It’s Channel Letters and a Cabinet Sign for Donut Theory in Alpharetta!

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Located at 11550 Webb Bridge Way, the Donut Theory reacquaints the hungry consumer with the pastry the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Rather than eating frozen, defrosted and then refrigerated wares or mass-produced specimens laden with preservatives, you have the opportunity to taste handmade originals that follow classic recipes and incorporate traditional baking techniques. When the company’s management team was ready to add building signage that would act as a beacon to consumers, it contacted the signage pros at Meridian Signs and Graphics.

Cabinets and Channel Letters for Bakeries in Alpharetta, GA

Channel Letters and Lightbox Cabinet Sign Combos Alpharetta GA

We discussed the signage needs with the management staff and designed an internally lit channel letter display that we augmented with a customized light box cabinet. We installed the lettering to a raceway, which makes it stand out. The sign is a departure from the display on the company’s website, but it is far more visible from a distance. The black letters feature a white rim. The box cabinet takes on the shape and look of a donut. The combination sets this business apart from any competitors that are nearby. In addition, it quickly defines the niche it represents and draws in the consumer with a yen for a real donut.

Dual Signage Displays are Common

Vinyl Door Lettering Alpharetta GA

Channel letters are highly effective. They allow you to display your company’s name in the font that you selected for your website or letterhead. Since you can choose internally lit models, your signage stands out after dark and during inclement weather. That said, channel letters cannot display a logo. This is where the lightbox cabinet comes in handy. It, too, can be illuminated from the inside. Manufacturing techniques are identical. Yet its versatility comes in when you consider that the cabinet can take on any form or shape. Combined with the lettering, it makes for a powerful display.

Yet you do not have to look far to notice that other signage combinations are also getting plenty of play. Window lettering, for example, does a great job at informing customers about store hours and contact information. It also displays the name of the business to impress the marketing message on passersby. When you combine the lettering with window graphics, you create an eye-catching display that underscores a niche or business model. This winning combination succeeds at marketing throughout the year or for seasonal events.

Lightbox cabinet and channel letter combo signs Alpharetta GA

On the interior, pair a point of purchase sign with a poster educating the consumer about a product. The point of purchase sign suggests a product pairing that complements the initial buying decision. The poster provides more information about the products and educates the consumer on possible usage options. The combo of channel letters and a cabinet sign can be very effective in stores where it is utilized to focus on food and wine pairings. Or, encouraging shoppers choose shawls with clothing purchases.

When you are ready to commission channel letter and cabinet signs for bakeries in Alpharetta, GA, or want to have more information on other sign pairings for a broad range of business uses, contact our graphic artists. We look forward to collaborating with you on the design of effective signage products that take your marketing to the next level. Call us today to get started.

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