Sharon Pointe Adds New Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA

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The Sharon Pointe HOA had a problem. Officials widened the road that went into the covenant-controlled area. However, the old monument sign was too big to fit now. Therefore, the HOA needed a new signage solution. This was when our sign shop got a call for assistance. Putting Together a Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA The fabricated sign looks professional and sophisticated. At the same time, it has a contemporary presentation. The sign appears to have been crafted with river rocks, which is actually an optical illusion. Instead, it consists of hardened sign foam that has been manufactured to look like rocks. This sign is sufficiently narrow to fit perfectly at the entrance of the neighborhood. Why Choose Fabricated Monument Signs? What sets apart the fabricated setup from so many others is its versatility. Size. There are many heights and widths. It is fair to say that there is a monument for any space. Whether you have limited room to work with or want to represent multiple company names, there is a size that suits your needs. Design. Just as there are numerous sizes, there are also plenty of designs. Some monuments are straight while others present with curvatures. Besides that, you might have the sign look as though it is finished with bricks, stucco, river rocks, or lumber. Finish options. For Sharon Pointe, the client requested a contemporary panel that displays with gold on black lettering. However, you do not have to follow suit if you want to select a different look. Pick from dimensional letters, channel letters, or a box cabinet. Durability. Foam is supremely durable. It can withstand high winds and anything else that nature might throw at it. Besides that, it does not allow for water or insect damage. Other Types of Monuments When you are not sure that a fabricated monument sign in Suwanee GA, is the right option, there are other choices, too. A case in point is the brick and mortar monument that you might select. We build it from the ground up with rebar. This is the kind of sign that has stood the test of time. It looks great, is durable, and will be at the entrance to your venue for years or decades to come. Another option is the design of a metal monument sign. This is a modern twist that typically combines with push-through acrylic letters and interior illumination. This sign is a favorite of hospitals and similar venues that want to make their information visible after dark. Choosing the Right Lettering Dimensional letters are common choices for monument signs. Selections include acrylic, metal, or PVC. You might also consider the display of a finished metal plaque or a panel displaying your information. When you like the idea of illumination, we recommend the use of a lightbox cabinet. We can scale it down to be thin and integrate into an existing monument. In other cases, we can design a monument sign that consists of a box cabinet. With so many options open to you, it makes sense to contact our sign shop to learn more about the...

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Davinci Court Office Complex Benefits From Refurbished Monument Signs in Atlanta!

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Recently, we did some work at 3720-3740 Davinci Court, which is under the management of Banyan Street Capital. This property is a sizable office complex just off Peachtree Parkway. As a Class A complex, it needed refurbished monument signs in Atlanta that would be highly visible from the street. Saving the Client Money while Creating Aesthetic Upgrades to Existing Monument Signs Before we began the work, the monument signs had an attractive brick exterior with a tile front. The lettering and numerals took up the upper third of the sign. This style used to be popular but is no longer considered contemporary. New paint for the brick. Our team began by repainting the brick and ledges of the existing signs. They were in excellent repair and only needed a good cleaning for the paint to adhere properly. Refacing of the monument. Next, we removed the tiles that gave the signs a dated look. Instead, we refaced the signage with a color that complements the reddish brick tone. It creates a contemporary display that offers a good color contrast. New dimensional letters. This time around, the dimensional letters take up three-quarters of the sign. It makes the name of the venue far more visible from the street. We used slightly thicker dimensional numerals to identity the street numbers. Do You Need a New Monument Sign? Maybe Not! It is tempting to believe that the outdated monument sign in front of your property needs to be replaced. And if it is in severe disrepair, you might be right. However, signs that have good “bones” typically do very well with a refurbishing. We can easily change the look and feel of the sign and modernize it for a contemporary visual appeal. It starts with a site survey that allows us to inspect the signage and gauge its overall structural safety. Besides that, we ensure that the structure is up to code. This is of particular importance when you have an illuminated monument marker on your property. Next, we create plans for what the finished product might look like. We propose changes to the paint colors as well as updates to the lettering that you currently display. If you opt for dimensional letters, we might suggest acrylic or metal, which are both very durable materials. Of course, we can also retrofit most monuments to support illuminated signage or the display of a box cabinet. How to Commission Your Refurbished Monument Signs in Atlanta We work with a broad range of signage products to upgrade their looks. Take a page from the playbook of Banyan Street Capital, and call us to work on your existing brick and mortar signage. That said, we can also take on post and panel signs that we then modernize and improve. The same is true for many prefabricated foam monuments that are becoming so popular in and around the Atlanta area. It all starts with the site survey. Invite us out to visit your location and inspect the monument sign you currently have on your site. Contact us today to schedule your...

