Confused About the Right Colors for Your Business Signage?

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Best colors for exterior signageThe colors that you select for your business make a huge difference in the way that consumers perceive it. With the right combination of colors and style elements, you succeed at branding your company with ease. Make a mistake here, and you could potentially miss out on business opportunities simply because would-be customers cannot read your markers. In some cases, the wrong color selection can also be off-putting to some shoppers. What are your options?

How to Choose the Right Colors for your Business Signage

Consider the branding message that you want to communicate to the consumers. Do you want to highlight the environmentally friendly product that you sell? If so, add bold shades of green as well as light brown hues to your signage. When you want buyers to trust in your brand, a bold blue color is the ideal selection. To put those planning a party in the mood to buy from you, include yellow colors in your sign. Bold hues are also a good idea.

Going Past the Primary Color

When you have selected the primary color for your branding message, it comes time to consider a contrasting color that nevertheless harmonizes well with it. It is at this juncture that quite a few companies make mistakes. For example, pairing blue Best colors for interior signagewith black or white creates an excellent contrast that is easy to read for motorists who are a block away. Pair the same blue with a slightly lighter version of the same color, and you lose the contrast that makes the lettering stand out. Drivers are no longer able to read the sign with ease.

Backgrounds Should not be Busy

Busy backgrounds look great up close. There is a lot of detail in these colorful signage backdrops that makes them look attractive and gets across the message of your artistic and whimsical products. Yet when you combine this type of backdrop with your lettering, something should shift. The lettering should become the dominant feature of the signage. When this does not happen, the background is simply too busy for the sign. This problem is made worse when you mount this type of marker on the exterior of your building. Once again, drivers will have a difficult time reading the signage from a distance.

Working with an Expert Sign Maker

Choose the right colors for business signageNow that you know how to choose the right colors for your business signage, work with the professionals at Meridian Signs and Graphics to create your message. We present you with a broad range of signage styles that allow your message to shine. Whether you envision the use of dimensional or channel letters for your façade, or perhaps a box cabinet, let us show you how your colors will look when used with these types of products.

Next, we work with you to see the color selections become part of your interior signage. In this setting, it is possible to take a few more liberties and incorporate the paisley background that you have fallen in love with. Once again, we provide you with information on the best types of materials to use for the signage suite you wish to commission. Contact us today to get started on your order.

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