Use a Commercial Sign Company for Your Franchise Signage in Atlanta!

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Any business that wants to attract attention needs the proper signage. Franchises are no exception. Most importantly, it would be best if you had not only the markers on the exterior but also targeted brand-defining signs on the interior. Our sign shop can assist you with all of your franchise signage in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. The Advantage of Dealing with Your Local Sign Shop We design, produce, and install our products. Therefore, we have full control over the quality of the finished signage. Moreover, you always have someone local to ask questions. If there is a repair need, we can come right over. Of course, dealing with our sign shop has other advantages, too. For example, you will probably need additional signage as time goes on. Special offers, seasonal products, and quick-turnaround advertisements enable you to be nimble. You can preempt the competition. By working with us locally, you are always on top of your signage needs. Your franchise owner will most likely offer you some suggestions for working with a local-to-them sign shop. Although this is probably an excellent venue, consider the distance. They can produce and manufacture the product, but you would be on the hook for installation. Moreover, you would have to handle the permitting process. Our experts take on all of these challenges – and more! Transforming a Marketing Message into Conforming Signage Products Our technicians have ample experience working with specs. We can meet the requirements that your franchisor sets forth. Similarly, we can work with the specs that the company sends you. In this way, we guarantee an identical color, font, and size match that identifies you as a licensed franchise. Typical Franchise Signage in Atlanta What are the products that most first-time franchise owners order from us? Building signs. The building sign assists the consumer with wayfinding. Moreover, it identifies the name of the company. Your franchisor will dictate whether you use a channel letter, dimensional letter, or lightbox cabinet sign. Our technicians ensure the proper permitting and installation that works well with your façade. Brand-builders. We consider these the window graphics that expand on the message your building sign sends. However, it does not end there. There is also the lobby sign that stands for your company’s values. It communicates what makes you stand out. In many ways, it is a smaller version of the building sign. Wayfinding signs. Because consumers want to be able to find their ways around without assistance, it is essential to have branded wayfinding signs in place. These include the monument sign at the entrance to the parking lot, the post and panel sign that identifies the direction to the door, and even interior signs that assist shoppers with finding departments or offices. When you need franchise signs that help you stand out in all the right ways, connect with our sign experts. We show you the many ways that signage can make a difference for your franchise. Moreover, we gladly visit your location for a site survey, which helps us provide you with installation information. Contact us today to schedule an...

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3 Types of Outdoor Advertising for Atlanta Area Business Owners

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Could you improve the way that your brand communication appeals to passersby? Could doing so boost the foot traffic you welcome at your location? With the right outdoor advertising for Atlanta area business owners, you do precisely that. AlumiGraphics Leverage Eye Candy beneath Consumers’ Feet These are not your average floor graphics. Rather, they feature aluminum foil instead of vinyl. This is a high-wear product that does exceedingly well on otherwise challenging substrates such as brick, terrazzo, or concrete. Most importantly, it is slip-proof. Therefore, you might use AlumiGraphics for any advertising purposes you may have. They are excellent for three-dimensional prints, short-term ads, or long-term brand-building. An eye-catching floor ad outside your storefront can reel in more foot traffic. Pole Banners Enhance Your Brand Presentation They are ideal supports for your building sign and any temporary sales signage you currently use on your property. In this way, they take the forefront of featuring brand communications that you want to bring before the public. You already see pole banners in use at libraries, in municipal settings, and at car dealerships. All of these locales have different uses for the banners. This highlights their importance as well as their versatility. Our technicians routinely work with business clients who commission pole banners for temporary as well as permanent advertising displays. Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Take Your Message to the Consumer Whereas floor graphics and pole banners focus on bringing in the consumer, vehicle wraps and graphics support your ability to take the message anywhere you like. Here, you have several options open to you. Full wrap. The full wrap covers the exterior of the car – with the exception of the windows. It is an excellent way of taking advantage of all the surfaces that the vehicle offers you. Some clients have had remarkable success with featuring different messages on each side of a truck or van. Others decide to display the same message on each side. Partial wrap. In this setup, you choose how much of the vehicle you want to cover. Typical configurations are three quarters, half, or one-quarter of the surface. We can integrate the car, truck, or van’s base color into the wrap, which creates a seamless transition that looks fantastic. Graphics and lettering. A graphics package covers less than 25% of the vehicle’s exterior. It combines niche-specific images, brand colors, and wording that meets your unique needs. For some, there is an emphasis on advertising, whereas other clients prefer to boost their brand awareness among consumers. Making the Most of Outdoor Advertising for Atlanta Companies Meridian Signs and Graphics does business out of 433 Canton Road in Cumming, GA. From there, we serve the business communities in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, Duluth, Canton, and Marietta. You will also see our van in and around Fulton County as well as Forsyth County. If you already have a plan of what you want your outdoor advertising to look like, we can meet your requirements with ease. If you still need some help putting it all together, we gladly assist you there, too. Our...

