How to Prepare for an Office Move with the Right Signage Plans

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If you are planning to move your office down the street, across town, or into the next state, tasks are waiting for you. One of them is the signage setup. Do you know how to prepare for an office move with the right signage plans? Become a Visible Entity from the Street Pay attention to your signage before you even move in. Creating a buzz in your new area is a critical element of attracting foot traffic. Doing so is particularly important when you do not have loyal customers who can follow you to the new location. Typically, this is the case with long-distance office relocations. One of the most important signs you can start out with is the monument marker. It makes your presence visible from the road. Whether you are a newcomer to the local business community or have had no brand representation there, it is vital to feature your company’s name and logo as well as the brand colors. The overall makeup of the monument also gives the nod to your corporate persona. Provide Wayfinding Assistance New customers or clients may need a little help with navigating your property. When there are specific parking directions, entrance options, or you operate a business with multiple buildings at one address, be sure to provide easy-to-see wayfinding assistance. High-density urethane (HDU) plaques are a good option. They combine 3D lettering with an elegant overall presentation. Feature your corporate identity and then add more plaques with the directions that you want consumers to see. Put up a Building Sign These signs are instrumental for branding, marketing, and wayfinding. They are among the most important signs that you can put up. Many business owners plan their building signs first and then have us add the other products after these markers are installed. You have plenty of options. Dimensional letters are a good solution when you do not need built-in illumination. When you do require a self-lit sign, you cannot go wrong with channel letters. They are ideally suited for featuring your font and color combination. Moreover, they allow for a front, halo, or combination-lit presentation, which further underscores your brand. Another signage solution is the lightbox cabinet. It displays in a geometric shape and operates with built-in LEDs. Refurbish Existing Signage? We Help You Save Money! As you try to figure out how to prepare for an office move with the right signage plans, do not discount money-saving opportunities. If you take over an office that another company vacated, there is a good chance that it left some signage behind. Examples include lightbox cabinets and monument signs. These are good candidates for refurbishing. In many instances, these signs are still in good working condition and need little more than a fresh coat of paint and an updated facing. If you are looking for ways to save money, our team will be glad to help. Whether you need assistance with outfitting a new facility with signage or want to see if there are ways that we can refurbish what is already there, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your project...

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Georgia Businesses Shine with Custom Channel Letters

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Attract the attention of consumers with custom channel letters. They offer versatility while emphasizing the color and font selection that presents your corporate persona. Plenty of our clients already rely on this technology to stand out in all the right ways. Raceway Mounts are Ideal for All Types of Facades Many clients rent spaces in business parks or mini-malls. Frequently, property management companies only allow signage mounts that minimize damage to the building’s front. This typically means that flush mounts for channel letters are out. We have found that a raceway mount is an ideal alternative. Needs fewer holes for installation. It only takes a few screws to hold the sign in place. Compare this to multiple screws per individual letter. Holds the lighting components. The raceway is an elongated box. It opens up, which lets us fill it with the wiring and other elements. Once we shut it, we mount the letters to the front. Blends in with the façade. We paint the box in the building’s color. Doing so lets the setup blend right in. Lightbox Cabinets Underscore a Niche Explanation Many business clients integrate a niche explanation into their corporate persona displays. This practice is advantageous because it underscores what the company is all about. However, you do not always want to clutter the look of the signage with another set of letters. The solution to this dilemma is simple: lightbox cabinets. Construction of these style elements is similar to that of a channel letter. We use aluminum for the body and a polycarbonate front to close off the product. Our technicians imprint this material with your information. In the process, we emphasize your color scheme and brand message. Choose an Illumination Setup that Complements Your Message Front-lit or halo-lit? One option allows the light to escape through the front, which emphasizes the color presentation. The other one lets it come through the back, reflect off the wall, and then bathe the individual letters in a soft halo. Both choices have merit. For the front-lit setup, we can accommodate a flush mount. When you opt for the halo-lit setup, we mount the letters with standoffs to provide a few inches of space behind the elements. Some clients prefer to play around with the colors, too, when we create a halo presentation. Case in point is the setup that relies on a panel mount for best results. It allows for a color play that highlights the signage’s tone while also providing a visually compelling contrast to the building’s hue. Custom Channel Letters for the Interior? Yes! There used to be a time when channel letters were strictly for building signs. Today, innovative business owners bring these style elements inside. We adjust the sizing and construction to meet the venue’s overall dimensions. As a result, the signage looks fantastic and becomes a guaranteed eye-catcher. If we have piqued your interest to revamp your exterior – or interior – signage with channel letters, contact our sign shop. We routinely work with business owners just like you, who are ready for a contemporary look as a means for reeling in...

