way to go. However, it is essential to check your zoning before going this route. In some areas, this is not permitted.

How to Order Flat Cut Metal Letters in Atlanta

Flat Cut Metal Letters in AtlantaWork with a specialist in the signage business. Our shop routinely helps members of the Atlanta business community stand out with impressive signage displays. Most importantly, we ensure that your brand message comes through loud and clear. When you are thinking of adding flat-cut metal letters to your building’s front, our team can see your project through from start to finish. Call today to schedule a site survey appointment!

Flat Cut Metal Letters in Atlanta