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It’s Easy to Update Your HOA Monument Signs in Atlanta

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Your HOA’s monument sign bespeaks the neighborhood’s look and feel. What is it like living there? Visitors to the area know as soon as they see the signage. This is the reason why having the right HOA monument signs in Atlanta is essential for your venue. Prefabricated Foam Monuments Allow for Detail Work Prefabricated foam monuments are good options for HOAs that look for a customizable approach to their displays. These monuments come in various sizes and shapes. Besides that, they allow for the integration of copious style elements. For example, the detail work can mimic the use of lumber, bricks, or river rocks. Display the name with dimensional letters on a panel. By adapting the board to the size of the monument, you draw attention to the chosen name of the neighborhood. Most importantly, it is an excellent opportunity for introducing multiple brand colors that include the panel, its bordering, and the letters. Brick and Mortar Structures for Traditional Displays The brick and mortar monument is among the sturdiest in the business. Besides that, it is the time-honored way of introducing the entrance to a neighborhood. Choose the classic display of the hanging panel with a uniquely shaped board. We recommend the use of a treated high-density urethane (HDU) panel that we sandblast. It leaves your lettering as a three-dimensional presentation. Most importantly, it allows for a backdrop that continues the rustic or traditional look and feel of the monument itself. Mount it with a piece of lumber for best optics. Dimensional Letters on an Existing Wall There are times when you do not need a separate HOA monument sign. This is typically the case when your neighborhood features an attractive wall or fence. In the case of a wall, we usually use the space near the neighborhood entrance to highlight its name. There are several material options open to you. When you want to highlight the elegance of the neighborhood, consider the use of metal. Cor-Ten steel, in particular, allows for a rustic appeal. When you want to underscore a contemporary setting, you cannot go wrong with acrylic. Ordering Your HOA Monument Signs in Atlanta What is your HOA sign currently communicating to visitors? Maybe you do not have a sign yet. For many associations, the classic monument approach could be the best option. Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to these designs. Our sign shop has done plenty of monuments that take on the forms of monoliths, post and panel signs, and acrylic setups. Your branding has to be the driving force behind the design considerations. Moreover, consider that monuments weather well and typically need very little maintenance. Therefore, they continue to impress with their good looks for years to come. When you are unsure what direction to take with the design, connect with our graphic artist. This specialist can take your branding and ideas, translate them into a plan, and let you see it through the eyes of a visitor to your location. Contact us today to schedule your...

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Looking for Marquee Signs in Atlanta? Learn More About These Signs!

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Do you see more and more marquee signs in Atlanta? You are not alone. Business owners and property managers have caught on to the fact that the marquee sign offers excellent advertising and branding opportunities. Here is what you need to know about these signage solutions. Where Do You See Marquee Signs? Perhaps the better question would be, where do you not see them? Churches, auto dealerships, schools, and convention centers now use marquee signs. Many opt for programmable LED cabinets that can be used to provide up-to-date messages. Website addresses. Let parishioners, parents, or the consumer know where they can find you online. Doing so could significantly boost your website traffic. Most importantly, it provides you with an opportunity to develop specialized splash and landing pages that you can then reference on the marquee for particular events. Social media handles. Increase your social media traffic and following by encouraging the follow. Do so with information about social media handles as well as special offers that you advertise only on these media types. Ads. Many LED boards are now able to play television-type advertisements. Whether you opt for a full commercial or just a brief vignette, you can be sure to catch the attention of passersby with these high-resolution ad campaigns. Why Property Owners Favor Pylon-Mounted Marquee Signs You may have noticed that many property owners of neighborhood shopping centers and malls opt for at least one pylon-mounted marquee on the property. Each business displays its corporate information. Many times, property managers empower tenants to commission their own tenant panels for these marquee signs. If you are in this position, it is essential to jump at this opportunity. It enables you to feature your corporate font, color play, and sometimes also a logo. Many companies even add their phone numbers to the tenant panel to further enhance connections with the consumer who drives or walks past the venue. Popular Material Choices for Marquee Signs in Atlanta Many property managers favor the foam setup with lightbox cabinets in the center. It is an excellent method for offering tenant panels that individual business owners then commission. Typically, we manufacture these panels using polycarbonate or acrylic fronts with imprinted vinyl overlays. In some cases, we can also directly imprint the panel. Of course, pre-fabricated foam is not your only choice. Some property managers choose a metal construction for their pylon signs. If you are a business owner in search of the right marquee sign for your property, also consider stone or sandblasted monuments with routed panels or lit cabinets. These visually attractive options work well in almost all settings. Find out what it takes to place an eye-catching marquee sign on your property. Meridian Signs and Graphics routinely works with members of the local business community to determine the best marquee products for their locations. We factor in the overall structures on the property, the proposed signage height, and the preferred materials. Invite us out today for a site survey, and see how we can improve the visibility of your...

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LED Changeable Message Board Signs: Imagine the Possibilities!

