Advertise with the Lighted Letters Johns Creek GA Businesses Need Today!

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Light up your building’s front. Nothing makes wayfinding and marketing easier than relying on the lighted letters Johns Creek GA, business owners trust. If you are still wondering what makes this signage solution stand out, our shop can help. Halo-Lit Letters Combine Functionality with Sophistication We start with an aluminum body for each letter. Next, we close the front with aluminum as well. Painting the exterior of the signage in your corporate colors ensures easy advertising and branding. Our technicians then insert LEDs and close up the backs of the letters with clear polycarbonate. For the installation, we select two-inch standoffs that create a little space between the wall and the letter. When the LEDs turn on after dark, the light reflects off the back of the façade and bathes each letter in a soft halo of illumination. These lighted letters function as attention getters as well as sophisticated advertising tools. Front-Lit Letters Emphasize the Font of Your Signage Display Another lighted letter that gets attention is the front-lit design. The manufacturing process is almost identical. That said, we switch the translucent surface to the front and close up the backs of the letters with aluminum. By painting the fronts in your standard colors, the sign is an ideal branding tool during the day. After dark, the LEDs emphasize the font choice your company made. Moreover, they shine brightly and present a bolder representation of the brand color. For newcomers to the niche, this type of signage is a must. Some business owners like both types of lighting; they commission front and back-lit lettering. We accommodate these requests by adding extra LEDs to prevent loss of the illumination’s power. The Lighted Letters Johns Creek GA, Companies Choose are Not Just for the Exterior Any Longer Lighted letters on the inside? You bet! We receive more and more inquiries from businesses that want to bring illumination into their lobbies and other spaces. Doing so is a snap when selecting a scaled-down version of the channel letter display. Lobby signs. Put your corporate persona in lights. The reception area signage looks impressive and succeeds at getting attention from anyone who walks in. Illumination also has the power to transform an ordinary lobby sign into an extraordinary work of art. Wayfinding. Help customers and clients find their ways around the location. When you are working with a larger space, lit signage makes it possible for sought after areas to stand out more. Examples include the customer service desk or the elevator banks. Branding. Feature your font and colors with bright lights. Choose front or halo lit displays. When you want to go for the gusto, you cannot go wrong with a combination of the two. Moreover, consider co-branding in a retail setting, which further emphasizes your relevance in a given niche. If we have piqued your interest in learning more about lighted letters and related signage today, we can help. Contact our sign shop to find out what your options are and to get started on the...

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Scheller College of Business Greets Students with an Internally Lit LED Cabinet in Atlanta GA

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You find the prestigious Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology, at 800 West Peachtree NW. It is a well-known institution that attracts professionals to its evening MBA programs. That said, it also offers daytime courses. Recently, the school’s administrator contacted our sign shop for help with an internally lit LED cabinet in Atlanta GA. Welcoming Learners with Chic and Functionality When we conducted a site survey, we noticed that there was not a lot in the way of signage at the double doors. Their construction did not give professionals a welcome that the school desired. Our team designed a sign that incorporates the metal construction of the framing. It provides a seamless transition into the internally lit message. There, lettering spells out the school’s name. After dark, it shines brightly in blue letters, which stand out from the metallic tones of the backdrop. The signage now acts as a beacon that attracts attention from across the way. For newcomers to the school, this signage is of tremendous wayfinding assistance. Cabinet Signs are Not Just for Buildings Any Longer You already know that internally lit LED cabinets are a favorite building sign for businesses in and around Atlanta. These cabinets typically install over the entrance to the storefront or office. However, you do not have to limit yourself to these uses. In fact, plenty of business owners now use the internally lit box cabinet in new ways. Lobby sign. Our technicians can adjust the size and depth of the cabinet to fit in perfectly into your reception area. The illumination attracts the attention of visitors to your office. Moreover, it emphasizes your brand’s colors. Wayfinding markers. Since this signage type works well in exterior and interior spaces, you might use box cabinets for giving directions. Highlight entrances, display suite numbers, or outline which types of services various departments provide. Since we can always change the fronts of the cabinets, the product is exceedingly versatile. Point of sale signage. This versatility is further exemplified when used as a point of sale sign. Colorful brand messages switch off with sales details and suggested product pairings. Use cabinets at the shelf level to co-brand with popular manufacturers. How to Select the Best Internally Lit LED Cabinet in Atlanta GA We recommend starting any project with a site survey. It gives our crew a chance to take measurements and gauge the makeup of your wall. Doing so enables us to offer input on installation options as well as the sizing of the finished product. Next, we work with you to design a front that emphasizes your message. A standard cabinet has a flat front that allows the internal LEDs to illuminate the writing. However, some clients have had excellent success with embossed cabinet fronts. They add a distinctive three-dimensional presentation to the setup. Use it for the lettering or just the logo portion of the display. If you are unsure which configuration is right for you, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. Contact us today to get started on this...

