Do You Need ADA Signs in Roswell GA?

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ADA Signs Roswell GAWhether it is the Roswell branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System or the Centennial High School, there is a need for ADA signs. Roswell, GA, businesses, too, have to meet the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. While failure to comply may get you into quite a bit of legal trouble, it actually makes good business sense to install these types of signage products in your stores, offices and other venues.

Why Add ADA Signage?

Customers, students, clients and employees with disabilities rely on your adherence to the Act to find their ways around your facility. Compliant signage ensures that your markers are installed at appropriate heights and locations. This makes wayfinding a snap for those in need of the law’s requirements.

How Specific is the Law?

The law is so specific that it is wise to hire a seasoned signage professional to manufacture and install your markers. For example, did you know that the raised characters, which are called for by the Act, must be 1/32 of an inch above the background of the sign? The minimum height of a raised letter (or number) must be 5/8 of an inch. There are, of course, also legal requirements with respect to the maximum figures of the spectrum. As you can see, this is not something that you want to try to do at home or let a sign company tackle that does not have the expertise required to deal with ADA standards.

Have There Been Changes to the Law?

ADA Compliant Signs Roswell GAA new set of 2010 standards have led to changes of the prior signage requirements. While your old markers – if they were in compliance – may be grandfathered in when you make no changes to your facility, this clause becomes void when you change room functions or commission new markers. Some of the changes to the Act included mounting height restrictions and pictogram setups. Placement of the Braille, too, is governed by the changes. Changes to laws does mean ADA signs in Roswell GA are a must-do!

Does it Make Sense to Add Optional Compliant Signs?

Yes, it does! For example, your Roswell cubicle setup has to meet the Act’s guidelines if the furniture is bolted to the structure. If it is freestanding, you do not need the signage. That said, why not make it easier for your employees and their visitors to navigate your maze of cubicles? When your employees are doing business from their cubicles with walk-in clients, it is always a good idea to identify the settings with compliant markers.

In some cases, Georgia’s codes are different from those enforced in Colorado or California. Working with a signage maker who understands your state’s legal landscape saves you money by ensuring proper observance of the legal details. Examples include the manufacture and installation of evacuation maps or glowing signage products.

ADA Braille Signs Roswell GAGetting Started on Your Facility Consultation

At Meridian Signs and Graphics, we know all about the manufacture and installation of ADA compliant signs for Roswell, GA. We also understand that this is an area of the law that can be rather confusing and worrisome to business owners. When you work with us, you know that you do business with a reputable signage maker whose expertise at ADA compliance is the best. Call us today for more information on ADA compliant signage products.

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