Ever Wonder How to Make Channel Letters?

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As you drive by businesses en route to your company, you notice that plenty of them feature channel letter signage. In fact, this product is cost-effective, highly visible, and excels at branding your enterprise. But do you ever wonder how to make channel letters so that they fulfill their functions?

Customization is Key

how to make channel lettersWe use aluminum to manufacture the body of a letter. The typical channel letter is a front-lit product, so we make the sides and backs of aluminum but leave the front open. If you select a backlit model instead, we close up the front with aluminum but leave the back open. However, before we can even start on the design process, we need to determine the proper display height and dimensions. We usually gauge the traffic speed in front of your location as having the greatest impact on your letters’ heights.

Next, we install light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that serve up the illumination after dark. Finally, we close the letters with clear acrylic faces. For front-lit products, we paint the acrylic in your indicated color. For backlit letters, the acrylic remains untreated. The use of polycarbonate instead of acrylic is a good option.

Choices Make a Difference for Brand Communication

how to make channel lettersThere is a movement toward the manufacture of more generic letters. While this cuts down the time it takes the shop to put together a marker, we firmly believe that careful customization and plenty of choices for our clients make far more sense. Sure, it takes us longer to custom-tailor a channel letter sign to your location, but when you remember that this product becomes the face of your business, you want something that is unique to you. For this reason, we labor over the proper presentation of your font selection via the bodies of the lettering.

Installation Considerations

how to make channel lettersAlthough the manufacture of the product sounds deceptively simple, consider that we are not yet done. When you want us to mount the letters flush to the façade, we need to create the mounting hardware alongside the accurately drilled holes. Conversely, when you select a raceway setup instead, we need to prepare the product for holding the letters and paint it in the color of your building’s façade.

In rare cases, clients face the dilemma of corporate colors that are too close to the building façade’s tone. Unwilling to compromise on their branding messages, they find a middle ground solution that includes a board mount. We manufacture the board to feature a color that complements both the building’s front as well as the letters but creates a visible contrast that makes the lettering stand out.

Ordering Your Sign

Now that you know how to make channel letters, contact our graphic artists to discuss the manufacture of this product for your business. Even if you already have a sign in place, we can still help you get in on the advantages that the signage solution offers to our clients. Our experts serve the business communities in and around Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, and Atlanta, GA. Call us today to get started!

how to make channel letters