Another Win for the Thoroughbred Design Group and Its Trade Show Background

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Do you remember the Thoroughbred Design Group? Last year, we worked with the business to create trade show backdrops and table throws. Our technicians provided perfect color matches that encapsulated the company’s brand message. We ensured a highly visible appearance of the company’s name and logo. Now, the business contacted us again to discuss a new trade show background image. A Play on Words and Car Graphics Get Attention Capitalizing on the imagery surrounding its name, the Thoroughbred Design Group requested trade show backgrounds that would feature a high-horsepower car graphic. It would have to be a Ford Mustang, of course. Flames in the background heighten the analogy of speed and tires burning. Lettering encourages attendees to “Believe” in the “Creative Horsepower for Your Brand.” This highly visible graphic combines with a panel board spelling out the current clients, or believers, in the business. A smaller board invites attendees to step up and get a ticket to enter a contest. This combination of signage products makes a fantastic impression and gets the point across. It takes a different tone from last year’s display, which emphasized the corporate client list. Should You Change Your Trade Show Look Occasionally? Yes! Could the business have chosen to attend this year’s trade show circuit with last year’s graphics? Sure, but doing so is not always a good idea. For starters, attendees that were there last year may remember the setup. Seeing nothing new, they might believe that the company has nothing innovative to show. These attendees move on and do not give the business a chance to present its latest information. Do not make this mistake! The heavy hitters in your niche most likely switch out displays between shows. All others make the change at least once a year. The goal is to show a fresh face and present a tagline or brand message with an innovative twist that makes it memorable. For the Thoroughbred Design Group, the use of a new graphic with a little tongue-in-cheek humor is ideally suited. For your business, the images may be something completely different. Saving Money on a New Trade Show Background and Other Displays The cost of the trade show presentation keeps some businesses from even trying to compete there. But did you know that these expenses do not have to be prohibitive? For example, work with our graphic artists to create cost-saving backdrops that rely on vinyl banner technology. The material is durable and budget-friendly. It looks great against a standardized background setup that you might still have. Another option is the use of retractable banner stands. You can often re-use the hardware and only change out the banner portion. The same is true for hanging banners and snap-frame signage. When you already have these items in place, it is easy to re-use them with new graphics. Consider adding vinyl and fabric for the banners. A combination of textures adds depth and visual appeal to your setup. In fact, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. We gladly help you put together a whole new look that wows this year’s trade show attendees. Call...

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