We Can Help with Digital Signs for Churches in Atlanta!

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Today’s houses of worship are upgrading their signage. Bringing in new worshipers and boosting curb appeal requires an upgrade in the way even churches present themselves. Gone are the days of the manual letter-change reader board and the quaint post and panel sign. Digital signs for churches in Atlanta are now replacing these old-fashioned markers to attract a new demographic. Here is how you can tastefully incorporate this technology. Why Choose Digital Technology in the First Place? You are communicating with passersby who have grown up with technology and screens. They expect to receive their information in this way. To maintain a relationship with the community that you serve, it is essential for your congregation to embrace the way that this generation communications. Present your church’s website address and social media details with digital technology. It is also an excellent method of advertising service times, highlighting a special sermon series, inviting the community for a fundraising event, or simply sharing encouraging scriptures. Doing so highlights your relevance in today’s world. Best of all, digital signage lets you update your message quickly. If there is a pressing community need, your congregation can spring into action and outline its involvement in a volunteer effort. Besides that, you might highlight open spaces in your preschool program or summer camp in real time. Selecting the Digital Product That Meets Your Needs The typical digital church sign takes the form of a cabinet. There are plenty of options open to you. Text-based LED displays. Control the reader board with your tablet or cell phone. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. You can schedule a number of messages to display at specific intervals. Similarly, you might rotate through them quickly for a lengthier presentation. This sign replaces the standard reader board and allows for up to four lines of text. Monochrome LED signs. The next step up is a monochrome sign that lets you display text, graphics, and enhancements. Choose from red or amber. We recommend installing this cabinet underneath a lightbox cabinet featuring your congregation’s name and logo. Full-color LED signage. By far the most modern digital sign, this technology lets you present lifelike images. Some sign models have the capability of playing videos or commercials. Depending on your needs, select a smaller or larger cabinet that allows for easy readability up to about 60 feet away. Integrating Digital Signs for Churches in Atlanta with Existing Products The majority of clients request to have the cabinet added to a monument sign, pylon, or even post and panel setup. We can usually accommodate your wishes and ensure a harmonious presentation. Remember that the digital part of the sign features the messages that you want the community to see. Therefore, it is not typically used to feature your congregation’s name. This is something that the rest of the sign does. We can show your name with dimensional letters on a monument, with a lightbox cabinet above the digital board, or with an illuminated panel that combines dimensional style elements with lit letters. Contact our team today to talk about your...

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Boost Your Guest Experience with Graphics and Signs for Churches in Atlanta

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How do first-time visitors to your Atlanta church perceive the experience? Do they feel encouraged to come back? Is the venue confusing? With the right graphics and signs for churches in Atlanta, you ensure a positive guest experience all the way around. Turn First-Time Guests into Return Visitors They visited your church because they were interested in what your congregation has to offer. Give these first-time guests an opportunity to connect with members as well as ongoing outreach projects. Some churches have had excellent success with the setup of a connect center that lets visitors join small group discussions or sign up for volunteer opportunities. We recommend the use of wall art that displays service opportunities or images of the congregation. Next, feature a sign that identifies the area as a connection center. A black acrylic sign with chrome lettering, for example, can make a tremendous visual impact. Pair it with black and white graphics for best results. Make the Children’s Ministry Classes Easy to Find Visiting families routinely get confused about where to take the kids. As a result, youngsters who could be interacting with peers end up sitting in the sanctuary. Nip this problem in the bud by investing in wayfinding signs for your children’s ministry. High-contrast lettering on dark backdrops is the best option. Acrylic signs are long-lasting, budget-friendly, and bring a contemporary feel to your building. Show What You are All About with Pictures Envision a picture wall that features members of the congregation playing, eating, and serving together. Living life to the full is an attractive quality that may persuade visitors to come back and perhaps even become members. When you have the images, we can translate them into a full wall wrap. Add a matte finish, which lets people see the details even when you train spotlights onto the wall. Cleanup is a snap with little more than a moist rag. How an Investment in Graphics and Signs for Churches in Atlanta Helps Your Faith Community Conversation starters. If you are trying to engage a visitor to your church in a conversation, a photo, sign, or inspirational message is a great icebreaker. When you look at a signage product in this way, it makes sense to have some around. Wayfinding. People get frustrated if they cannot find their ways around a facility. Some church buildings feature plenty of add-ons, which can get confusing. Avoid frustrating or embarrassing missteps by making it clear for first-time guests where to find the sanctuary, restrooms, and children’s ministry areas. Value sharing. Businesses call it branding. In faith circles, you might refer to it as value sharing. The goal is to show where you and a guest have common ground on which you can build together. It is what keeps people coming back. Graphics and signs can express these values. Ordering Your Church Signage Today If you are thinking of overhauling your church’s signage, or if you need to outfit a location with signs for the first time, discuss your plans with our experts. We serve the faith communities in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Milton,...

