What Are the Different Types Commercial Property Signs for Atlanta GA?

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Commercial Property Signs for Atlanta GAWhether you own or manage a parcel of real estate in the Atlanta area, getting buyers or renters is a crucial part of your business. We frequently deal with real estate firms, individual agents or property managers who contact Meridian Signs and Graphics for signage solutions to make their parcels stand out.

What Signs Are Available?


By their very nature designed for outdoor display, these signs carry a wide range of messages. Material choices include aluminum composites and acrylics. Durability is a key element for having long-lasting signage in this setting. We have created a wide array of signs for a variety of real estate businesses:

  • For sale. Whether it is a “for sale by owner” commercial property sign or a sales message that is put up by a real estate firm, this note signals the availability of a plot of land or already established property.
  • For lease. Although not for sale, this piece of property may be leased for a long or short term. The details of the lease are open for negotiation with a listed contract. This is a popular sign for strip malls and office buildings with vacancies.
  • Under construction. Real estate developers usually like to generate interest in an up and coming property development while the buildings are still in the process of being put up. In some cases, developers may even hold off with breaking ground until they have a lease or purchase commitment from a number of qualified store owners or individual buyers.

All of these signs are usually prominently displayed in front of an entryway to the property or along a construction site fence. With already established venues, it is a good idea to put up signs along all entrances around the building as well as parking lot driveways. While signage for a strip mall or office building needs to be more discreet, it nevertheless must capture the eye of passing motorists or pedestrians.

Extraordinary Information to Include on Your Signage


Property Management Signs Atlanta GAIn addition to the for sale, for lease or under construction messages that you might find along a parcel of property, what other messages should you place on commercial property real estate signs for Atlanta to gain extra interest? How detailed should you get? Is there information that is best to omit?

  • Financing terms. If there is no mention of special financing terms, would-be buyers usually assume that standard bank qualification procedures apply. Yet for some consumers the mention of a special deal could make the difference between putting in an offer and ignoring the sign. When special financing is available, it is always a good idea to mention it on the sign.
  • “To own” deals. Renting or leasing to own is another attractive sup specialty of the real estate market that bears mentioning. Future property owners start out as renters but build equity and continue to save up for a down payment. For some, this is a great compromise to buying a home in the future while already living in it. If this situation applies to a property you manage, it is to your advantage to disclose it on the sign.

Our graphic designers are standing by and ready to help design a stand-out sign that will shine above the rest and gain attention. If you need commercial property signs in Atlanta, contact us!

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