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OBGYN Office Prepares for Relocation with Channel Letters and a Monument Sign Refresh in Cumming GA

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Patients find the new offices for Complete Women’s Healthcare at 634 Peachtree Parkway. A well-apportioned medical office building, it features plenty of parking and space. Before making the move, the medical office’s management team contacted our sign shop to order channel letters and a monument sign refresh in Cumming GA. A High-Visibility Signage Combination Attracts Attention Moving a medical office requires ample planning. You want to ensure that your loyal patients have an easy time following you. Concurrently, you need residents near the new location to learn more about your services. Accomplishing both is possible with good-quality signage. For Complete Women’s Healthcare, this meant a set of internally lit channel letters that we mounted to the façade with a raceway. Lighting up after dark, they become a beacon for the new location. By adding new aluminum panels to the existing monument sign, it is possible to advertise the office’s presence at the street level, too. The high-contrast color displays quickly catch the eye and alert current and future patients to the office’s proximity. Why Choose Channel Letters? Of all the building signs, channel letters are as close to the perfect branding and marketing setup as you can get. Brand recognition. The font and color combination you select underscores the brand message you want to convey. We expertly replicate the look of your name as it appears on your website. Visitors to your location have an easy time recognizing your office as the one that they researched online. Illumination. Internally lit, you do not have to worry about angling building or spotlights. Choose from front-lit or halo-lit presentations. Some business owners like a combination of the two. We can easily make this happen for you as well. When the lights go on, the sign’s colors become bold displays of your brand. Installation options. A flush mount is a popular option. In buildings where our technicians can reach the letters from behind the façade, this setup makes sense. But a raceway mount is another excellent choice. We place the lighting components inside a slim box that we paint the color of the building’s front. Mounting it to the façade, we add the letters to it. This technique dramatically boosts the sign’s three-dimensional appeal. Typical Signage Combinations for Incoming Businesses Relocating an office can be a headache. At Meridian Signs and Graphics, we like to make this process as easy as possible for your company. A good example is the combination of channel letters and a monument sign refresh in Cumming, GA. This is a typical signage combination that the majority of incoming businesses need at their new locations. In many cases, adding a lightbox cabinet for a logo presentation is a good option. Some business customers ask us to include window graphics into the mix. They like to welcome existing and new clients with images and corporate colors that make brand awareness a snap. Contact us today to find out how we could help you with your next office move or...

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Choosing LED Letters Alpharetta GA Customers Are Sure to Notice!

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You might also know the LED letters Alpharetta GA, consumers respond to as channel letters. We know them as the most popular building signs currently on the market. You want your customers to see you. In fact, you want all consumers to notice your presence. Reeling in foot traffic and converting shoppers into buyers is vital. What Sets Channel Lettering Apart from Other Signage? LED letters replicate the display of your company’s name. Customers recognize it because they visited your website. Maybe they are already familiar with your brand. By placing the brand information on your façade in this way, you help shoppers to connect with your corporate identity. Unlike other dimensional letters, however, LED versions offer the advantage of illumination. Choosing the Right LED Setup How do you want the light to display on your building? Front lit. In this setup, the light escapes through the fronts of the letters that we close off with polycarbonate. We paint the material in your custom color. Doing so boosts this tone after dark. Halo lit. When you want the light to bathe each letter in a soft halo of illumination, the backlit setup is your best choice. We close the backs of the letters with transparent polycarbonate. Next, we mount the lettering a couple of inches off the wall. As the light escapes through the backs, it reflects off the façade. Choose clear LEDs or opt for colorful alternatives that support your brand message. Combination. Some clients want both. We can accommodate this request but suggest that you increase the numbers of LEDs. Failure to do so dims some of the effects. Open face. For store owners with an avant-garde look, this concept reminds of the old neon lights. We close the fronts with clear polycarbonate, which leaves the light sources visible. For the right brand, this lighting setup ideally underscores the message. Taking the Letters Inside The majority of LED letters Alpharetta GA, customers see will be on the outside of your location. Our technicians most likely mount them to the façade near your main entrance. But did you know that there is now a movement to have these letters on the inside, too? Our technicians can adjust the design for size. Moreover, we can change the depths to suit the wall setup inside your location. In this way, these letters can be suitable for wayfinding signs that signal the entrance to a department. They are also good choices for a lobby sign. Support Your Illuminated Brand Message with Secondary Signage You succeed in catching the eye of the consumer. Now what? With support signage, you can continue the dialog that the building sign began. A-frames, for example, substantially boost your ability to display must-know details about your message. Feature menus, prices, and specials. Another excellent support signage option is a set of window graphics. We recommend repeating your brand color combination for driving home the point of brand awareness. In fact, when you contact our experts today, we can walk you through the process of choosing the LED letters for your business. If you like, we can also...

