Must-Have Pop-Up Displays for Atlanta Events!

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Are you taking your business on the road? Trade shows, conventions, expos, and special events that are open to the general public are excellent opportunities to showcase what you do, what brands you represent, and how consumers could benefit from doing business with you. There is a broad range of signage products that helps you stand out. Cases in point are pop-up displays for Atlanta events. Tabletop Pop-Ups Support an Informational Display If you are bringing along quite a bit of marketing collateral, you cannot go wrong with a professionally done table setup. It begins with an imprinted throw. Next, invest in a six-foot pop-up that takes up the width of the table. At the height of five feet, it stands out and attracts attention. The setup is easy. The inner frame folds right up and expands to hold the panels. Our sign shop provides the imprints that bespeak your corporate details. Some clients have had excellent success with using imprinted fabric that stretches over the frame. Either presentation is a good option for getting your message across and providing a backdrop for the marketing collateral. Eight-Foot Wide Curved Pop-Up for a Booth What do you do when you need a pop-up that serves as the backdrop to a booth setup? Curved presentations have a way of beckoning consumers to step closer. Place a table or podium in front of them. These products measure about seven feet in height, which is sufficiently tall to obstruct the view of competitors’ presentations. This setup works in much the same way as the tabletop product. There is an inner frame that unfolds. Due to the curvature of the design, the imprinted fabric is your best option. Consider adding optional light fixtures to the top, which ensures that you do not depend on the illumination in the expo hall or outside. Straight Pop-Ups Dazzle with a Maximum of Display Space At a width of about nine feet, the straight pop-up display does not require a fabric covering. It is suitable for imprinted panels, which gives you some leeway when it comes to switching out details about the brands or services you want to promote. It is not unusual for convention attendees to change their offers halfway through the show to capitalize on consumer interest. The setup is as easy as that of the other pop-up displays. There is an internal frame that expands and collapses as needed. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to add lighting for emphasizing your presentation and making it stand out from those that surround it. This display is an ideal solution for a booth backdrop, an informational stand introduction, or a product launch presentation. Selecting Your Customized Pop-Up Displays for Atlanta Events Discuss your plans with our graphic artist. Because customization is essential for an effective display, we want to help you stand out in all the right ways. Most importantly, when you order your graphics now, you get a jump on the competition. Whether you require imprinted vinyl, fabric, or want something altogether different for your pop-ups, we can help. Call...

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Another Win for the Thoroughbred Design Group and Its Trade Show Background

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Do you remember the Thoroughbred Design Group? Last year, we worked with the business to create trade show backdrops and table throws. Our technicians provided perfect color matches that encapsulated the company’s brand message. We ensured a highly visible appearance of the company’s name and logo. Now, the business contacted us again to discuss a new trade show background image. A Play on Words and Car Graphics Get Attention Capitalizing on the imagery surrounding its name, the Thoroughbred Design Group requested trade show backgrounds that would feature a high-horsepower car graphic. It would have to be a Ford Mustang, of course. Flames in the background heighten the analogy of speed and tires burning. Lettering encourages attendees to “Believe” in the “Creative Horsepower for Your Brand.” This highly visible graphic combines with a panel board spelling out the current clients, or believers, in the business. A smaller board invites attendees to step up and get a ticket to enter a contest. This combination of signage products makes a fantastic impression and gets the point across. It takes a different tone from last year’s display, which emphasized the corporate client list. Should You Change Your Trade Show Look Occasionally? Yes! Could the business have chosen to attend this year’s trade show circuit with last year’s graphics? Sure, but doing so is not always a good idea. For starters, attendees that were there last year may remember the setup. Seeing nothing new, they might believe that the company has nothing innovative to show. These attendees move on and do not give the business a chance to present its latest information. Do not make this mistake! The heavy hitters in your niche most likely switch out displays between shows. All others make the change at least once a year. The goal is to show a fresh face and present a tagline or brand message with an innovative twist that makes it memorable. For the Thoroughbred Design Group, the use of a new graphic with a little tongue-in-cheek humor is ideally suited. For your business, the images may be something completely different. Saving Money on a New Trade Show Background and Other Displays The cost of the trade show presentation keeps some businesses from even trying to compete there. But did you know that these expenses do not have to be prohibitive? For example, work with our graphic artists to create cost-saving backdrops that rely on vinyl banner technology. The material is durable and budget-friendly. It looks great against a standardized background setup that you might still have. Another option is the use of retractable banner stands. You can often re-use the hardware and only change out the banner portion. The same is true for hanging banners and snap-frame signage. When you already have these items in place, it is easy to re-use them with new graphics. Consider adding vinyl and fabric for the banners. A combination of textures adds depth and visual appeal to your setup. In fact, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. We gladly help you put together a whole new look that wows this year’s trade show attendees. Call...

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Pop-Up Trade Show Display in Cumming GA Promotes Wilson Legal

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Wilson Legal assists consumers with preparations for future legal needs. Examples include wills and trusts as well as the setup of financial security for children with disabilities and aging parents. When the business needed a pop-up trade show display in Cumming GA, its representative contacted our signage pros for assistance. Introducing a Service that Offers Peace of Mind Asset protection, advanced planning, and probate administration are services that appeal to a broad demographic. By attending trade shows and seminars with a display that helps consumers to think through their status of preparations, Wilson Legal succeeds in starting a conversation. This dialog is something that the business’ representatives at these events can then continue. After consulting with the client, we put together a curved pop-up display. It opens up to a sufficiently large size that it could serve as a booth backdrop if needed. Concurrently, it is easy to store the materials in a small carrying case. The trick here is the collapsible interior aluminum skeleton of the product. It keeps the graphic taut when put together. During storage, simply roll up the graphics. Traveling with Pop-Up Trade Show Displays If you host a lot of seminars in your area, you cannot go wrong with a pop-up trade show display as your backdrop. It sets the tone for the meetings and keeps your company’s name and logo visible for the duration of the event. Service providers who introduce their products in this manner frequently have a collapsible setup that they take to trade shows but also local seminars. Assembling this type of backdrop typically does not require the use of tools. This construction makes it possible for one person to put the item together and take it apart again after the event. As a result, you do not have to factor in added pay for multiple employees but only send one representative to explain your service and its benefits. Ordering a Pop-Up Trade Show Display in Cumming GA Have you been thinking of joining the trade show circuit this year? Maybe you are planning a local meet and greet series that brings in prospective clients and introduces them to your service or product. Having the right backdrop while giving a presentation is vital for the creation of brand awareness and name recognition. More importantly, it can help consumers to form product knowledge that they then connect to your brand information. We suggest the commission of collapsible pop-up trade show displays, which make it easy to travel. A smaller version of this presentation is the tabletop setup. Combine it with a customized throw or runner. If you prefer banner stands, we recommend step and repeat graphics that are sufficiently large to make excellent photo backdrops. When you videotape your presentations for online posting, you cannot go wrong with this graphic. In some situations, clients prefer to pair these backdrops with smaller banner stands. Doing so allows for additional brand displays in a room or even outside it for other wayfinding signage. Discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. We gladly work with you to put together a presentation that suits your...

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