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The Most Popular Exterior Signs in Atlanta for All Types of Businesses

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Restaurants, office buildings, service providers, retailers, and medical offices all have one thing in common: they need building signage. These are the markers that help consumers find companies. Besides that, these products detail the corporate brand message and entice the shopper or prospective customer to make an impulse stop. What are the most popular exterior signs in Atlanta right now? Channel Letters Shine Brightly and Invite Consumers to Stop In The channel letter illuminates a façade. Choose the most common presentation, which is the front-lit version of the signage. As the light escapes through the letters’ fronts, it draws attention to the bold corporate color play. A reverse-lit look creates a sophisticated halo presentation, which is an excellent tool for underscoring brand appeal. Because we can play around with the thickness of the lettering, it is easy to create an impressive display on your building’s front. Besides that, it is possible to add even more eye candy with the installation method. Flush mount. Many business owners like the clean presentation of the flush mount. The letters appear to be pushing out of the building’s façade. This is an excellent option when our technicians can access the backs of the letters from behind the façade. Raceway. When this is not possible, or if your lease specifies a different rule for signage installation, we recommend the raceway. We contain all of the electrical wirings within a narrow box that we mount to the façade. Because we paint it in the same color as the substrate, it is difficult to detect with the eye. Next, we attach the letters to its front. This installation method gives the illusion of floating channel letters. Panel installation. When the color of the letters is too similar to the color of the building, our shop recommends an intermediary color buffer. A panel that supports your brand tones but creates the needed hue differentiation is an ideal method for solving this dilemma. Besides that, it allows for the use of visual aesthetics that further support your branding. 3D and Dimensional Letters Impress with Material Selections One of the most popular material options for dimensional letters is metal. Stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel, aluminum, or bronze are superb. The color of the metal highlights your branding, whereas the material underscores the impression that you are there for the long term. When you need an impressive but budget-friendly approach that allows for plenty of colors, consider outdoor-rated sign foam. It provides for increased depths and can be the ideal vehicle for vinyl overlays with gradient color changes if needed. Of course, acrylic and PVC are also options. Choose them as laminates for foam or as stand-alone materials. Monument Signs Reach out to Drivers and Pedestrians Branding and marketing begin curbside. Monument signs are excellent tools for this purpose. Go small with a traditional brick and mortar setup, impress with a contemporary faux monument, or choose an aluminum and acrylic construction for a modern brand message. If you like the idea of going tall, we recommend using a pylon sign instead. Learn more about the most popular exterior signs in Atlanta...

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Why Routed Signs Make Great Exterior Signs!

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When business owners contact Meridian Signs and Graphics to talk about building signage, they typically inquire about channel letters, LED signs, metal plaques, or dimensional letters. However, lately, we have been getting more questions about routed signs. It is true; routed signs make great exterior signs. Here is what you need to know. How the Routing Process Works Typically, you expect your style elements to display as three-dimensional features. This is true for layered signage and stand-alone elements. Routed signage is different. Our technicians cut material away from a surface, thereby creating grooves. We use a machine for this process, which differentiates routed products from carved ones that still require the personal touch. Next, we apply coloration to the product. Depending on your material of choice, we can apply color to the base material, the grooves, or both. Filling the grooves with a darker color and leaving the surface in a lighter tone creates an attractive wayfinding aspect. Switching this setup around boosts brand recognition and awareness. Choosing a Material for Exterior Signs Working with a router does not limit your selections. If anything, it expands on them. For example, high-density urethane (HDU) is an excellent material for this product. Because it is manmade, insects do not eat it. Besides that, it weathers exceedingly well. Most importantly, we can work HDU to mimic the appearance of wood. Although our shop gladly prepares wooden signs for you, we caution you to remember that the material is susceptible to insect damage and premature weathering. Router application also works well for acrylic, aluminum, PVC, polycarbonate, a variety of metals, and foam products. Who Uses Routed Signs Already? Countless businesses have already invested in this signage solution as the face of their brands. Residential communities. High-end condominium management companies, assisted living communities, homeowner associations, and neighborhood associations display routed signage at the entrances to their properties. Frequently, these signs take the forms of plaques that attach to a post or monument sign. Restaurateurs. Hanging out a shingle is the quintessential method for attracting business to a bar, pub, or eatery. A routed sign attracts attention because of its vibrant color play. Because the manufacturing method imbues the finished product with plenty of character, the signage stands out and hints at the brand message. Retailers. When others feature the typical signage all around you, stand out with routed works of art that highlight what you are selling. These signs look so different in the retail environment that they generate interest in what you might be offering that they could easily contribute to the impulse stop. Ordering Your Routed Sign Today If we have convinced you that routed signs make great exterior signs, it is time to see how your brand message could look when using this medium. Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around the Atlanta Metro area as well as Alpharetta, Duluth, Cumming, Milton, Buford, Suwanee, Roswell, Johns Creek, Woodstock, and Canton. Contact us today to learn more about your...