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Channel Letters for Wayfinding, Marketing, and Branding

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When the Marines call, you answer. This also goes for our sign shop. When we received an inquiry from the Marines Officer Selection Office to discuss channel letters for wayfinding, marketing, and branding, we responded. We met with the client to review the setup of the signage at the new location. Channel Letters Illuminate a Wayfinding Message We worked with the client to get the agency’s iconic font and symbol just right. Next, we formed the logo by creating an independent lightbox cabinet. Finally, we made the letters, which light up after dark. We placed them on top of another box cabinet that features the function of the office. The combination of the lettering, symbol, and informative details now assists the Marines with wayfinding, advertising, and brand communication. Lit Channel Letters Provide Options There are different types of illumination you might choose. Front lit. The front-lit channel letter is the one most commonly chosen by our clients. These signs emphasize the color display though bold illumination that makes the hues come to life after dark. Halo lit. For a sophisticated presentation, consider the back-lit option. Here, you let the light escape through the back, reflect off the wall, and bathe the individual letters in a halo of illumination. The look is upscale, elegant, and emphasizes the font of your branding. Combination. When you want your cake and eat it, too, we recommend a combination of both choices. Increase the numbers of LEDs to prevent any illumination loss. Installation Choices Meet Your Façade’s Needs Many clients prefer a flush mount. Doing so makes the letters blend in perfectly with the façade. But there are some cases where this installation method will not work. For example, if it is not possible to get behind the façade to hook up the electrical components, we may need to look for a different mounting method. In this case, we suggest a raceway setup. It consists of an elongated box that holds all the electrical components. Installation is easier on the façade since we only need to drill a few holes. To let the box blend in better with the wall, we ensure a perfect color match. Some clients like this display because it emphasizes the three-dimensional nature of the presentation. Integrating Your Logo with the Display Take a page from the playbook of the Marines and select a stand-alone lightbox cabinet for the symbol. Typically, we ensure that the logo is right next to the lettering to facilitate brand awareness and recognition among customers. Another option is the presentation of your symbol as a wall graphic. Does Your Company Still Need Channel Letters for Wayfinding, Marketing, and Branding? Do not miss opportunities for displaying your brand. Our graphic artists can help you put together a building sign that catches the eyes of passersby. They may stop in on impulse, which is excellent news for any retailer or restaurateur. Another great option is the installation of channel letters for introducing a new brand message. When you discuss your signage needs with our experts, we can help you find the right setup for your building and...

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Claire Bell Home Brands with Chic Reverse Channel Letters in Chamblee GA

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Claire Bell Home will open its doors soon. Customers look forward to visiting the store at 5070 Peachtree Boulevard to browse the home décor items, fabrics, accents, rugs, and many interior design must-haves. Of course, before the store could open its doors to the public, it needed eye-catching reverse channel letters in Chamblee GA, that would set it apart from nearby businesses and make it easy to find. That is when our sign shop got the call. Designing Channel Letters with the Business’ Online Presence in Mind Claire Bell Home is an outcropping of Claire Bell Chic Abode Interiors & Remodeling. As such, it needs to present a recognizable connection to the store’s online presence. We started by measuring the space above the storefront’s entrance. Next, we gauged the speed of traffic passing the location. Doing so allowed us to select the right size for the lettering. Our technicians then designed the letters. They feature the same blue color as customers see on the website. In addition, we presented the logo image from the online setup as a lightbox cabinet. For a chic presentation of the illumination, our technicians created reverse-lit channel letters that display a halo effect. We mounted the blue signage to a white board for maximum contrast from the brick façade. Now, the store is ready to open with its new building sign in place. Other Illumination Options Our clients like channel letters because they give them options. Not lit. Did you know that you do not have to select any illumination? If you just want channel letters because of the superior three-dimensional effects, we can manufacture them without the LEDs in place. Front lit. The most common choice for business clients is the front-lit version of the product. We close off the fronts of the letters with transparent polycarbonate and insert the LEDs. After dark, they light up and emphasize the color of the letters. Combination. We have already discussed the reverse-lit lettering. But did you know that there is another option? When you want the best of both worlds – front lit and halo lit – we can combine these designs, install additional LEDs, and let you present your brand with a bold color as well as a chic halo. Open face. This setup is rarer than the others, but it is ideal for avant-garde or retro retailers and restaurants that like the look of neon. We place the light sources inside the letters and close them with clear polycarbonate. The effect of this presentation is artistic and fashionable. Branding with Reverse Channel Letters in Chamblee, GA The halo-lit effect of reverse channel letters is chic and brings plenty of pizzazz to a façade. It is an ideal selection for an art gallery, upscale restaurants, and elegant home design centers. At the same time, it brings some artistry to the mix that clients in these niches appreciate. To find out how we can bring your brand to life with this signage solution, contact our experts today for a consultation...

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