How to Consider the Best Size for Building Signs in Atlanta GA

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Did you know that a building sign can be too big? It is not easy to get to this point, but it is possible to reach a tipping point when signage is too much for the architectural details. It is much easier to go too small, which is a common mistake our sign team notices when driving around the city. Here is what you need to know about hitting the sweet spot and ordering the best size for building signs in Atlanta GA.

Determine the Function of Your Building Sign

best size for building signs in Atlanta GASome Atlanta companies have poor street visibility. Here, the building sign is more of a wayfinding product than an advertisement. A secondary product, typically a monument or pylon, will fulfill the advertising function.

Therefore, it is sufficient to have something like a dimensional letter building sign that fits perfectly above the entrance way. We usually recommend sizing the lettering in keeping with this space.

That said, the company with a need for displaying a brand and advertising message needs to focus more on size and width. If budgetary constraints are in place, we recommend focusing primarily on this marker and then adding on supportive signage separately.

How Fast is Traffic Going Past Your Location?

best size for building signs in Atlanta GAYou have determined the function of your building sign. Next, it is essential to gauge the speed of traffic. We typically recommend coming out for a site survey, which helps us to determine how fast cars are driving past your establishment. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the speed limit, the taller the letters need to be.

For example, if speed is near 50 miles per hour and you want to ensure that you are being seen from a ways away, you need something that is about 22 inches tall. Taller might be better. Moreover, this is not the type of sign that should have many decorative touches. A simple 3D letter sign that states your company’s name could be the best choice.

Adjusting the Sizing of Individual Style Elements for Content

best size for building signs in Atlanta GAThis consideration comes into play when you opt for a channel letter and cabinet sign combo. There is a hierarchy here.

  • Lettering. Identifying your corporate persona is the essential function of your signage. Therefore, these letters always have to be the most substantial aspect of the signage.
  • Images. Graphics that identify your logo tie together your corporate identity. The sizing must not overshadow the primary lettering but should be sufficiently large so that it will not be mistaken for mere decorative touches.
  • Secondary text. Any other wording might be niche explanations, taglines, and the like. This writing is smaller and does not have to catch the attention of passersby or drivers in the same way that the primary text does.

Boosting the Visibility of Signage

Sign positioning is a primary tool we use when increasing the visibility of any sign. Although placing the style elements above an entrance is a great option, it is not the only choice. When it makes the sign easier to see, we might also place them closer to a building’s corner.

Find out the best size for your building signs in Atlanta GA, by inviting our team out for a site survey today.

best size for building signs in Atlanta GA