Coordinate Your Facility: Suite Signs in Alpharetta GA

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suite signs in Alpharetta GA The matching suite signs in Alpharetta GA, health care facilities, schools, office buildings and similar large venues serve three distinct purposes.

  1. Provide a look and feel of continuity in a building that features a broad range of departments and offices.
  2. Support brand and name recognition among visitors, clients and investors.
  3. Meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Of course, there is more about ordering matching signage than just commissioning 200 identical products. In fact, the greatest asset of this signage product is its versatility concerning customization. For example, while you may prefer to have an entirely color-coordinated look across your hospital, you might change things up with shapes to denote different departments. What are your options?

Room Signs with Changeable Name Designations

suite signs in Alpharetta GA

For a larger number of rooms that fulfills an identical function – examples include classrooms and hospital patient rooms – install identical room signs that display the numbering of each space as tactile numbers as well as with a Braille 2 notation. They meet the color contrast, font selection, mounting height and location requirements of the ADA. The identical nature of the colors and shapes satisfies the need for coordination. Allow for personalization by adding changeable nameplates. Allow occupants some decorative input or handle the customization at the office management level.

Sliding Room Signs Communicate with Visitors

Avoid the erroneous opening of exam room doors by hospital visitors or the accidental disruption of a conference room deposition by another attorney who was unaware of the room’s usage simply by installing sliding signs. They body of the sign meets ADA standards and spells out the room’s function and number. The slider portion allows the occupant to note that a room is “Occupied,” in “In Use” or “Unavailable.” Mix and match materials you use for these products. Metal offers a great overall look that pairs well with acrylic sliders. While you might change up the colors of the signs to accommodate different departments, keep the slider colors and material selections as well as the wording identical.

Window or Door Lettering Allows for Font and Display Coordination

suite signs in Alpharetta GA

Identify the names of office occupants by using vinyl lettering for the doors or windows of their offices. We recommend deciding on a uniform font, display height, material color, and display. For example, if you create letters using hunter green vinyl in a Sans Serif font, do so throughout your facility even as the names change. If you pair this display with a logo or tagline, keep the appearance identical throughout.

Discuss Coordinating Suite Signs in Alpharetta, GA, with Our Experts

Whether you need custom-designed suite signs made of metal, wood, acrylic, or foam using dimensional letters and logo elements, we can help. Contact our graphic artists to schedule a site survey that allows us to catalog the room identifications your facility needs. We work with you on meeting ADA standards while incorporating your company’s branding and marketing information. Also, we help you decide on a common thread that ties together these signage products. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

suite signs in Alpharetta GA