Browns Bridge Church Welcomes Students with Wall Wrap and Interior Channel Letters in Cumming GA

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Located at 3860 Browns Bridge Road, the Browns Bridge Church operates a vibrant youth ministry. Among this group is the Transit Ministry, which serves youths in grades six through eight. This group meets at the church building in a wing named the Attic. To set up the space in style, the church’s administrator contacted our sign shop to discuss the design and installation of a wall wrap and interior channel letters in Cumming GA. Designing Channel Letters and a Wall Wrap for the Interior Size matters when putting up signage inside. For the Attic, the church’s administrator envisioned front-lit channel letters. We visited the location for a site survey, which allowed us to decide on the best installation technique as well as on the ideal sizing for the products. With this knowledge in hand, we manufactured the letters with the ministry’s unique font in mind. We flush-mounted one set of the letters directly to the wall above a door. Another set of channel letters were attached to the top of an overhang, where we stood them up and mounted them in this manner. We adjusted the sizing for this location because there was more space to work with. During daylight hours, the light colors of the channel letters’ fronts complement the slightly darker color of the wall. But once they light up, these letters pop! Another space now welcomes students with a photo wall. We took the images and created a wall wrap that spans its entire length and height. A different set of channel letters – flush mounted to the wall – identifies this space. The look that now characterizes this section of the youth ministry’s area is contemporary, welcoming, and sure to make middle schoolers feel right at home. Interior Channel Letters are Gaining Acceptance There used to be a time when channel letters were only for the outside of buildings. However, because they have a tremendous visual appeal, they are now finding more use inside. You notice them most frequently in the lobbies of tech industry companies and firms on the cutting edge of their niches. These signs have a strong contemporary flair, which makes them a favorite during rebranding processes. Of course, if you are thinking of adding some illumination to your interior signage, there are still other options. Case in point is the acrylic sign board that we can paint in any one of your corporate colors. Next, we install LEDs to the back of the board, which lets the light shine from behind the sign now. Some clients ask us to cut out lettering for an even more dramatic presentation of the lighting. This signage is suitable for wayfinding or lobby markers. What Could You Do with Graphics, a Wall Wrap, and Interior Channel Letters in Cumming, GA? Imagine taking your current space from drab to fab with a visual overhaul. It can be as simple as adding some window or door graphics, installing a wall wrap with popping colors, and putting up internally lit signage. In fact, more and more businesses now favor the installation of channel letters as lobby signs. Find...

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