Fall and Winter the Perfect Time for a New Lobby Sign in Alpharetta GA!

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Is it time to upgrade your lobby signage? If you want to make a change in time for the upcoming holiday season, we can help. Here is what you need to know about ordering a new lobby sign in Alpharetta GA.

What is the Trend for the Upcoming Year?

new lobby sign in Alpharetta GASignage preferences change. We have noticed that more business owners are now selecting dimensional letters than ever before. It is becoming a growing trend for all types of offices and kinds of businesses.

Selecting Materials for a Lobby Signnew lobby sign in Alpharetta GA

  • Acrylic. Acrylic comes as a transparent material. We paint it in any color you desire. Besides that, you might choose a high-gloss or a matte presentation of the letters. Matte letters are usually the best choice whether you are featuring your reception area signage in front of artificial light sources or near windows.
  • Metal. Brushed aluminum is another favorite. It looks sophisticated and impresses the consumer with its stylish appearance. Most importantly, it is a durable material that does a great job setting the tone for your overall brand-centric signage message.
  • Sign foam. It is fair to say that sign foam is the most versatile of the signage materials. Its makeup allows for displays of up to three inches in depth. When you are planning to emphasize the three-dimensional aspect of the signage, you cannot go wrong with foam. Besides that, we can also use it as a substrate for acrylic, metal, or vinyl overlays. You save money but have a sign that looks like you bought the more expensive material.

What Makes 3D Lobby Signs so Attractive?

new lobby sign in Alpharetta GAFor starters, we can adjust the spacing of the letters to fit into any space. Whether you have a large wall to work with or only a partial wall space, we can make the lettering fit. Similarly, 3D letters are a great complement to a logo display. We can use the same material that you selected for the letters. Doing so ensures a cohesive presentation that gives your lobby a professional appearance.

Most importantly, you do not have to limit the display of lobby signs to the reception area alone. More and more business owners are repeating the lettering presentation in conference rooms, patient waiting areas, and training rooms. In this way, their brand messages permeate the spaces that employees and consumers visit.

Choosing Your New Lobby Sign in Alpharetta, GA

What is the right look for your business? Should you go big with an impressive sign foam setup or electrify consumers’ opinions with a stylish metal setup? If you are unsure about what direction to choose, work with our graphic artist. This specialist will help you determine the best way of encapsulating your brand message in a sign.

Besides that, we can also work with the signage products that you already have in place. In other words, if you want to work backward and commission a sign that focuses on pulling together your signage displays with the lobby marker as the culmination, we can do that, too.

Contact our sign shop today to get started on the project!

new lobby sign in Alpharetta GA