Channel Letters and Cabinet Sign Shine for Bait Shack Watersports!

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Located at 1175 Buford Highway, Bait Shack Watersports rents boats and jet skis. Kayaks, paddle boards and fishing boats are some of the other products you can rent for an eventful day on Lake Lanier. Additional equipment options include snorkel gear, water skis and wake boards. To make its presence known, this storefront setup needed excellent signage. This is when the management team contacted the graphic artists at Meridian Signs and Graphics.

A Letter and Cabinet Sign Mix

Channel Letters and Cabinet Sign Combos Cumming GA

Channel letter signs for Cumming, GA, businesses usually display the name of the company. The advantage of this signage product is the versatility with respect to color choice as well as the opportunity to light up the signage from the interior. Both are attention getters and brand the location. Yet the Bait Shack Watersports team wanted something that would be a bit more eye-catching. They envisioned part of their company’s name to display on a surfboard.

No problem! We created a lightbox cabinet, which is another signage product, in the shape of the board. Mounted in between the lettering onto a raceway, it now displays the “Watersports” portion of the company’s name. To the left, blue lettering identifies “Bait Shack”; to the right, green lettering spells out “Rentals.” This signage combination succeeds at advertising the business, branding it and offering a bit of a niche explanation in the process.

Channel Letter and Lightbox Cabinet Signs for Cumming, GA?

In the business, we refer to this phenomenon as the signage one-two punch.  Channel letters and cabinet sign combs are a great way to brand your business. You see it when lettering cannot adequately portray the logo of a business. At the same time, the writing is not part of the actual logo and must therefore be set up separately. Even in cases where it would be feasible to choose a cabinet sign over lettering, more and more companies opt to install the combination. Why?

  • Visual interest. The combination of style elements draws the eye. The signage portion is automatically bigger than when only one product was used. This enhances the appeal of the signs.
  • Additional display surface. Branding has oftentimes to do with color displays. The more opportunities you have to display your colors, the better you succeed at generating brand awareness.
  • Enhanced illumination. What is brighter: a combination of letters or a cabinet? How about both? Combining both signage products in an illuminated display greatly increases the light that the marker gives off.

How to Order Your Building Signage Combination

Contact our professionals today for more information on illuminated building signs in Cumming, GA. If you currently have a different building signage setup, we work with you to envision what the new display looks like and how it affects the overall look of your façade. We create sketches that incorporate your artwork and company’s colors. When you decide that now is a good time to re-brand, we work with you on hue changes or font upgrades. Our graphic artists also provide you with information on supporting signage components that highlight the message of your building sign. Examples include A-frames, window graphics or awning displays.

Channel Letters and Cabinet Sign Combos