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Catching the attention of passersby is essential. It quickly leads to an impulse stop, which is the precursor to the impulse buy. Effective signage is an excellent way of directing consumers’ attention to your venue. Part and parcel of this setup are LED changeable message board signs. Are You Ready for a Sign Upgrade? LED technology takes today’s sign for a spin. Choose display heights that range from one foot to eight feet. Widths go from three feet to 11 feet. With these message displays, you have free range with the information you want to share. Time and temperature readings. This is a community service that most consumers appreciate. You frequently see it at banks and similar financial institutions. Timed messages. Because you can draft your messages ahead of time, you do not have to be present when they change. You might pre-plan messages for days. Doing so lets you automate targeted messages with the click of a button and the connection of a software package. If you operate multiple venues, it is easy to ensure that your message is up when you want it to be – even if you are at the other location. Commercial-quality displays. Depending on the system you select, you can expect to play commercial-quality ads. Envision an engaging media presentation. Passersby will stop to watch your show! LED Sign Displays Your Competitors are Using Right Now If you have a monument sign on your property, it is possible to upgrade it. Do away with the manual reader board that your staff members have been populating with letters. Instead, ask Meridian Signs & Graphics technicians to retrofit the structure with a changeable LED message board. It will display vibrant colors and let motorists know of your messages. One of the most impressive displays can be the building sign right above your entrance. Typically, it will showcase your company’s name and logo in vibrant colors. However, every so often, you might change the message to highlight a special deal. Alternate the messages occasionally. Doing so boosts interest in your signage. People will see if they can find a new message displayed there when they return. When you want to signal your information to drivers who are coming from far away, a pylon sign is an ideal option. Because it appeals to motorists who are coming from two directions, it can become a beacon after dark. Wayfinding will be a snap. Once again, you might display your corporate information or display ads. Even schools are now getting in on the LED board action. Cheer on your sports team by featuring the mascot. When the team wins, display the score. Do not forget to highlight the achievements of your art department, too! Areas We Serve for LED Changeable Message Board Signs Meridian Signs & Graphics serves the business communities in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, Duluth, Johns Creek, Milton, Marietta, and Fulton County as well as Forsyth County. If you are unsure how to integrate LED technology into your existing signage setups, contact our team for assistance. We gladly visit you for a site survey to...

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The Most Popular Exterior Signs in Atlanta for All Types of Businesses

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Restaurants, office buildings, service providers, retailers, and medical offices all have one thing in common: they need building signage. These are the markers that help consumers find companies. Besides that, these products detail the corporate brand message and entice the shopper or prospective customer to make an impulse stop. What are the most popular exterior signs in Atlanta right now? Channel Letters Shine Brightly and Invite Consumers to Stop In The channel letter illuminates a façade. Choose the most common presentation, which is the front-lit version of the signage. As the light escapes through the letters’ fronts, it draws attention to the bold corporate color play. A reverse-lit look creates a sophisticated halo presentation, which is an excellent tool for underscoring brand appeal. Because we can play around with the thickness of the lettering, it is easy to create an impressive display on your building’s front. Besides that, it is possible to add even more eye candy with the installation method. Flush mount. Many business owners like the clean presentation of the flush mount. The letters appear to be pushing out of the building’s façade. This is an excellent option when our technicians can access the backs of the letters from behind the façade. Raceway. When this is not possible, or if your lease specifies a different rule for signage installation, we recommend the raceway. We contain all of the electrical wirings within a narrow box that we mount to the façade. Because we paint it in the same color as the substrate, it is difficult to detect with the eye. Next, we attach the letters to its front. This installation method gives the illusion of floating channel letters. Panel installation. When the color of the letters is too similar to the color of the building, our shop recommends an intermediary color buffer. A panel that supports your brand tones but creates the needed hue differentiation is an ideal method for solving this dilemma. Besides that, it allows for the use of visual aesthetics that further support your branding. 3D and Dimensional Letters Impress with Material Selections One of the most popular material options for dimensional letters is metal. Stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel, aluminum, or bronze are superb. The color of the metal highlights your branding, whereas the material underscores the impression that you are there for the long term. When you need an impressive but budget-friendly approach that allows for plenty of colors, consider outdoor-rated sign foam. It provides for increased depths and can be the ideal vehicle for vinyl overlays with gradient color changes if needed. Of course, acrylic and PVC are also options. Choose them as laminates for foam or as stand-alone materials. Monument Signs Reach out to Drivers and Pedestrians Branding and marketing begin curbside. Monument signs are excellent tools for this purpose. Go small with a traditional brick and mortar setup, impress with a contemporary faux monument, or choose an aluminum and acrylic construction for a modern brand message. If you like the idea of going tall, we recommend using a pylon sign instead. Learn more about the most popular exterior signs in Atlanta...

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