We Can Help with Digital Signs for Churches in Atlanta!

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Today’s houses of worship are upgrading their signage. Bringing in new worshipers and boosting curb appeal requires an upgrade in the way even churches present themselves. Gone are the days of the manual letter-change reader board and the quaint post and panel sign. Digital signs for churches in Atlanta are now replacing these old-fashioned markers to attract a new demographic. Here is how you can tastefully incorporate this technology. Why Choose Digital Technology in the First Place? You are communicating with passersby who have grown up with technology and screens. They expect to receive their information in this way. To maintain a relationship with the community that you serve, it is essential for your congregation to embrace the way that this generation communications. Present your church’s website address and social media details with digital technology. It is also an excellent method of advertising service times, highlighting a special sermon series, inviting the community for a fundraising event, or simply sharing encouraging scriptures. Doing so highlights your relevance in today’s world. Best of all, digital signage lets you update your message quickly. If there is a pressing community need, your congregation can spring into action and outline its involvement in a volunteer effort. Besides that, you might highlight open spaces in your preschool program or summer camp in real time. Selecting the Digital Product That Meets Your Needs The typical digital church sign takes the form of a cabinet. There are plenty of options open to you. Text-based LED displays. Control the reader board with your tablet or cell phone. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. You can schedule a number of messages to display at specific intervals. Similarly, you might rotate through them quickly for a lengthier presentation. This sign replaces the standard reader board and allows for up to four lines of text. Monochrome LED signs. The next step up is a monochrome sign that lets you display text, graphics, and enhancements. Choose from red or amber. We recommend installing this cabinet underneath a lightbox cabinet featuring your congregation’s name and logo. Full-color LED signage. By far the most modern digital sign, this technology lets you present lifelike images. Some sign models have the capability of playing videos or commercials. Depending on your needs, select a smaller or larger cabinet that allows for easy readability up to about 60 feet away. Integrating Digital Signs for Churches in Atlanta with Existing Products The majority of clients request to have the cabinet added to a monument sign, pylon, or even post and panel setup. We can usually accommodate your wishes and ensure a harmonious presentation. Remember that the digital part of the sign features the messages that you want the community to see. Therefore, it is not typically used to feature your congregation’s name. This is something that the rest of the sign does. We can show your name with dimensional letters on a monument, with a lightbox cabinet above the digital board, or with an illuminated panel that combines dimensional style elements with lit letters. Contact our team today to talk about your...

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