Why Choose LED Signs in Alpharetta GA?

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LED Channel Letters Alpharetta GADo you remember the old neon tubes that cast a yellowing glare from a weathered diner sign? Every so often, they would emit a hiss. Although we can wax nostalgic about this memory, neon is a light source that has come and gone. Now, there are new LED signs in Alpharetta, GA, shops, on the facades of buildings, and anywhere else that illuminated signage is installed.

What Makes This Modern Lighting Method Stand Out?

  • Durability. Unless you like the idea of having our repair technicians on speed dial, choose LEDs. Neon tubes are notorious for their fragility and vulnerability to damage. The old sign maker joke suggests that you should not look at neon tubes while transporting and installing them – just in case you shoot them a piercing glance.
  • Safety concerns. Neon likes high voltage. It is not unusual to require a transformer to provide around 15,000 volts AC. In contrast, the standard LED requires a modest 12 volts DC. If you like to clean your sign yourself in between professional maintenance calls, consider your or your employees’ safety. Another concern is the use of mercury in the manufacture of neon lights. When the bulbs need to be replaced, you have to pay extra for safe disposal.
  • LED Signs in Alpharetta GAPrice. LEDs are getting less expensive. The cost of neon tubes is not following suit. The initial purchases of the lights, as well as the replacements, tend to be cheaper when you rely on LEDs.
  • Versatility. Neon tubes must be cut and connected with your sign in mind. Once the manufacturing process is complete, your sign cannot be changed. LEDs give you far more flexibility. If you decide to change a channel letter setup at some point, you can reuse the LEDs. With the look of business signage changing rather quickly in some industries, this is a cost-saving advantage.

Time to Say Farewell to Neon?

Unless you are commissioning an open-face channel letter sign, which requires the use of neon tubes, it is time to bid these tubes a fond farewell. When you consider that this product has been around since the Art Deco era of the 1920s to the 1940s, it makes sense to choose the newer options now. After all, can you envision customers flocking to a computer store with vintage neon signage?

Exterior LED Signs Alpharetta GAOrdering LED Signs in Alpharetta, GA

Discuss your signage needs with our graphic artists. We work with you to design the product that meets your needs, wows your customers, and makes you stand out from the competition. Whether you need to order channel letters or lightbox cabinets for the façade, thin box cabinets for your interior, or a backlit lobby sign for the reception area, LEDs make the illumination happen.

By the way, consider the use of LED spotlights when illuminating dimensional lettering on your façade or your office wall. Other reasons for commissioning LED signage include the installation of point-of-purchase markers or shelf-mounted display cases that show off new products. Contact us today for more answers to your LED vs. neon questions and to get started on your project.

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