Exterior Dimensional Letters in Roswell GA Announce Canton Street Crossing

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Historic downtown spots are coveted in Roswell. They offer premier retail space. Case in point is 1255 Canton Street, which is at the corner that intersects with Minhinette Drive. The property’s name is Canton Street Crossing. It offers retail space that is a leisurely walk away from other commercial venues. To draw more attention to the location, and to emphasize that the place underwent a renaming process, the property’s management team asked our signage pros to make some exterior dimensional letters in Roswell GA.

Highlighting a Property with Chic

Exterior Dimensional Lettering in Roswell GA

In the past, this property was known as Minhinette Place. Since its renaming to Canton Street Crossing, some consumers have been confused about the change. But the new name has a ring to it, and the business community likes it. As a result, the management company works hard to turn the new moniker into a household name.

After meeting with our clients, we designed a set of dimensional aluminum letters. We created them to be of a size that is readable for traffic going past the venue. By painting the material white, it fits in perfectly with the accent colors of the building’s trim as well as the local street signs. The letters spell out the property’s name and address. Our installers mounted them to the retaining wall, which also functions as the monument sign.

There, the lettering now identifies the venue with chic and sophistication. It also ensures that passersby make a note of the locale’s new name, which is instrumental in the success of its incoming businesses.

Addressing the Shopper with Dimensional Letters

3D Letter for Monument Signs and Brick Walls

Of course, lettering for a wall that doubles as a monument is only one option. There are plenty of other opportunities for addressing the consumer with these products.

Building letters. Choose from acrylic, metal, sign foam, or PVC for letters that we mount directly to your façade. We help you select the right size and customize the product with your corporate color palette in mind.

Post and panel displays. Changeable reader boards are popular. Even though electronic versions are quickly taking over the traditional vinyl lettering models, a similar product is now also catching the eye of consumers. These are post and panel signs that you can put up as needed around your property. Three-dimensional letters can be made to fit into slots, where they spell out messages for that day. It is a mix between the permanence of a post and panel setup and the temporary nature of a changeable reader board.

Floor stickers. This sounds a little like cheating. After all, how is it possible to have floor graphics that present as 3D letters? Easy! It is an optical illusion that we can create with cleverly designed vinyl graphics and printing techniques. These floor stickers offer depth and stand out visually.

What Could Your Business do with Exterior Dimensional Letters in Roswell GA?

For starters, you could most certainly attract more attention to your location. Whether you use these products for a monument sign or a building wall, we help you select a size that is ideally suited for the setting. In fact, when you call us today, we can schedule a site survey to take some measurements!

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