We Cover the Types of Monument Signs Johns Creek GA Businesses Are Choosing Most

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Which are the monument signs Johns Creek GA, consumers respond to? More importantly, are they within your budget? In fact, you might be surprised to learn just how affordable and effective these signage products are.

Why Put up a Monument Sign?

Monument Signs Johns Creek GA

You will notice that companies typically put these signs near the entrances to their parking lots. This placement is not a happy coincidence. Instead, it helps motorists to find the business quickly and easily. By seeing the signage come up ahead, a driver can change lanes and get ready to enter the parking lot. Without a monument there to guide her or him, this motorist might just keep on going. Sure, some will turn around and come back. But most will not do so.

Of course, there is a secondary reason for the installation of this signage type. It provides an in-your-face advertisement for your business. Each day, countless motorists drive past the sign. They keep seeing your ad and brand message over and over again. They cannot help but notice the logo, the corporate color palette, and all the details of your marketing. In short, this sign develops excellent brand knowledge, product information, and name recognition among your possible customer base.

Which Type of Sign is Best?

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You have choices – and lots of them.

Brick, mortar, and rebar. Classic monuments consist of bricks, mortar, and rebar to keep it all in place. Their useful lives span decades. We help you to select the right display location where to put this product.

Concrete. The concrete monument is a favorite of companies as well as municipalities that need more than one sign. It handles all types of weather. You do not have to worry about insect damage. And when you want to mark multiple entrances to your commercial property, this is the sign to consider.

Foam. Manufacturers of foam monuments let you select the pre-fabricated height, width, and style that you prefer. These are lightweight products that we can position anywhere you like on your property. Do not let the name fool you; this type of monument sign can withstand high winds. They are also easy on the budget.

Aluminum. This material allows for a plethora of designs and styles. Opt for a combination with acrylic for push-through letters that look great. If you like, we can put together a product that lights up with built in LEDs. We can create columns, obelisks, and standard low-to-the-ground rectangles. If you are looking for something that is out of the ordinary, you cannot go wrong with aluminum monument signs.

How to Buy the Monument Signs Johns Creek, GA, Business Owners in the Know Favor

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Contact our experts to schedule a site survey. We take this opportunity to visit your location, find out about local zoning rules, and gauge the speed of traffic at the venue. Doing so allows us to provide you the options open to you for size, lettering height, and materials. This is also a good time to consider secondary signage that supports your brand message.

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