Exterior Building Signs for the James Stuart Teague Law Firm

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Located at 110 Samaritan Drive in Suite 109, James Stuart Teague, P.C. is a well-known property dispute law firm with more than two decades of experience. When these professionals needed a new exterior sign as well as another one for the adjacent Family Counseling Center, the office management team contacted the signage pros at Meridian Signs and Graphics for help.

Exterior Signs for Law Firms in Cumming, GA

Exterior Building Signs for Law Firms in Cumming GA

Combining style with classic chic, the exterior sign design works well with the brick wall. The client selected high-density urethane (HDU) for the sign. The material is impervious to water, wind and insect damage. Painted in black, the firm name stands out in gold lettering. The same is true for the logo display. The product has a frame that repeats the gold color, which ties the look of the sign together. The Family Counseling Center signage follows suit. At a thickness of one and one half inches, the sign feels and looks substantial. We stud-mounted the markers to the brick wall for a secure hold.

Why Exterior Signage Matters

The signage you choose to display on your premises says a lot about your company. It also adds a wayfinding component to the mix that can make the difference between introducing a new client to your company and missing an opportunity. It is interesting to note that consumers respond well to signage that they pass. This advertising method is more successful than other advertising choices and even word of mouth referrals.

Exterior Signs for Attorneys in Cumming GA

Excellent signage encourages the impulse call or stop-in. This could be the client who has been considering enlisting the services of someone in your niche but had not thought of taking action until seeing your marker. For this consumer, a sign with the right appeal can make all the difference in the decision to do business now and with you. For this reason, our experts always recommend choosing a sign that symbolizes your niche and hints at your business philosophy.

When to Install a Building Sign

Building signs for law firms in Cumming GA

Our clients are frequently wondering when they should put up a building sign. If you are constructing a new location, put up a post and panel architect’s rendering as soon as you have leased or bought the land. As soon as the exterior wall is erected and painted, put up the building sign. Even if your grand opening is still months away, make sure that you have a sign that brands the location and establishes you as a local fixture in the minds of consumers. If you are renovating a space inside an existing building, put up your building sign as soon as you have signed your lease agreement.

Ordering Your Signage Today

Contact our graphic artists to discuss exterior building signs for attorneys in Cumming, GA. We also handle signage for all other types of businesses. Whether you operate a retail location, service establishment, eatery or clinic, our experts can help you put together a signage display that brands your company while generating plenty of interest in your products or services. Call us today to get started.

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