Willis Group Real Estate Professionals Bring in New Business with Exterior HDU Signs

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When we got a call from Willis Group Real Estate, the management team wanted to discuss the combination of interior lobby signage and exterior HDU signs. The goal was to present consumers with an eye-catching display that would turn heads. Could we help this company bring in more foot traffic and expertly present its brand message? You bet! Signage Suite Identifies the Company and Its Brand Message After discussing the signage design with the client, we prepared high-density urethane (HDU) signs for the exterior. They look a lot like metal plaques. In fact, from a distance, it is difficult to tell the difference. Come a bit closer, and you notice the raised lettering that spells out the various branches of the Willis Group Real Estate firm. We painted the backdrop black to allow the white foreground letters and numerals to pop. On the interior, we put together two lobby signs. They identify the Willis Group as well as Keller Williams Lanier Partners. Both markers feature red and black accents. The client requested custom-painted acrylic, which ensures perfect color matches for either business. With the help of dimensional letters, it was possible to capitalize on the sizing of the walls for an ideal display setup. The combination of signs now works well to attract attention, present a strong brand message, and advertise the company. HDU Products are Ideal for Building Signs Our clients like HDU because it lets us combine artistry with versatility. The manmade product is of no interest to insects, which leave it alone. It also does not weather like wood. Moisture cannot soak into the material and lead to rot or decay. At the same time, it is less expensive than metal plaques. In short, what is there not to love about HDU? We can use the material to create three-dimensional signs that bring your name and logo to life. We can route it, carve it, or sandblast it. In fact, sandblasting HDU is an excellent method for adding various textures to the foreground and background. Once this process finishes, we paint the product to your specifications. Many clients like the matte black backdrop, but some prefer a high-gloss finish that leads to eye-catching displays. An Excellent Option for Details in Displays Look closely at the signage for Willis Group Real Estate, and you notice the crisp nature of the lettering. Even from the street, these signs are easy to read. This is due to the combination of high-contrast colors and a crisp featuring of the letters. By flush mounting the signage to the façade, the markers create an excellent contrast from the color of the wall. Doing so heightens the clarity of the messages even more. Is it Time for Exterior HDU Signs at Your Location? Take a page from the playbook of Willis Group Real Estate, and make your next building sign a high-density urethane board. We help you to envision the look of the finished product before we start carving. In fact, discuss your plans with our experts today to learn more about your options! Meridian Signs & Graphics serves members of the business...

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Morgan Easley Chooses an HDU Sign Panel as an Exterior Wall Sign

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Clients find Morgan Easley at 555 Sun Valley Drive in Roswell, GA. The company provides legal expertise to businesses needing assistance with transactions, disputes, and employment law. Other services include help with business formations and tax law, franchising, and intellectual property protection. When the law firm decided it wanted to add a fitting building marker, it chose an HDU sign panel as an exterior wall sign. Understated Elegance and Functionality Combine The office is situated in a converted residence. The façade features red brick. The entryway displays a white column with matching soffits and fascia boards. Installing a typical building sign consisting of dimensional letters would look out of place. What the venue needed was a design that underscored the locale’s understated elegance but would not do so at the cost of functionality. After consulting with our customer, we designed a high-density urethane (HDU) board that displays the company’s logo and name. The white on black colors perfectly fit in with the palette already in play at the office. Moreover, the signage design with its cutouts and shaping expertly embraces the overall elegance and style of the architecture. That said, the data is visible and provides suitable wayfinding assistance for the firm’s clients. HDU Panels Work Well in Many Settings When working with the material, we can route or sandblast it. Doing so determines which style elements will stand out in a three-dimensional fashion. Our technicians help you select a background design that allows for the inclusion of a wood grain style finish or something else altogether. Painting the sign heightens the aesthetic appeal. Because these design options provide a high level of versatility, you find HDU signs in a broad range of settings. For example, historical buildings, and those situated in parts of town where merchant councils try to preserve a specific look, benefit from the elegant presentation that HDU panels bring to the location. Your sign can look aged or sophisticated to be in keeping with the overall vibe you want to portray with the business. This same opportunity applies to companies located in mixed zone settings where standard commercial signage is simply out of place. But there is also an aspect of artistry that comes with an HDU sign panel as an exterior wall sign. Because our technicians have the option of applying a variety of colors and three-dimensional design details, your company benefits from a sign that immediately catches the attention of passersby. Even those who might not typically be part of your target demographic cannot help but notice your venue. From there, it is easy to build name recognition and receive word-of-mouth advertising as well as encourage the impulse stop. Discussing Your Signage Options with an Expert When you are ready to see what a sandblasted or routed building sign could do for your company’s façade, discuss your plans with our business signage experts. We help you envision the look of the product and the fit on the façade. Contact us today to learn more about your...

