Examples of Custom Plaques for Forsyth County GA

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The Forsyth County Public Library succeeds at drawing in the community with events for all ages. Santa Claus visits during the holidays, Doctor Who themed parties for teens and puppet shows for the youngest readers are just some examples of the events that take place. Hobbyists have an opportunity to show off handmade crafts and sell their wares to eager shoppers. At the heart of the operation is, of course, a group of dedicated staff members and volunteers. When this organization decided to commemorate one of them and his service, its management team contacted our graphic artists.

Examples of Custom Plaques for Forsyth County, GA, Library Settings

Custom Bronze Plaques Forsyth County GA

The subject of the commission is a bronze plaque that was dedicated earlier in the month. The occasion was the retirement of Library Director Jon McDaniel and the recognition afforded to him by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners. During the event, an administration building was named for the outgoing director.

Bronze Plaques for Libraries in Forsyth County GA

It will display a plaque made from bronze that features a polished edge and lettering as well as the tenure of McDaniel’s presence. It is set off nicely by the darker color on the interior of the plaque. These types of products display well on the interior as well as on the exterior of buildings. You may also see them mounted to rocks, benches and lampposts.

Aluminum Plaques Can be Colorful

Metal Plaque Design Proofs Forsyth County GA

When we created an aluminum plaque for the Rotary International for the celebration of “The Living Water Dam,” we used aluminum to memorialize the partnership between the organization’s Swaziland and North Fulton chapters. The product presents with a gray backdrop and vivid writing in a lighter hue as well as a colorful yellow and blue image of the Rotary Club’s insignia.

Customized Plaques Make Sense

Plaques for Rotary Clubs Forsyth County GA

Choosing a personalized plaque makes sense in any setting. Choose from cast or etched metal, depending on your needs. Cast metal is ideal for images and text that you want to see raised above the background. When you have a text-heavy display, an etched plaque makes more sense since it presents even smaller fonts with stunning clarity. Although some clients prefer to keep the signage in its original metal hues, others like the addition of bold colors to highlight emblems and logos.

We routinely work with aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel. Copper is another alternative that appeals to clients. In recent years, we have seen a trend that shows how plaques are no longer just for commemorations but also for commercial signage. This is particularly true for service providers in the financial and legal sectors. Perhaps it is the collection of natural and satin finishes, beveled and straight edges as well as the unparalleled durability of the product that has endeared it to members of the local business community.

When you are ready to discuss how this product could fit into your business, contact our graphic artists. As you can see from the examples of custom metal plaques in Forsyth County, GA, sizes, shapes, displays and appearances are fully customizable to suit your taste and need. Contact us today to learn more and to get started on your project.

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