Channel Letters in Conyers GA Light Up for Dance Studio!

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Jenae’s Dance Experience is a go-to location for ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and pointe dancing. Located at 1820 Highway 20 SE, students needed some help with wayfinding, which is why the dance school’s management team commissioned channel letters in Conyers GA. Illuminated Channel Letters Set the Tone for the Business Meridian Signs and Graphics worked with the client to design the ideal set of channel letters for the location. They feature the company’s name in the same white letters that customers see on the business’ website. Because it was not possible to install the letters with a flush mount, we opted for the raceway installation method. In this scenario, we place the wiring and electrical components inside an elongated, narrow box. Our technicians paint the box in the same color as the façade, which makes it difficult to spot. Next, we mount the raceway to the wall and then the letters to the raceway. Because the client had chosen the front-lit presentation, the sign now lights up boldly after dark. Choosing the Right Lighting Option There are plenty of reasons why channel letters are so prevalent in Georgia. It starts with the installation options. Many clients prefer the flush mount. When this is not possible, they do very well with a raceway setup. Some even commission board installations that allow for the introduction of a third brand color. Of course, the illumination choices are also good reasons to select this signage option. Front-lit. Take a page from the playbook of Jenae’s Dance Experience, and opt for the front-lit presentation. It means that our technicians close off the fronts of the letters with polycarbonate or acrylic panels. We paint these panels in your brand color. After dark, the light illuminates the panels from behind, which causes the color to shine boldly. Halo-lit. The opposite design is the back-lit or halo setup. We close off the letters in the front with aluminum but select transparent polycarbonate for the back. By mounting the letters with stand-offs, we ensure that you have about two inches between their backs and the wall. Doing so allows for the creation of a gorgeous halo experience when the lights turn on. Open face. If you want to take your customers back to the time of the 1940s, we can accommodate your brand desires. By allowing the light assembly to be seen – only a thin sheet of clear acrylic separates it from the elements – you recreate this appearance from the old-fashioned diners and stores. Combination. When you desire the best of both worlds, we can help. For a front-lit design with a halo effect, we add more LEDs and select the stand-off look. More and more business clients are now opting for this design. Buying Channel Letters in Conyers GA Are you ready to assist your customers with the ultimate wayfinding experience? We can help you design a channel letter presentation that is right for your company. Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Conyers, Canton, Marietta, Atlanta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Cumming, Milton, Duluth, Fulton County, Forsyth County, and many more...

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LED Changeable Message Board Signs: Imagine the Possibilities!

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Catching the attention of passersby is essential. It quickly leads to an impulse stop, which is the precursor to the impulse buy. Effective signage is an excellent way of directing consumers’ attention to your venue. Part and parcel of this setup are LED changeable message board signs. Are You Ready for a Sign Upgrade? LED technology takes today’s sign for a spin. Choose display heights that range from one foot to eight feet. Widths go from three feet to 11 feet. With these message displays, you have free range with the information you want to share. Time and temperature readings. This is a community service that most consumers appreciate. You frequently see it at banks and similar financial institutions. Timed messages. Because you can draft your messages ahead of time, you do not have to be present when they change. You might pre-plan messages for days. Doing so lets you automate targeted messages with the click of a button and the connection of a software package. If you operate multiple venues, it is easy to ensure that your message is up when you want it to be – even if you are at the other location. Commercial-quality displays. Depending on the system you select, you can expect to play commercial-quality ads. Envision an engaging media presentation. Passersby will stop to watch your show! LED Sign Displays Your Competitors are Using Right Now If you have a monument sign on your property, it is possible to upgrade it. Do away with the manual reader board that your staff members have been populating with letters. Instead, ask Meridian Signs & Graphics technicians to retrofit the structure with a changeable LED message board. It will display vibrant colors and let motorists know of your messages. One of the most impressive displays can be the building sign right above your entrance. Typically, it will showcase your company’s name and logo in vibrant colors. However, every so often, you might change the message to highlight a special deal. Alternate the messages occasionally. Doing so boosts interest in your signage. People will see if they can find a new message displayed there when they return. When you want to signal your information to drivers who are coming from far away, a pylon sign is an ideal option. Because it appeals to motorists who are coming from two directions, it can become a beacon after dark. Wayfinding will be a snap. Once again, you might display your corporate information or display ads. Even schools are now getting in on the LED board action. Cheer on your sports team by featuring the mascot. When the team wins, display the score. Do not forget to highlight the achievements of your art department, too! Areas We Serve for LED Changeable Message Board Signs Meridian Signs & Graphics serves the business communities in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, Duluth, Johns Creek, Milton, Marietta, and Fulton County as well as Forsyth County. If you are unsure how to integrate LED technology into your existing signage setups, contact our team for assistance. We gladly visit you for a site survey to...

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Brand and Illuminate with Back-Lit Lobby Signs in Metro Atlanta!

