Why Channel Letter Signs Are Better Than Other Lighted Signs

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Standing out visually is a must when you want to draw foot traffic to your location. Secondly, you want prospective consumers to find your site with ease. Building signs are instrumental for both goals. Although there are different types out there, here is why channel letter signs are better than other lighted signs.

Size + 3D = High Visibility

Channel Letter Signs Are Better Than Other Lighted SignsDue to the aluminum construction of the channel letters, they feature a three-dimensional presentation. Therefore, they jut out from the façade, which makes them much more visible than other signage. Also, our sign team adapts the sizing of the letters with the traffic in front of your location in mind. The goal is to make the lettering easy to read even for drivers who are not slowing down. When you combine the 3D presentation with the height, it is easy to see why these markers are extremely visible from a long distance away.

Customization Boosts Brand Presentation

Channel Letter Signs Are Better Than Other Lighted SignsOur team can fully customize your channel letter sign. We do so by mimicking the font you have chosen during the formation of the aluminum letter bodies. As a result, your sign becomes a larger than life brand message that shines brightly after dark. Most importantly, consider how the color play emphasizes your brand expression. Technicians paint the style elements in your corporate palette. Therefore, it is easy for the consumer to connect your font and colors. Supporting brand awareness and recognition is a snap with the channel letter setup.

Adapt the Illumination to Catch the Attention of Passersby

Channel Letter Signs Are Better Than Other Lighted SignsWe cannot think of another signage solution that offers you so much customization when selecting the way the lighting works. The standard display is a front-lit setup. Light escapes through the fronts of the letters, which boosts the color play. That said, you might consider having it escape through their backs to create a halo illumination of each letter. This appearance adds sophistication to the look, which can be ideal for reinforcing the brand message.

Channel Letter Signs are Better Than Other Lighted Signs Because They Combine Easily with Secondary Signage Solutions

Did you know that you could display your logo symbol as a box cabinet alongside the channel letters? You do not have to sacrifice this symbol display to get this lettering setup put into place. Most importantly, we can adjust the sizing of this 3D signage to go with the letters. As s result, both components match, which results in a professional and finished look on your façade. By the way, box cabinets are also excellent options for the display of niche information that you want the consumer to know about.

Talk to the Experts Today to See What Your Channel Letter Sign Could Look Like

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Channel Letter Signs Are Better Than Other Lighted Signs