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Atlanta Namadwaar Welcomes the Faithful with Dimensional Letters in Cumming GA

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Located at 239 Atlanta Road, the Atlanta Namadwaar opened its doors in November of 2017. To prepare the prayer house for the visiting faithful, the organization’s planners contacted the business sign specialists at Meridian Signs and Graphics to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of dimensional letters in Cumming GA. Dimensional Letters for Wayfinding We met with the client to discuss the scope of the project. We learned that the signage would go immediately above an entry door, which features a half circle bit of wall space. We adjusted the sizing of the lettering to be sufficiently large for effective wayfinding while still providing a visually pleasing display that maximizes the use of the area. Our technicians painted the material in charcoal gray, which contrasts very well with the light gray entry wall color. Now, the entrance to the prayer house is easy to find and looks attractive. Meridian Signs and Graphics Specializes in Church Signage It is no accident that the operators of the Atlanta Namadwaar contacted our sign shop for assistance. We have a well-established track record of creating a broad range of signage solutions for a variety of faith communities in the area. Printed canvas signs for the foyer. Case in point is the Highlands Church in Cumming. We worked with the team from this faith community to put together canvas prints that would welcome guests and new members to the foyer of the building. Dimensional letters for interior walls. When working with the First Baptist Church, we designed 3D wall signage using dimensional letters rather than vinyl graphics. Our technicians created the products by using acrylic that they painted in a variety of different colors. The product looks attractive and inviting for members of the children’s ministry. Interior channel letters. For the middle school ministry at the Browns Bridge Church, we created a couple of sets of interior channel letters. They transform the way that the interior looks. Moreover, these signs make a great impression on the young teens, who come to the venue for meetings and lessons. Remember that Excellent Signage Starts on the Exterior Of course, these signage solutions work so well because the faith communities have invested in excellent building signs. Without the right combination of interior and exterior markers, it is impossible to attract the foot traffic that you are looking for. Dimensional letters in Cumming GA, are good options when you do not need illumination for the sign. For example, when there are already façade lights in place, you typically do not need to double up with independently lit building markers. That said, some clients prefer to have signage that does light up. This includes lightbox cabinets and channel letters. The latter are examples of the ultimate dimensional letter display. Choose from front lit, halo lit, or combination lit displays. Electrical cabinets typically present as a rectangular box that features your church’s information alongside any taglines, sayings, or other specific messages you want visitors to see. When you are ready to add new signage to your church or related building, we can help. Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities...

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Inspirational and Motivational Interior 3D Letters and Signs for Churches in Cumming GA

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Returning readers to our blog are already familiar with the faith community at the First Baptist. In the past, we had worked with the church’s committee to put up dimensional letters in the area of its children’s ministry. We also put up room designation signs and wayfinding products. When the friendly folks from the church contacted us this time, they wanted to talk about the design, production, and installation of inspirational interior 3D letters and signs for churches in Cumming GA. Defining the Character of a Congregation The committee at First Baptist resolved to remind its members of the five purposes a faithful follower brings to the table. Although these are not new to any congregant, they are easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of life. By placing them in a clearly visible location, they inspire members as well as guests to the church to re-focus their attention. The second set of letters spells out the church’s attitude. We coupled it with an acrylic panel that features a scripture quote. Making this signage stand out in all the right ways was a snap with sign foam and brushed aluminum faces. The foam is a great money-saving trick that businesses frequently use to present signage with metal fronts. For the panel, we used a color variant of the lettering, which complements its presentation and allows for a visually pleasing contrast with the blue tones of the wall color. For another set of four acrylic panels, we used a red color to paint the backs. Here, these boards attach to beige-colored walls and feature a white print that presents various scriptures. We placed these at two hallway entryways and on two walls. There, they remind visitors to the area of the congregation’s mission. Acrylic, Foam, and Metal Look Great in Any Setting! Because you want the material you use for your signage to fit in well with the overall character of the venue, picking out the right materials is crucial. Our clients have had excellent success with the choice of acrylic, foam, and metal. These products can present with a fun and exciting vibe, which is ideal for an area where children learn and play. They can also underscore the elegance of a location, which makes them good options for the interior of a sanctuary. No matter where you plan to present your signage solutions, there is a material that is ideally suited for display there. But do not just take our word for it. We can show you how various signage options work together to create a mood. Do You Need Church Signs in Cumming GA? Whether you are just moving into a new facility, building out an existing venue, or finishing construction on a brand-new project, we can help. Our building sign experts work with your committee to design a signage setup that suits the character of the congregation and adds style and good looks to the church home. We gladly help you with exterior and interior signage. Call us today to learn more about your options!...

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