Choosing LED Letters Alpharetta GA Customers Are Sure to Notice!

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You might also know the LED letters Alpharetta GA, consumers respond to as channel letters. We know them as the most popular building signs currently on the market. You want your customers to see you. In fact, you want all consumers to notice your presence. Reeling in foot traffic and converting shoppers into buyers is vital.

What Sets Channel Lettering Apart from Other Signage?

LED Letters Alpharetta GALED letters replicate the display of your company’s name. Customers recognize it because they visited your website. Maybe they are already familiar with your brand. By placing the brand information on your façade in this way, you help shoppers to connect with your corporate identity. Unlike other dimensional letters, however, LED versions offer the advantage of illumination.

Choosing the Right LED Setup

LED Letters Alpharetta GAHow do you want the light to display on your building?

  • Front lit. In this setup, the light escapes through the fronts of the letters that we close off with polycarbonate. We paint the material in your custom color. Doing so boosts this tone after dark.
  • Halo lit. When you want the light to bathe each letter in a soft halo of illumination, the backlit setup is your best choice. We close the backs of the letters with transparent polycarbonate. Next, we mount the lettering a couple of inches off the wall. As the light escapes through the backs, it reflects off the façade. Choose clear LEDs or opt for colorful alternatives that support your brand message.
  • Combination. Some clients want both. We can accommodate this request but suggest that you increase the numbers of LEDs. Failure to do so dims some of the effects.
  • Open face. For store owners with an avant-garde look, this concept reminds of the old neon lights. We close the fronts with clear polycarbonate, which leaves the light sources visible. For the right brand, this lighting setup ideally underscores the message.

Taking the Letters Inside

LED Letters Alpharetta GAThe majority of LED letters Alpharetta GA, customers see will be on the outside of your location. Our technicians most likely mount them to the façade near your main entrance. But did you know that there is now a movement to have these letters on the inside, too?

Our technicians can adjust the design for size. Moreover, we can change the depths to suit the wall setup inside your location. In this way, these letters can be suitable for wayfinding signs that signal the entrance to a department. They are also good choices for a lobby sign.

Support Your Illuminated Brand Message with Secondary Signage

You succeed in catching the eye of the consumer. Now what? With support signage, you can continue the dialog that the building sign began. A-frames, for example, substantially boost your ability to display must-know details about your message. Feature menus, prices, and specials. Another excellent support signage option is a set of window graphics. We recommend repeating your brand color combination for driving home the point of brand awareness.

In fact, when you contact our experts today, we can walk you through the process of choosing the LED letters for your business. If you like, we can also help you pick out signage that reinforces the message.

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