Partial Van Wraps for Carpet Cleaning Companies Drive Business!

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Custom Pro Restorations (CPR) serves homeowners in and around Alpharetta and nearby cities. They handle upholstery and carpet cleaning, tile and grout restoration, and deal with the aftermath of flood damage. When the business added a GMC van to its fleet, a representative contacted the pros at Meridian Signs and Graphics to discuss the design and installation of partial van wraps for carpet cleaning companies. Highly Visible Graphics and Lettering Combine to Make a Strong Brand Statement We consulted with our client and subsequently put together a partial van wrap design. It features a dark rear portion that segues into the light coloring of the vehicle. There, you notice the company’s logo and tagline. The lettering displays in black, red, and blue tones. It is a combination that catches the eye. For the doors, the business requested the addition of a services menu. This is a crucial marketing step because it helps prospective customers to differentiate this company from its competitors. Contact information in the form of a phone number and website address rounds out the setup. For the windows, we used perforated vinyl to continue the branding and marketing communications. You will notice the company’s name and logo. It is an excellent way of incorporating these surfaces in the partial wrap’s look. The Power of a Services Menu Display as Part of a Wrap Service providers, in particular, benefit from advertising the types of projects they take on. Doing so lets you make a distinction between yourself and others in the same niche. But there is another reason for adding this display to your marketing and branding presentation. By telling the consumer what you do, you have the power to create a need in the onlooker’s mind that you can then immediately fulfill. In the case of CPR, it may be the pedestrian who sees the notice about tile and grout cleaning. Until that moment, this prospective customer did not think of hiring someone to do the job. However, with the announcement resonating, they now jot down the information to have the business come out and tackle the job. No matter what type of service you provide, you can achieve something similar just by pointing out what you do. Should You Opt for a Full or Partial Wrap? Both advertising methods have merit. A full wrap covers the entirety of the vehicle’s exterior except for the windows. You can incorporate them with perforated vinyl for a full-size ad presentation. Full wraps are ideally suited for artwork or the look of an ad that rivals a still photo from a TV commercial. They are instrumental when introducing new companies to a community or helping existing firms to expand their service territories. Partial wraps are excellent options when you want to incorporate the vehicle’s paint color in the ad display. They are a budget-friendly choice for franchise owners and fleet operators. Our graphic artists can work with you on putting together the right image and lettering combinations. Whether you need partial van wraps for carpet cleaning companies or something else altogether, discuss your plans with the experts. We serve the...

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Dry Cleaner Promotes Brand and Delivery Area with Partial Van Wraps!

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Whether you have some wash and fold laundry, special occasion wear, area rugs, comforters, or daily office attire, Laura’s Valet Dry Cleaning can pick up the soiled items and return them washed, pressed, and ready for use. Serving the areas of South Forsyth County and North Fulton County, including the cities of Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Duluth, Suwanee, and Cumming, local customers no longer have to spend time on dry cleaner runs. So far, the business has been making its pick-ups and deliveries with a factory-white Nissan NV200 compact cargo van. It featured a small vehicle graphic in the upper middle. But the management team at Laura’s Valet Dry Cleaning realized that it could spread its brand message far more effectively by investing in one of our Nissan NV200 van wraps. From Non-descript White to Purple and White with Logos and Marketing Copy The transformation is nothing short of dramatic. We started with a partial wrap design that features a slanted purple presentation on the rear and sides of the vehicle. The upper left on each side displays the company’s logo and name. We repeat this information as a door graphic only on each side. On the door, you also notice the phone number display. On the vehicle’s side, we highlight that the door-to-door service is complimentary; we also showcase a brief niche explanation that combines with a services menu. The rear of the van echoes the information. The dual presentation of the company’s logo is an excellent balance builder that helps anchor the details you see displayed on the sides. It assists with name recognition as well as the formation of brand awareness. Because you can take in the logo and name from every angle, there is little doubt that this setup will be far more efficient with marketing and branding than the initial one-graphic presentation. Standing out in a Competitive Niche All by itself, this van wrap is an excellent example of an ideal marketing and branding presentation. It gets across the message with a visually pleasing color display that combines to catch the eye and attention of those seeing the van on the street. But there is more to the design than meets the eye. While consulting with our client, we learned that the business wanted to differentiate itself from the competition on the road, too. Other advertisements for similar businesses feature a harsher color delineation that does not flow as aesthetically as the purple and white appearance. This mixture is no accidental color combination but instead was selected for the purpose of highlighting harmony and an overall softer appeal, which translates into an underlying brand message all by itself. Thinking about Marketing and Branding with Partial Van Wraps? Take a page from the playbook of Laura’s Valet Dry Cleaning, and find out what it would take to transform your nondescript van into a mobile marketing powerhouse. Our graphic artists work with you to put together a look that bespeaks your brand message, catches the eye of the consumer, and makes name recognition a snap. Call us today to schedule a design consultation! Save...

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