Custom Monument Sign Design Makes Atlanta Foundations Stand Out

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Atlanta Foundations, Inc. operates out of an office at 1831 Canton Highway. The AFI team is an integral member of the residential and commercial construction niche in the metro Atlanta area. A while ago, our sign shop worked with the team to put together a set of vehicle graphics. This time, a representative contacted us to discuss a custom monument sign design in Cumming GA.

Designing a Monument Sign from the Ground Up

custom monument sign design in cumming gaWe met with the client and took measurements at the venue. Our designers put together comprehensive plans that detail the location for the sign as well as its overall dimensions. With the plans in hand, we started the building project. The marker starts with a solid brick base.

Bricks, mortar, and rebar are renowned for the longevity that they bring to any signage design. Because there is a lot of space between the sign’s location and the street, we ensured that this product is sufficiently large to catch the attention of drivers and passersby.

custom monument sign design in cumming ga

Next, we added an aluminum cabinet. It is held in place with two support beams that we incorporated into the base’s design. Its white color contrasts well with the brick tones of the monument. Finally, our team added dimensional acrylic letters and logo style elements that we painted blue. They present the corporate persona in the same way that clients see it on the company’s website. Technicians also added the company’s niche explanation.

Adding Signage Has the Power to Boost Your Sales Revenue

custom monument sign design in cumming gaThe finished monument sign at Atlanta Foundations, Inc. displays a robust marketing and branding message. It informs passersby about the location of the firm. There is a good chance that this company will see an uptick in sales activity. Statistics by the International Sign Association prove that the right onsite signage can better your odds of doing so.

  • 10 Percent increase in sales. Of businesses participating in a study, 60 percent reported an increase in sales after adding a sign. The average increase in sales was 10 percent.
  • Visibility is a crucial element for success. Sixty-eight percent of individuals who responded to a survey acknowledged that the presence of a sign was a significant factor in locating a venue.
  • Signage boosts others’ perception of your corporate persona. Of the interviewed consumers, 34 percent connected signage excellence with their view of the business’ quality.

Popular Choices for Custom Monument Sign Design in Cumming GA

Make the statistics work for you. It is not enough to offer an excellent service or product if your sign does not persuade the consumer to give it a try. Monument signs are good options for any company. Select a brick and mortar construction for the longevity that it brings to the location.

Add a box cabinet with dimensional letters or consider the installation of a lightbox setup that illuminates from within with LEDs. Foam monument signs are quickly gaining in popularity. They, too, are durable. Moreover, our team can customize the appearance to mimic the look of bricks, lumber, river rock, or any other presentation. Contact us today to find out more!

custom monument sign design in cumming ga