Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign Shines at 3i People in Alpharetta GA!

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Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs Alpharetta GALocated at 5755 North Point Parkway in Suite 234, 3i People is a global information technology company that specializes in data analytics, application customization and a host of other network design products for vendors and clients. To enhance the visual appeal of its office for prospective clients visiting the location, the company’s management team contacted the graphic artists at Meridian Signs and Graphics to inquire about dimensional letter lobby signs for Alpharetta, GA, companies.

Designing a Sign with the Company’s Business Model in Mind

Logo Lobby Signs Alpharetta GA3iPeople is on the cutting edge of software development. It makes sense that this type of business needs a lobby sign that bespeaks its position as a thought leader in its niche. For a signage maker, this translates into the judicious use of colors, materials and manufacturing methods. For this company, we created a three-dimensional lobby sign using half-inch and three-quarter inch thick acrylic. Our experts designed the marker so that it repeats the company’s online display of its name and logo.

The goal here is to help potential customers make the connection between the business that they researched online and the company that they are visiting right now at a brick and mortar location. Succeeding can mean the difference between a consumer who feels right at home from one who is not sure that she or he has arrived at the right place. Besides, the signage must hint at the way of doing business that this company embraces. With the use of a dimensional sign that is sleek, professional and cutting edge, we succeeded in creating this impression.

Lobby signs for Business Consulting Firms Alpharetta GASelecting the Right Material and Manufacturing Method for Your Lobby Sign

Acrylic is an excellent material choice when you intend to highlight a high-tech or modern background. Opt for a matte or glossy finish. Combine a variety of colors to mimic the look of your online display. Die-cut acrylic presents with crisp edges, which results in a meticulous impression.

For a softer appearance, we recommend the use of molded plastic. Doing so allows for the display of prismatic letter facings that add a three-dimensional component. What you lose in the crisp appearance of the edges you gain in the unusual presentation of the individual letters. They stand out and grip the attention of anyone entering the office.

Alpharetta GA Custom Lobby SignsAnother versatile material is foam. It is a favorite with management teams that favor a three-dimensional look with a dramatic flair. Since we can cut the material to present with a much thicker appearance, the use of spotlight illumination greatly enhances the overall display on the wall. It is fair to say that some of the 3D foam signs we did are more wall art than just functional lobby signage.

Discussing Your Signage Needs with the Experts

Whether you need lobby signs for business consulting firms in Alpharetta, GA, or require a foyer marker that expertly identifies an accounting or investment group, our experts can help. Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about the design process and to schedule your client consultation.

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