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Freedom Academy of Music Education Hits All the Right Notes with Lit LED Channel Letters in Cumming GA

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The Freedom Academy of Music Education holds classes at 2599 Freedom Parkway. Instructors provide group and individual lessons. Students focus on recording, voice, or band development. Before the school officially opened, the management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of lit LED channel letters in Cumming GA. Channel Letters Combine with a Lightbox Cabinet for Targeted Branding We collaborated with the team to put together a sign that makes wayfinding easy for prospective students and visitors to the school. During a site survey, our crew discovered that we could not flush-mount the lettering to the wall. Therefore, we opted for a raceway design that allows us to boost the three-dimensional appeal of the signage while containing all the lighting equipment. We started with an elongated box that we painted in the same color as the wall. Next, we manufactured the letters in the same font as you see them on the school’s website. Because the client chose a front-lit display, we closed the letters with acrylic fronts that we painted in the brand color. Finally, we mounted the letters to the front of the raceway box. After installing the box to the wall, we shaped a lightbox cabinet in the form of the corporate symbol. Now, the displays work together to present an excellent branding platform for the school. Most importantly, it creates a chic presentation of the corporate persona that rounds out the work going into the overall design of the company’s storefront. Moreover, it also echoes the display of the window graphic that you see on the glass door, which creates a powerful advertising one-two punch. Two Signage Types for the Same Product? Yes! It is quite common to combine lightbox cabinets with channel letters. Consider that both signs have similar construction. We shape them using aluminum, which we can then bend into any form that you like. We use acrylic sheets to close off the fronts. Therefore, it makes sense to create a secondary signage product using the same setup for the logo portion. That said, you do not have to limit yourself to only featuring your company’s symbol. Some business owners have had excellent success with the display of decorative items using lightbox technology. They could be niche-specific images that underscore your brand message. They might also be purely decorative to play off your brand colors. Buying Lit LED Channel Letters in Cumming GA Are you getting ready for your grand opening celebration? We can help you with a channel letter signage setup that greets your visitors, customers, and clients in style. Opt for front or backlit lettering. One results in a bold color and lighting display. The other one creates a softer halo effect that bathes each letter in a soft glow of illumination. We can show you the different options and how they would affect your sign. Now is also a good time to talk about the different installation choices. Call our team today to set up an...

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Village Yoga Features Stainless Steel Dimensional Building Letters in Cumming Georgia

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A building sign serves multiple purposes. It advertises your business, displays a strong brand message, and helps with wayfinding. You have plenty of options when selecting a building sign’s makeup. Examples include lit or unlit products, lettering or panels, and material choices. Case in point is the selection of stainless steel dimensional building letters in Cumming Georgia. Village Yoga Greets Clients with a Dimensional Letter Building Sign Just in Time for Its Grand Opening Located at 5854 South Vickery Street, Village Yoga recently opened its doors to the public. The studio specializes in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and similar styles. Instructors assist with modifications as needed. However, before celebrating its grand opening, the studio’s management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design of building letters. We visited the location, took measurements, and noted the lighting setup. The client asked us to flush-mount the letters underneath an overhang, which had light sources already built-in. As a result, we suggested a matte finish for the stainless steel letters. Making this selection would prevent any glare or reflection that could detract from the good looks of the style elements. Our technicians designed the lettering to look exactly like the corporate display that visitors see on the business’ website. Next, we selected stainless steel that adds pizzazz to the façade and creates an attractive presentation against the black wall backdrop. Now, prospective visitors to the studio cannot help but notice the company’s name and brand – whether it is during the daytime or after dark. Metal Letters Look Professional and Bring Durability to Any Façade There is just something special about metal lettering that makes consumers take notice of your business. It is elegant, puts a contemporary look on your signage, and creates a strong impression of longevity in the niche. Stainless steel is only one type of material. It looks excellent on the façade of the Village Yoga studio. You might select something different for your business. Polished copper. This metal favors reddish tones. It is an ideal opportunity to make your brand message stand out and shine. Choose from a range of red tones that work well with your corporate persona. Aged brass. There is a broad range of colors to select. We can artificially age the metal to take on the famous green patina look. Because this tone can also be more brown than green, it is a good choice for a variety of business personas. That said, you might stay with the standard brass appearance. Matte bronze. Blackened bronze with a matte finish is a favorite among avant-garde companies. Its chic is undeniable. Combine it with door hardware in similar tones for a great tie-in. Are You Thinking of Ordering Stainless Steel Dimensional Building Letters in Cumming, Georgia? Invite our sign team out to your location for a site survey. We help you select the right size for the lettering as well as the material and color that will make your brand shine. Contact us today to get going on the...

