The Berndsen Company Rebrands with 3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA

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Located at 3525 Piedmont Road NE, The Berndsen Company specializes in renovations, new construction, and restorations. Recently, the firm underwent a rebranding and contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a 3D logo lobby sign in Atlanta GA. Rebranding Signage with a Pizzazz That Stands Out After consulting with our clients, our technicians cut out the company’s lettering from half-inch-thick acrylic. We painted it black and added metal faces that consist of copper and aluminum. Next, we mounted these style elements to the gray backdrop wall. It is fair to say that this is a sign of unrivaled pizzazz. The combination of metals makes the lettering pop. Besides this sign, we also made etched vinyl film graphics for the glass doors of the company’s entrance. Both signage solutions work together in presenting the rebranded name of the company in style. Are You Thinking of Changing Your Branding? Rebranding is more common than you might think. It appeals to companies that have been in business for a while. Because the tastes of their target demographics change, these firms rebrand to remain in step with the times. You can do likewise. For some companies, the changes are as subtle as an alternative to the fonts they have been using so far. For others, there is a mix of new fonts and new color tones. Some also update the logo to be in step with the upgrades. Our sign shop can help with all aspects of the project. If you are thinking of rebranding but do not yet have the new lettering or logo presentation put together, our graphic artist can assist you with the design details. If you just want to test-drive what a new color or lettering setup might look like, we can certainly help you with that, too. Presenting an Updated Brand Message Almost all companies that rebrand benefit from the design of a new lobby sign. This is because the lobby sign sets the tone for other signage inside the venue. Moreover, it is the presentation of the corporate persona, which is why it must be at the forefront of undergoing the renewal. While the lobby sign sets the tone for the rebranding inside, do not forget that this message also needs to trickle down to the signage you use on the exterior. Therefore, it is essential that you remember exterior markers as well. Examples include your building signs, banners, and window graphics. Ordering a 3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA Our sign shop routinely works with business clients who are rebranding. We can work with the specs you already have on hand when you designed the signage changes yourself. Similarly, we can work with the information that an advertising agency may be providing to you. Of course, our graphic artist will gladly directly work with you on putting together a new portfolio of brand presentations. Whether you need a new lobby sign, window graphics, or something else altogether, connect with our sign shop...

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One-Stop Guide to Dimensional Letters and Logos

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The dimensional letter is a versatile marketing and branding asset. It is as apropos on the outside of your location as on the interior. The experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics have put together a one-stop guide to dimensional letters and logos to answer some of the most frequently asked signage questions. Choose Dimensional Letters for a Façade with Existing Illumination Business owners recognize that illumination is a crucial aspect of effective building signage. For this reason, many choose channel letters for their branding message. However, when you already have façade lights installed, you can save money by selecting dimensional letters. Case in point is the business that chooses dimensional acrylic letters with a strong brand tie-in to its façade colors while relying on gooseneck lamps for illumination. Contrast Colors Work Well on Monument Signs Dimensional letters are also good choices for monument signs. Whether you have a wall that functions as a monument or a stand-alone structure, it is easy to add these elements. Combine your company’s name with the venue’s address for superior wayfinding. Many business owners elect to aim garden spotlights at their monuments for after-dark lighting. That said, we can often also assist with the installation of lights. Symbols and Letters Combine for Effective Lobby Signage We routinely work with business owners who like to emphasize the font and color combination that defines their brands. Using acrylic, metal, PVC, or sign foam is an ideal solution. Moreover, the selection of these individualized materials boosts the brand impression that your signage makes. Insurance providers, for example, favor acrylic with glossy finishes to distinguish their creativity when providing product solutions. Companies in the legal fields typically prefer metal. Physicians do well with any material choice but frequently opt for acrylic or sign foam clad with aluminum facings. We can shape a logo symbol from your selected material or present it with imprinted vinyl on a board. Dimensional Letters and Logos: Dos and Don’ts Do invite our signage experts to visit your setting for a site survey. It allows us to take measurements and ensures that the letters are in proportion with the wall features. For exterior setups, it lets our technicians size the letters with the speed of traffic in mind. Do not display letters that do not contrast well. If your brand color and wall tones are too similar, we recommend installing the style elements to a board in a contrast color that nevertheless works well with the wall and lettering hues. This practice ensures ease of visibility. Do not be afraid of sign foam. Foam sounds like something that the wind blows away. However, sign foam is a durable, budget-friendly, and versatile material that can provide you with years of useful life. In fact, this might be the right choice when you want to go big and bold. Do ask our experts for help. We deal with signage every day. For you, this might be the first time shopping for dimensional letters. Call us. We love to talk shop. Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around the metro Atlanta area, Alpharetta,...

