Browns Bridge Church Welcomes Students with Wall Wrap and Interior Channel Letters in Cumming GA

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Located at 3860 Browns Bridge Road, the Browns Bridge Church operates a vibrant youth ministry. Among this group is the Transit Ministry, which serves youths in grades six through eight. This group meets at the church building in a wing named the Attic. To set up the space in style, the church’s administrator contacted our sign shop to discuss the design and installation of a wall wrap and interior channel letters in Cumming GA. Designing Channel Letters and a Wall Wrap for the Interior Size matters when putting up signage inside. For the Attic, the church’s administrator envisioned front-lit channel letters. We visited the location for a site survey, which allowed us to decide on the best installation technique as well as on the ideal sizing for the products. With this knowledge in hand, we manufactured the letters with the ministry’s unique font in mind. We flush-mounted one set of the letters directly to the wall above a door. Another set of channel letters were attached to the top of an overhang, where we stood them up and mounted them in this manner. We adjusted the sizing for this location because there was more space to work with. During daylight hours, the light colors of the channel letters’ fronts complement the slightly darker color of the wall. But once they light up, these letters pop! Another space now welcomes students with a photo wall. We took the images and created a wall wrap that spans its entire length and height. A different set of channel letters – flush mounted to the wall – identifies this space. The look that now characterizes this section of the youth ministry’s area is contemporary, welcoming, and sure to make middle schoolers feel right at home. Interior Channel Letters are Gaining Acceptance There used to be a time when channel letters were only for the outside of buildings. However, because they have a tremendous visual appeal, they are now finding more use inside. You notice them most frequently in the lobbies of tech industry companies and firms on the cutting edge of their niches. These signs have a strong contemporary flair, which makes them a favorite during rebranding processes. Of course, if you are thinking of adding some illumination to your interior signage, there are still other options. Case in point is the acrylic sign board that we can paint in any one of your corporate colors. Next, we install LEDs to the back of the board, which lets the light shine from behind the sign now. Some clients ask us to cut out lettering for an even more dramatic presentation of the lighting. This signage is suitable for wayfinding or lobby markers. What Could You Do with Graphics, a Wall Wrap, and Interior Channel Letters in Cumming, GA? Imagine taking your current space from drab to fab with a visual overhaul. It can be as simple as adding some window or door graphics, installing a wall wrap with popping colors, and putting up internally lit signage. In fact, more and more businesses now favor the installation of channel letters as lobby signs. Find...

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Types of Building Letters Johns Creek GA Companies are Choosing!

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How do your customers find you? Which building sign acts as a wayfinding product? Some companies leave this signage solution to chance. You know that the building letters Johns Creek GA business owners choose are of vital importance. Here are the options that the majority of insiders prefer. Dimensional Letters Combine Creativity with Brand Communications When the brand message is an integral part of your building signage, you cannot go wrong with dimensional lettering. It opens the door to a broad range of materials. Metal. Choose aluminum, which is lightweight, or opt for stainless steel, which impresses with its sleek look. The material might present in its original colors or be artificially aged for added pizzazz. Acrylic. Selecting acrylic opens the door to a broad range of color options. If you favor gradient color changes, we can use printed vinyl that we apply as an overlay. The material is durable and lightweight. Formed plastic. Envision the use of shaped plastic letters with a rounded or prismatic front. They add a three-dimensional appeal to the presentation of your company’s name. In so doing, they also underscore the brand message you seek to communicate with the building sign. Foam. Outdoor-rated foam is a budget-friendly option for a company that likes to go big, bold, and bright. We can paint it or cover it with overlays. Channel Letters with/without Lightbox Cabinets The ultimate sign that presents your iconic font and color combination is, of course, the channel letter setup. It features aluminum shaped in the form of the letters. For front-lit products, we close up the fronts with acrylic or polycarbonate sheets that we paint to reflect your corporate palette. If you prefer to have a soft glow that envelops the letters after dark, select the backlit option. In this setup, we close off the fronts with painted aluminum while the back features clear acrylic. As the light escapes through the backs and reflects off the wall’s surface, it presents consumers with an attractive halo effect. Many company owners ask us about the presentation of a logo display when choosing channel letters for their buildings. In these scenarios, we recommend the concurrent installation of lightbox cabinets. When businesses use them as stand-alone signage, they typically pick out standard geometric shapes. However, when you want to show off your symbol, you might consider having us create a product that displays its form or a niche-specific image. Ordering the Building Letters Johns Creek GA Consumers Respond To Our graphic artists routinely work with business owners just like you who want signage products that stand out in all the right ways. When illumination is a secondary concern, you cannot go wrong with dimensional building letters. We gladly help you to select the material that would best embrace your brand message. When you do favor illumination, we gladly assist you with the design, manufacture, and installation of channel letters. Invite our technicians out for a site survey that helps us to advise you concerning lettering height, installation options, and zoning requirements. Call us today to schedule your...