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Using Metal Plaques as Exterior Signs in Atlanta GA!

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Channel letters, lightbox cabinets, and aluminum panels are the typical building signs that business owners might select. However, there is now a movement to a highly sophisticated name and brand presentation: metal plaques as exterior signs in Atlanta GA. Due to advances in manufacturing techniques, these do not look like yesteryear’s metal plaques. Take a look! Impress with Pizzazz A rectangular plaque with a black backdrop makes the three-dimensional silver lettering shine. Select a border to create a neat differentiation from the backdrop wall. Most importantly, consider the use of various font heights to make the branding stand out even more. We recommend a flush mount for these plaques with screws that are almost hidden to the naked eye. By the way, this look exemplifies your expectations of steadfastness within a specific niche, which is not lost on the consumer. Expand on a Brand Message Envision a bronze plaque next to your entrance. The slightly reddish tone of the metal matches a red entrance door or reddish wall substrate. Your corporate name and logo are 3D renditions. From there, smaller font outlines your brand message. It gives the customer who walks up to the door a feel for what your firm believes in. Doing so is an excellent method for creating brand awareness and knowledge. Similarly, it persuades the consumer that doing business with you is the right decision. Capitalize on the 3D Possibilities of a Cast Metal Plaque When your name and logo are at the heart of your intended display, you cannot go wrong with a large cast metal presentation. The three-dimensional character of the display catches the attention of passersby. They marvel at the detail work that the casting provides. Most importantly, you succeed in creating the type of look that stands out and beckons to passersby. What about Etched Metal for Exterior Signs? Cast metal is ideally suited for bronze, brass, and aluminum presentations. It focuses heavily on the 3D aspect of the display, which makes the plaque suitable as a building sign. Texturing of the background can bring out the three-dimensional nature of the look even more. In contrast, etching is an option when you want to focus on a fair amount of detail work such as the rendition of a photo or multiple paragraphs of text. Because these letters are smaller, they are not as successful in the presentation as a building sign. That said, some companies have had excellent success with using etched metal plaques for brand messages that augment cast metal logo setups. How to Order Metal Plaques as Exterior Signs in Atlanta GA When you are ready to embrace the pizzazz, sophistication, and eye-catching elegance that metal plaques could bring to your façade, discuss your plans with our graphic artist. We help you think through a design presentation that impresses. Besides that, we can show you what your signage could look like with the use of various manufacturing techniques. It gives you a realistic look of the building sign before you select the actual option for your display. Call us today to schedule your design...

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Engineering303 Uses Two Outdoor Sign Design Ideas in Cumming GA

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Engineering303 does business at 108 Allen Street. The firm is a thought leader in civil engineering and surveying. When the company’s management team contacted our sign shop, its representative needed outdoor sign design ideas in Cumming GA. The goal was to become easier to see from the road. Boosting Visibility from the Road with Signage We worked with the client to put together two signs that would significantly enhance the firm’s visibility from the street. The first one is an aluminum sign panel. The durability of this sign’s construction has to do  with its polyethylene core that is sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. We imprinted vinyl with the company’s name and logo. Next, we clad the aluminum with the vinyl. Our technicians mounted the panel between two brick and mortar columns. There, it functions as a monument sign. The second sign we designed consists of a high-density urethane (HDU) panel. It is an eco-friendly option that is ideally suited for outdoor settings. We routed the product to create three-dimensional presentations of the company’s name and symbol. Our technicians painted it to mimic the corporate look on the website. Finally, the team mounted the signage above the firm’s entryway. Getting the Consumer to Notice You Whether you are just moving into a new location or have been doing business there for a while, you need signage that is easy to see. Drivers and passersby both need to be targeted. Take a page from the playbook of Engineering303, and present a monument sign that appeals to motorists. It lets you boost the size of your lettering so that the individual style elements are easy to see even at the speeds of traffic in front of your venue. Many business owners have had excellent success with displaying a sign that is an extension of the building sign. For example, a company that advertises with a lightbox cabinet on its façade might also choose to install one as a monument sign. It generates brand awareness and reinforces name recognition. For the building sign, it is best to focus on the color and font setup that your customers already know from the website. Doing so creates a sense of recognition and familiarity. Also, it presents a brand message that is easy to memorize. Go for the gusto and add secondary signage solutions to support your street view. Examples include window graphics and banners. Do You Need More Outdoor Sign Design Ideas in Cumming GA? The pros at Meridian Signs and Graphics routinely work with members of the local business community to enhance brand visibility at the street level. We help you maximize foot traffic with one or more signage solutions that advertise and brand. More importantly, we ensure that these signs complement the makeup of your façade and landscaping design. Our sign shop serves businesses in and around Cumming, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, Duluth, Canton, and Marietta, GA. You find our work all across the counties of Fulton and Forsyth. Contact us today to talk about your sign...

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