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Choosing LED Letters Alpharetta GA Customers Are Sure to Notice!

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You might also know the LED letters Alpharetta GA, consumers respond to as channel letters. We know them as the most popular building signs currently on the market. You want your customers to see you. In fact, you want all consumers to notice your presence. Reeling in foot traffic and converting shoppers into buyers is vital. What Sets Channel Lettering Apart from Other Signage? LED letters replicate the display of your company’s name. Customers recognize it because they visited your website. Maybe they are already familiar with your brand. By placing the brand information on your façade in this way, you help shoppers to connect with your corporate identity. Unlike other dimensional letters, however, LED versions offer the advantage of illumination. Choosing the Right LED Setup How do you want the light to display on your building? Front lit. In this setup, the light escapes through the fronts of the letters that we close off with polycarbonate. We paint the material in your custom color. Doing so boosts this tone after dark. Halo lit. When you want the light to bathe each letter in a soft halo of illumination, the backlit setup is your best choice. We close the backs of the letters with transparent polycarbonate. Next, we mount the lettering a couple of inches off the wall. As the light escapes through the backs, it reflects off the façade. Choose clear LEDs or opt for colorful alternatives that support your brand message. Combination. Some clients want both. We can accommodate this request but suggest that you increase the numbers of LEDs. Failure to do so dims some of the effects. Open face. For store owners with an avant-garde look, this concept reminds of the old neon lights. We close the fronts with clear polycarbonate, which leaves the light sources visible. For the right brand, this lighting setup ideally underscores the message. Taking the Letters Inside The majority of LED letters Alpharetta GA, customers see will be on the outside of your location. Our technicians most likely mount them to the façade near your main entrance. But did you know that there is now a movement to have these letters on the inside, too? Our technicians can adjust the design for size. Moreover, we can change the depths to suit the wall setup inside your location. In this way, these letters can be suitable for wayfinding signs that signal the entrance to a department. They are also good choices for a lobby sign. Support Your Illuminated Brand Message with Secondary Signage You succeed in catching the eye of the consumer. Now what? With support signage, you can continue the dialog that the building sign began. A-frames, for example, substantially boost your ability to display must-know details about your message. Feature menus, prices, and specials. Another excellent support signage option is a set of window graphics. We recommend repeating your brand color combination for driving home the point of brand awareness. In fact, when you contact our experts today, we can walk you through the process of choosing the LED letters for your business. If you like, we can also...

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Ask Us About Channel Letters for Military Recruitment Centers

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When the Marines call, you answer. And we did. We received an inquiry from the local office to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of channel letters for military recruitment centers. At that time, we scheduled a consultation appointment to visit the location and get more information about this client’s needs. Presenting an Eye-Catching Signage Product that Communicates a Well-Known Brand Message The Marines are situated right next door to the Army. Since there is a bit of friendly rivalry going on, the client asked if we could heighten the visual impact of the channel letters. No problem! We proposed the design of a marker featuring the iconic font and logo of the Marine Corps. We proposed the creation of three-dimensional channel letters that we would then mount to an aluminum backer panel. This step gives added dimensions to the display. Because we used a matte, dark surface, it also creates a visually interesting background for the bright white illumination the channel letters present after dark. To the left of the letters, we placed a round lightbox cabinet that features the eagle, globe, and anchor emblem of the Marine Corps. Another advantage to displaying the lettering in this manner is the color differentiation between the façade and channel letters. Since the façade features cream tones, it makes sense to set apart the white of the lettering with the black background feature. Aluminum Pan Backer Panels Work Well in a Variety of Settings Adding dimensions to any kind of display is only one function that this product performs. It also serves as a color contrast when a façade and a corporate color palette are too similar in nature. Case in point is the sign for the Marines. Some business clients like to use backer panels because they allow for the presentation of geometric shapes that may be part of a larger brand message setup. In these scenarios, the board may take on the look of one of these forms. It might also feature a vinyl overlay that we imprint with more intricate shapes and gradient color presentations. Lit or Unlit Lettering? We typically recommend the installation of illuminated channel letters. Light attracts attention, and when you invest in building signage, you want plenty of eyeballs to take in your message. The majority of our clients prefer the front-lit option that allows light to shine brightly through colorful or white polycarbonate facings. However, another option that also has merit is the backlit appearance. It lets the light escape from the back of the lettering and from there reflect off the wall. This look results in a halo effect. How to Order Channel Letters for Military Recruitment Centers If your recruitment center needs a new façade signage setup, we can help. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists to find out how easy it is to catch the eyes of passersby and motorists alike. We serve branches of the armed forces in and around Cumming, Atlanta, Johns Creek, Roswell, and Alpharetta, GA. Call us today to learn...

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