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Front and Side Exterior Building Signs in Alpharetta Boost Brand for Hedman Hedders!

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The Hedman Performance Group started in 1954 as Hedman Hedders. From its first exhaust tubes, the business has grown into a power boost empire. Hedman Husler Race Hedders feature exhaust systems, engine mountings, gaskets, and headers. The local dealer for this national company does business out of 730 Branch Drive. When the management team wanted to highlight the business’ brand messages, its representative contacted our experts to discuss the design of front and side exterior building signs in Alpharetta, GA. Two Signs Attract More Attention than a Standalone Product After consulting with the client, we learned that the business wanted to address consumers approaching the building from the front as well as those driving past its side. Doing so makes sense since it increases the audience for the brand message. We designed two signs that measure 10 feet by 10 feet and eight feet by eight feet. Both present the company’s name and iconic logo. They feature images that underscore the business’ ties to auto racing and the sale of performance parts. Their sizes make the markers easy to notice. In fact, the red color that takes a predominant role in the design of the signage grabs the eye! Now, the company succeeds in presenting brand messages via eye candy for its targeted demographic. Exploring the Power of Multi-Side Marketing Messages More and more business owners are catching on to the power of multiple brand or marketing messages. That said, libraries, museums, and similar venues have done so successfully for decades. The trick here is to capitalize on the façade space you can work with. Multiple signage types work well. Examples include aluminum boards and lightbox cabinets. For temporary signage solutions that you can change with the seasons, we recommend vinyl banners that we custom cut to meet your spatial requirements. If you do not have a second façade to work with, you can still add multiple signage solutions that heighten the message appeal of your primary business marker. Cases in point are floor stickers and flutter flags. When you have landscaping near your business’ entrance, also consider the use of lawn signs you might turn to address individuals coming from other directions. What makes this approach work so well is the repetition of the message. Since you have the option of featuring an identical sign on any side of your venue, you can significantly enhance the brand awareness of consumers. Another option is the presentation of signage that features slightly different images. Brand building in this setup works because it provides multiple opportunities for showing off your products in various usage situations. Choosing this approach boosts brand knowledge of customers as well as prospective clients. Explore Brand Building with Front and Side Exterior Building Signs in Alpharetta, GA If we have piqued your interest in displaying dual brand messages that reach more consumers, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. Whether you want us to put together a permanent signage solution or a temporary banner approach, we can help. Ready to schedule a design...

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HDU Sign Panels and Directory Signs for Dental Offices in Roswell GA

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Located at 1150 Grimes Bridge Road, Robert S. Attia, D.M.D. specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Other services include wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, bone grafting, and TMJ disorders. When the clinic’s management team needed HDU sign panels and directory signs for dental offices in Roswell GA, it contacted our sign specialists for assistance. HDU Panels Combine Clarity with Chic High-density urethane (HDU) is a manmade material that brings superior durability to the table. Insects have no interest in it. It does not rot even after long-time weather exposure. And because it is possible to sandblast this product, it allows for the presentation of a three-dimensional look with a variety of optional background textures. For the dental office, we created signage that emphasizes the clarity of the informational display. By choosing a 3D presentation and painting the signs with the black and white color contrast, patients have an easy time reading the directions. We created a basic wall sign that labels the office, recreated it with an arrow pointing into the direction of the entrance, and prepared parking signage. Those visiting the location now have no trouble finding their ways around. Why Signs with Clear Messages Matter First-time visitors, in particular, feel stress when they visit an area and cannot identify the right entrance, associated parking areas, or doors. In severe cases, this level of stress reaches frustration that causes someone to give up on the appointment and go somewhere else. By placing the right signage solutions in strategically located areas, you help visitors to your location to be at ease and find their ways around – even if they have never been to your office before. Exterior Signage Options Selecting HDU signs is a popular option for medical offices and service providers who appreciate the 3D look. It also allows for the creation of smaller products, which appeals to a broad range of corporate clients. For retailers and settings where larger signage is a better option, you might consider other building signs. Channel letters. These ubiquitous products work well in a broad range of settings. Choose from front-lit or reverse-lit appearances. Dimensional letters. If illumination does not have to be an essential feature, you cannot go wrong with dimensional letters. Typical material selections include acrylic, metal, and sign foam. Lightbox cabinets. Crafted from aluminum and polycarbonate, these products allow for a more detailed display. We can imprint the front of the sign with your corporate information, logo, and a niche explanation that highlights what you do. If your name and logo do not give much of a hint, it is always a good idea to include a niche explanation. Pair these products with panel signs to point in the direction of the parking lot. Ordering HDU Sign Panels and Directory Signs for Dental Offices in Roswell GA Whether you are just starting out at your location or recently moved your office, we can help with your signage needs. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists for more information on your options and to get started on the...

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