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3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign in Alpharetta GA Brands Data Protection Company

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Located at 6120 Windward Parkway, RestorePoint is in the business of adaptive data protection. Whether you need disaster recovery, backup functionalities, or an integrated security suite, this firm provides the platform that makes it possible. When the business required a new 3D letter logo lobby sign in Alpharetta GA, the management team contacted our experts for assistance. Combining Aluminum with Acrylic for a Three-Dimensional Presentation The look of metal impresses a waiting client. The material selection signals that you anticipate being in business for a long time to come. It also emphasizes the technological aspect of the company’s niche. We started with an acrylic sheet that we cut in the shape of the logo and the accompanying letters. Next, we mounted a veneer of brushed aluminum to the surface. It adds an attractive sheen that does not reflect too much of the light. Our installers placed the finished product on a dark gray wall near the receptionist’s desk. There, the sign impresses with its color contrast, professional presentation, and avant-garde good looks. Standing out with 3D Signage The three-dimensional design of a marker adds to the visually pleasing aspect of the product. You have plenty of options. For a hint of 3D, consider PVC or acrylic. Typically, these materials can reach thicknesses of up to about an inch. You can boost the three-dimensional appearance by adding a veneer or metal to the acrylic. But when you want to go for the gusto, we recommend sign foam. Do not let the name fool you; this material is neither easy to break nor overly porous. Instead, it comes in thicknesses of up to three inches, which can create dramatic 3D presentations. Add laminates for additional mass. Many clients have had excellent success with this type of setup when illuminating the material just right for intriguing shadow plays. Another three-dimensional option is the channel letter. Indoor channel letters are now getting quite a bit of play as members of the business community discover that they make excellent indoor signage solutions. Of course, when designing this type of product, we scale down the signage to suit the dimensions of your interior wall. Doing so makes interior lit signage a possibility. Designing Your 3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign in Alpharetta, GA Are you opening your first office and need a lobby sign? Maybe it is time to upgrade the marker that you currently have in place. Why not update the look and feel of your venue with a new signage solution that incorporates a nod to your brand message? Doing so is possible with a combination of material choices and design selections. Choose from three-dimensional displays, add illumination, and think through the use of different materials. Our graphic artists work with you to put together a design that encapsulates your brand message while fitting in perfectly with the interior décor you have chosen for your venue. We can manufacture a marker that complements other signage or one that represents a visual contrast. Contact us today to get started on the...

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Get Fit Now Brands with Logo 3D Lobby Sign in Sandy Springs GA

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The Get Fit Now Fitness Studio welcomes women to small group workout programs that motivate them to stick to their fitness goals. Clients find the venue at 6780 Roswell Road. When the business wanted to welcome interested participants and members with a reception area marker, its management team contacted us to discuss various design options for logo 3D lobby signs in Sandy Springs GA. Putting Together a Three-Dimensional Display that Fits in Perfectly with the Venue’s Vibe We worked with the client to replicate the name and logo presentation with a three-dimensional look. By layering the logo portion with lettering, the 3D effect is even more pronounced. We sized the letters to fit perfectly on the half wall that also serves as a backdrop for the display of nutritional supplements. To the left, clients notice wearable merchandise. The installation of the letters ensured that these items did not obstruct them. As a result, the product stands out in many ways. How to Choose the Right Lobby Signage for Any Location Typically, you have two primary choices: lobby logo boards or dimensional letters. (Some business owners combine the two for a boosted 3D effect.) Boards are usually a good option when you work with a limited amount of space and need to restrict the height and width of the sign. Lettering works well for larger walls – we can space the letters to take up more of the surface – as well as narrower settings. The next selection you make has to do with the material. Budget and taste frequently dictate this choice. Metal. Solid metal is a favorite selection of service providers such as attorneys. The material bespeaks a solid reputation. Stainless steel, copper, and bronze are commonplace. A lighter choice is aluminum. When you have a metal taste but a sign foam budget, consider a laminate. We can install the metal laminate of your choice to the foam. Acrylic. Everyone loves acrylic because it is so adaptable to virtually all settings. We can paint it in any color. It looks chic and adds plenty of pizzazz to a wall. Plastic. Business clients like the 3D appeal of prismatic plastic facings. They can be substantial additions to a foyer’s appearance. Foam and PVC. Sign foam and PVC are the ultimate money savers that nevertheless look great. Foam, in particular, allows for the creation of elements that measure up to three inches in depth. With the right spotlights aimed at these signs, they create impressive plays of shadow. Buy Logo 3D Lobby Signs in Sandy Springs GA Take a page from the playbook of Get Fit Now Fitness Studio and learn more about your options for an eye-catching reception area sign. What do you want your lobby to say about you? More importantly, how do you want customers or clients to feel when they walk in? What is the impression you want to make? Discuss these thoughts with our experts, and we will help you with the design for a unique and targeted product that looks perfect at your location. Call us now to get started on the...

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