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Bring pizzazz inside your space with back-lit lobby signs in Metro Atlanta. The standard reception area marker consists of dimensional letters or a logo board. It encapsulates your brand message. Similarly, it features your corporate identity to foster brand awareness among customers visiting your location. Illuminated Signage Takes Branding to a New Level The latest trend in lobby sign construction involves back-lit lettering. You have several options for this trend. Stainless steel letters with LEDs. In this scenario, we manufacture dimensional letters from stainless steel. Next, we attach the light sources to the backs of the letters. Installers then mount the letters with multi-inch standoffs. It creates a repetition of the corporate name right behind the metal. Scaled-down channel letters. Technicians manufacture a channel letter sign for your lobby. It looks like a miniature version of the building sign you might have selected. For the halo effect, we hide the LEDs inside the lettering. Channel letter and lightbox cabinet. Just as you would do on your façade to combine the brand message with the corporate persona, consider the use of scaled-down channel letters and a lightbox cabinet. However, this lightbox cabinet may feature a front-lit as well as a back-lit setup to illuminate the color details and feature the halo effect. Challenges to Consider Frequently, there will not be electricity routed to the wall surface that you want to designate for the signage display. This is not a problem. We work with an electrician who will route the wiring behind the wall to facilitate the installation of the style elements. Similarly, our technicians handle the hookup of the signage when the wiring is in place. Some business clients have had such good success with illuminated lobby signs that they want to feature them in other rooms, too. We have found that the conference room is an excellent choice for this setup. It is a location that your customers frequently visit. Therefore, adding the signage solution to this location encourages brand awareness building. Matching the Lobby Sign to the Exterior Signage – Yes or No? Ideally, your lobby sign matches the building sign’s setup. If you have channel letters, this is not a problem. Even if you have used dimensional letters, it is possible to adapt the presentation with stainless steel products. However, if you used a lightbox cabinet, it can be trickier. You could adopt the front and back-lit combination setup. It would make the lobby sign a scaled down version of your building marker and still feature the elegant halo presentation. Another option is a departure from matching the two signs and opting for the sleek interior setup. If you are unsure which decision is right in your situation, invite our technicians out for a site survey. We take measurements and make a note of the signage products you are already using. Therefore, we can provide you with an expert assessment of the venue as well as the style options that would look the best in your area. Contact us today to schedule the appointment and learn more about back-lit lobby signs in Metro Atlanta....

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Tips for Finding the Best Illuminated Signage!

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One of the most effective ways of catching the attention of consumers is with the use of illumination. Lights attract the eyes of passersby. It happens during the day as well as after dark. This is true for the exterior as well as the interior. Here is how you can go about finding the best illuminated signage for your business today. Capitalize on Your Brand Message with Cabinet Signs The quintessential cabinet sign is an elongated rectangle. LEDs on the inside illuminate the signage after dark. We close the aluminum body with a polycarbonate front that features your corporate details. If we paint the facing in a dark color, the lettering will stand out when the lights turn on. Cabinet signs are excellent options when you want the marker to complement the architectural details of your building’s façade. Moreover, they are great for designing custom shapes, using unique color combinations such as gradient color changes, or when you want signage to contain more than your name and logo. For example, some business owners like to include the date of a company’s founding. Channel Letters Let Your Corporate Persona Shine Brightly Aluminum bodies and polycarbonate fronts combine to create uniquely shaped letters that portray your font and color combination. Choose a façade display that looks exactly as the consumer sees it on your website. Most importantly, let the illumination create the hook that you need to draw the eye. Channel letters offer you choices. There is the classical front-lit presentation. The light makes the colors come to life. Rear-lit lettering presents your message with a halo effect. As the light escapes through the backs of the letters, it bathes the style elements in a soft halo. The resulting look is sophisticated and eye-catching. Indoor Illuminated Signs Dazzle with Pizzazz The consumer does not typically expect an illuminated sign when entering a store. However, business owners in the know are now using this signage solution to attract attention inside malls and other venues where multiple storefronts compete for the consumer dollar. A good option is the use of backlit dimensional letters. If you prefer, we can also scale down channel letters for indoor usage. By the way, scaling down illuminated signage also works when you are thinking of integrating lightbox cabinets for advertisements. These are already familiar sights around movie theaters and inside the mall setting. Let Meridian Signs and Graphics Assist You with Finding the Best Illuminated Signage Our sign shop routinely works with local companies that want to stand out from the competition. LED-lit building signs are one way to make this happen. The same goes for illuminated indoor signage. Start by setting up an appointment for a site survey. During this visit, we take measurements and gauge the signage used by your competitors. This step can help us determine the best marker selection for your property. Similarly, it will ensure that you stand out in all the right ways. For interior signage, we offer you suggestions about placement and lighting options. Contact us today to set up the...

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Advertise with the Lighted Letters Johns Creek GA Businesses Need Today!

