Who Enforces the Law on ADA Signs in Georgia?

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ADA Signs for Cumming GAThe worry of running into a problem with law enforcement is not just faced by drivers but also by business owners. Even a business that routinely follows all the rules and regulations set forth by the state or the county can still find itself in hot water for violations related to ADA signs in Cumming, GA. So, who enforces the law on ADA signs in Georgia? What are some of the rules every store owner should know? Your questions – answered!

Q: What are some commonly missed compliance issues related to signage?

A: Adequate mounting heights, tactile characters and high-definition color choices are among the most commonly missed compliance aspects of your ADA signage.

Q: Do I have to change each sign in my store or office?

A: Not necessarily. For example, while the handicapped parking spot in your lot does require you to post an ADA-compliant sign, you do not have to revamp the other signs of your lot. Although you do have to properly mark the location of publicly available facilities, you do not have to change out building directories.

Q: How do I know which signs inside my venue need to be in compliance?

ADA Compliant Signage Cumming GAA: Since you want to make your locale accessible to both employees and consumers, the professionals at Meridian Signs and Graphics recommend that all signs are set up in compliance with the Act. If this is not feasible, consider that each permanent room or space sign has to be compliant. The same applies to state-mandated and federally required safety signs. If signs are mounted overhead and are out of reach, they do not have to follow the tactile requirement but still have to meet the other rules set forth by the ADA.

Q: My signs complied with the 1991 version of the Act; do I have to update my signage to meet 2010 rules?

A: It gets a bit tricky when you are dealing with prior compliance issues. While it is true that signage that was in compliance with 1991 rules does not have to legally get updated, it is also true that you are required to make the update when make any changes to these markers. This includes the addition of new signs and even the installation of new hardware! Your best bet here is to talk to our experienced ADA signage compliance experts for information on how to revamp your existing marker setup.

Q: Can I get in trouble for ADA compliance issues?

Who enforces ADA Signs in Cumming GAA: Yes, you can. The easiest way for the authorities to find out about signage violations is via a complaint that is filed with the court or the various state and federal agencies. If you have an employee who believes that the absence of a mandated sign is discriminatory, the individual may file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which may then open an investigation. If a consumer believes that rights have been violated, the individual has the option of contacting the Civil Rights Center or the Department of Justice for assistance. In some cases, local building codes also demand the setup of adequate signage; failure to adhere to these precepts results in a visit from the building inspector and a citation for a code violation.

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