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Defining Channel Letters Roswell GA Business Owners Need!

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Does your business’ location show off your corporate identity? When relying on channel letters, Roswell GA, business owners can unequivocally answer in the affirmative. But when you are among those who do not have this signage solution on the façade of your building, you may not be certain. What makes channel letters such a sure bet? Illumination Options It sounds so simple. Your channel letters can let the light escape through the fronts, backs, or a combination thereof. Think through the implications of this option. The fronts of the letters feature your corporate palette and shine brightly when lit from the inside. It makes the color stand out on your façade. Combined with the custom cut of the aluminum, which reproduces your font, the look is prominent and reinforces brand awareness. When you add a backlit option, you present a halo effect that catches the eye and imbues your brand with an air of sophistication. Three-Dimensional Displays The 3D effect is another reason why channel letters make great signage products. They jut out from the flat front of the building. Depending on your design, they can jut out between two and five inches. If you select a raceway mount installation, you can heighten this impression. Compare this setup to the flat signs that other companies present. Which one succeeds at getting attention? Obviously, it is the marker that stands out – literally and figuratively. Large Sizes are Possible The zoning department, your lease, and good taste determine how big you can go with the letters. Many other types of building signs are hampered by design limitations and mounting locations. In this setting, you have three separate installation options, which give you far more freedom to go big. Flush mount. In this scenario, we install the letters directly to the façade. It requires us to be able to access their backs from behind the wall. If this is not possible, or if your lease explicitly rules out a flush mount installation, you have two additional options. Raceway. The raceway is a slender box that we paint in the color of the façade. In so doing, we can place all the electrical components inside the box, and mount the letters to its front. Then, we install the box to the wall. Panel setup. When your corporate palette does not sufficiently stand out from the color of the façade, it makes sense to add some contrast. Many business owners in this situation appreciate the option of having us create a panel that complements both tones – wall and letters – but provides a contrast. We mount the letters to the panel and the panel to the wall. This level of versatility gives you the freedom to go a little bigger than other signage solutions might allow. And, as you know, bigger is always better when you are talking about signage. Ordering the Channel Letters Roswell GA, Business Owners Swear By Let us show you what a set of channel letters could look like on your façade. Contact our graphic artists for a design consultation, and we will discuss sizing, color options, and...

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Ask Us About Channel Letters for Military Recruitment Centers

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When the Marines call, you answer. And we did. We received an inquiry from the local office to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of channel letters for military recruitment centers. At that time, we scheduled a consultation appointment to visit the location and get more information about this client’s needs. Presenting an Eye-Catching Signage Product that Communicates a Well-Known Brand Message The Marines are situated right next door to the Army. Since there is a bit of friendly rivalry going on, the client asked if we could heighten the visual impact of the channel letters. No problem! We proposed the design of a marker featuring the iconic font and logo of the Marine Corps. We proposed the creation of three-dimensional channel letters that we would then mount to an aluminum backer panel. This step gives added dimensions to the display. Because we used a matte, dark surface, it also creates a visually interesting background for the bright white illumination the channel letters present after dark. To the left of the letters, we placed a round lightbox cabinet that features the eagle, globe, and anchor emblem of the Marine Corps. Another advantage to displaying the lettering in this manner is the color differentiation between the façade and channel letters. Since the façade features cream tones, it makes sense to set apart the white of the lettering with the black background feature. Aluminum Pan Backer Panels Work Well in a Variety of Settings Adding dimensions to any kind of display is only one function that this product performs. It also serves as a color contrast when a façade and a corporate color palette are too similar in nature. Case in point is the sign for the Marines. Some business clients like to use backer panels because they allow for the presentation of geometric shapes that may be part of a larger brand message setup. In these scenarios, the board may take on the look of one of these forms. It might also feature a vinyl overlay that we imprint with more intricate shapes and gradient color presentations. Lit or Unlit Lettering? We typically recommend the installation of illuminated channel letters. Light attracts attention, and when you invest in building signage, you want plenty of eyeballs to take in your message. The majority of our clients prefer the front-lit option that allows light to shine brightly through colorful or white polycarbonate facings. However, another option that also has merit is the backlit appearance. It lets the light escape from the back of the lettering and from there reflect off the wall. This look results in a halo effect. How to Order Channel Letters for Military Recruitment Centers If your recruitment center needs a new façade signage setup, we can help. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists to find out how easy it is to catch the eyes of passersby and motorists alike. We serve branches of the armed forces in and around Cumming, Atlanta, Johns Creek, Roswell, and Alpharetta, GA. Call us today to learn...

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