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Light up your building’s front. Nothing makes wayfinding and marketing easier than relying on the lighted letters Johns Creek GA, business owners trust. If you are still wondering what makes this signage solution stand out, our shop can help. Halo-Lit Letters Combine Functionality with Sophistication We start with an aluminum body for each letter. Next, we close the front with aluminum as well. Painting the exterior of the signage in your corporate colors ensures easy advertising and branding. Our technicians then insert LEDs and close up the backs of the letters with clear polycarbonate. For the installation, we select two-inch standoffs that create a little space between the wall and the letter. When the LEDs turn on after dark, the light reflects off the back of the façade and bathes each letter in a soft halo of illumination. These lighted letters function as attention getters as well as sophisticated advertising tools. Front-Lit Letters Emphasize the Font of Your Signage Display Another lighted letter that gets attention is the front-lit design. The manufacturing process is almost identical. That said, we switch the translucent surface to the front and close up the backs of the letters with aluminum. By painting the fronts in your standard colors, the sign is an ideal branding tool during the day. After dark, the LEDs emphasize the font choice your company made. Moreover, they shine brightly and present a bolder representation of the brand color. For newcomers to the niche, this type of signage is a must. Some business owners like both types of lighting; they commission front and back-lit lettering. We accommodate these requests by adding extra LEDs to prevent loss of the illumination’s power. The Lighted Letters Johns Creek GA, Companies Choose are Not Just for the Exterior Any Longer Lighted letters on the inside? You bet! We receive more and more inquiries from businesses that want to bring illumination into their lobbies and other spaces. Doing so is a snap when selecting a scaled-down version of the channel letter display. Lobby signs. Put your corporate persona in lights. The reception area signage looks impressive and succeeds at getting attention from anyone who walks in. Illumination also has the power to transform an ordinary lobby sign into an extraordinary work of art. Wayfinding. Help customers and clients find their ways around the location. When you are working with a larger space, lit signage makes it possible for sought after areas to stand out more. Examples include the customer service desk or the elevator banks. Branding. Feature your font and colors with bright lights. Choose front or halo lit displays. When you want to go for the gusto, you cannot go wrong with a combination of the two. Moreover, consider co-branding in a retail setting, which further emphasizes your relevance in a given niche. If we have piqued your interest in learning more about lighted letters and related signage today, we can help. Contact our sign shop to find out what your options are and to get started on the...

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Scheller College of Business Greets Students with an Internally Lit LED Cabinet in Atlanta GA

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You find the prestigious Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology, at 800 West Peachtree NW. It is a well-known institution that attracts professionals to its evening MBA programs. That said, it also offers daytime courses. Recently, the school’s administrator contacted our sign shop for help with an internally lit LED cabinet in Atlanta GA. Welcoming Learners with Chic and Functionality When we conducted a site survey, we noticed that there was not a lot in the way of signage at the double doors. Their construction did not give professionals a welcome that the school desired. Our team designed a sign that incorporates the metal construction of the framing. It provides a seamless transition into the internally lit message. There, lettering spells out the school’s name. After dark, it shines brightly in blue letters, which stand out from the metallic tones of the backdrop. The signage now acts as a beacon that attracts attention from across the way. For newcomers to the school, this signage is of tremendous wayfinding assistance. Cabinet Signs are Not Just for Buildings Any Longer You already know that internally lit LED cabinets are a favorite building sign for businesses in and around Atlanta. These cabinets typically install over the entrance to the storefront or office. However, you do not have to limit yourself to these uses. In fact, plenty of business owners now use the internally lit box cabinet in new ways. Lobby sign. Our technicians can adjust the size and depth of the cabinet to fit in perfectly into your reception area. The illumination attracts the attention of visitors to your office. Moreover, it emphasizes your brand’s colors. Wayfinding markers. Since this signage type works well in exterior and interior spaces, you might use box cabinets for giving directions. Highlight entrances, display suite numbers, or outline which types of services various departments provide. Since we can always change the fronts of the cabinets, the product is exceedingly versatile. Point of sale signage. This versatility is further exemplified when used as a point of sale sign. Colorful brand messages switch off with sales details and suggested product pairings. Use cabinets at the shelf level to co-brand with popular manufacturers. How to Select the Best Internally Lit LED Cabinet in Atlanta GA We recommend starting any project with a site survey. It gives our crew a chance to take measurements and gauge the makeup of your wall. Doing so enables us to offer input on installation options as well as the sizing of the finished product. Next, we work with you to design a front that emphasizes your message. A standard cabinet has a flat front that allows the internal LEDs to illuminate the writing. However, some clients have had excellent success with embossed cabinet fronts. They add a distinctive three-dimensional presentation to the setup. Use it for the lettering or just the logo portion of the display. If you are unsure which configuration is right for you, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. Contact us today to get started on this...

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