Tips for Finding the Best Illuminated Signage!

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One of the most effective ways of catching the attention of consumers is with the use of illumination. Lights attract the eyes of passersby. It happens during the day as well as after dark. This is true for the exterior as well as the interior. Here is how you can go about finding the best illuminated signage for your business today. Capitalize on Your Brand Message with Cabinet Signs The quintessential cabinet sign is an elongated rectangle. LEDs on the inside illuminate the signage after dark. We close the aluminum body with a polycarbonate front that features your corporate details. If we paint the facing in a dark color, the lettering will stand out when the lights turn on. Cabinet signs are excellent options when you want the marker to complement the architectural details of your building’s façade. Moreover, they are great for designing custom shapes, using unique color combinations such as gradient color changes, or when you want signage to contain more than your name and logo. For example, some business owners like to include the date of a company’s founding. Channel Letters Let Your Corporate Persona Shine Brightly Aluminum bodies and polycarbonate fronts combine to create uniquely shaped letters that portray your font and color combination. Choose a façade display that looks exactly as the consumer sees it on your website. Most importantly, let the illumination create the hook that you need to draw the eye. Channel letters offer you choices. There is the classical front-lit presentation. The light makes the colors come to life. Rear-lit lettering presents your message with a halo effect. As the light escapes through the backs of the letters, it bathes the style elements in a soft halo. The resulting look is sophisticated and eye-catching. Indoor Illuminated Signs Dazzle with Pizzazz The consumer does not typically expect an illuminated sign when entering a store. However, business owners in the know are now using this signage solution to attract attention inside malls and other venues where multiple storefronts compete for the consumer dollar. A good option is the use of backlit dimensional letters. If you prefer, we can also scale down channel letters for indoor usage. By the way, scaling down illuminated signage also works when you are thinking of integrating lightbox cabinets for advertisements. These are already familiar sights around movie theaters and inside the mall setting. Let Meridian Signs and Graphics Assist You with Finding the Best Illuminated Signage Our sign shop routinely works with local companies that want to stand out from the competition. LED-lit building signs are one way to make this happen. The same goes for illuminated indoor signage. Start by setting up an appointment for a site survey. During this visit, we take measurements and gauge the signage used by your competitors. This step can help us determine the best marker selection for your property. Similarly, it will ensure that you stand out in all the right ways. For interior signage, we offer you suggestions about placement and lighting options. Contact us today to set up the...

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Why Channel Letter Signs Are Better Than Other Lighted Signs

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Standing out visually is a must when you want to draw foot traffic to your location. Secondly, you want prospective consumers to find your site with ease. Building signs are instrumental for both goals. Although there are different types out there, here is why channel letter signs are better than other lighted signs. Size + 3D = High Visibility Due to the aluminum construction of the channel letters, they feature a three-dimensional presentation. Therefore, they jut out from the façade, which makes them much more visible than other signage. Also, our sign team adapts the sizing of the letters with the traffic in front of your location in mind. The goal is to make the lettering easy to read even for drivers who are not slowing down. When you combine the 3D presentation with the height, it is easy to see why these markers are extremely visible from a long distance away. Customization Boosts Brand Presentation Our team can fully customize your channel letter sign. We do so by mimicking the font you have chosen during the formation of the aluminum letter bodies. As a result, your sign becomes a larger than life brand message that shines brightly after dark. Most importantly, consider how the color play emphasizes your brand expression. Technicians paint the style elements in your corporate palette. Therefore, it is easy for the consumer to connect your font and colors. Supporting brand awareness and recognition is a snap with the channel letter setup. Adapt the Illumination to Catch the Attention of Passersby We cannot think of another signage solution that offers you so much customization when selecting the way the lighting works. The standard display is a front-lit setup. Light escapes through the fronts of the letters, which boosts the color play. That said, you might consider having it escape through their backs to create a halo illumination of each letter. This appearance adds sophistication to the look, which can be ideal for reinforcing the brand message. Channel Letter Signs are Better Than Other Lighted Signs Because They Combine Easily with Secondary Signage Solutions Did you know that you could display your logo symbol as a box cabinet alongside the channel letters? You do not have to sacrifice this symbol display to get this lettering setup put into place. Most importantly, we can adjust the sizing of this 3D signage to go with the letters. As s result, both components match, which results in a professional and finished look on your façade. By the way, box cabinets are also excellent options for the display of niche information that you want the consumer to know about. Talk to the Experts Today to See What Your Channel Letter Sign Could Look Like Meridian Signs and Graphics gladly works with members of the business communities in and around Cumming, Milton, Buford, Alpharetta, Duluth, Atlanta, Suwanee, Roswell, Johns Creek, Woodstock and Canton, Georgia. You frequently see our work vehicle in the neighborhoods of Fulton County. Whether you already have a sign on your façade or need something brand new, we can help. Contact us...

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Budget-Friendly Options for Office Door Signs

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How do you welcome consumers to your office? You most likely have some signage outside. Maybe some directories point the way to your location. However, why not use the door through which clients enter, too? We have some budget-friendly options for office door signs that suit any venue. Imprinted Frosted Vinyl with Colorful Prints This product installs on your office door. It is an ideal selection when this door features large glass panels. Most importantly, it offers privacy for the people using the office. Frosted vinyl looks sophisticated and brings pizzazz to your setting. By etching out the suite number, you make wayfinding a snap. Most importantly, the display of colorful corporate lettering and symbols ensures that you get your brand message noticed one more time before a client enters. Acrylic or Metal Dimensional Letters When you have a solid wood office door, you cannot go wrong with dimensional letters. You might present a preview of the lobby sign that you have inside. Choose the same brand colors as you do online. By opting for a 3D presentation, you ensure that customers cannot help but see your information from a distance. We recommend adding a spotlight above the door that illuminates the logo. It creates a slight shadow display that boosts the visual aesthetics of the setup. Vinyl Graphics Fit Any Budget Metal doors can also look fantastic with dimensional letters. That said, why not choose colorful vinyl graphics and lettering? Add a niche-specific image and boost the visibility of your company. Most importantly, add information that you want the consumer to see. A good example is a tagline, office hours, or a niche explanation that outlines what types of services you provide. Additional Options for Office Door Signs Would you like to combine your door signage with a secondary product for heightened visibility? Consider a suite sign. Numerous styles meet ADA guidelines and fit in perfectly with your interior décor. Examples include dimensional letters on wood backgrounds, clear acrylic, and metal. For building managers, these signs provide a level of uniformity in the hallways of their properties. Recommended Signage Combinations Office door signs are only the beginning of the communication process. There are other ways of addressing the customers who come to visit your location. Menu boards. Show off popular services or products that clients might select. Doing so on the outside is an excellent way of increasing foot traffic to your office. Window graphics. These easily support your door graphics. Whether you choose frosted vinyl for the door or something else, consider window displays to depict happy consumers using your services or items. Similarly, you might advertise special rates or seasonal offers in this way. Welcome signs. Place these on the interior or exterior. Welcome messages reaffirm your commitment to the company’s vision and mission. For many consumers, it could be the first introduction to your brand message. Areas we Serve Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, Duluth, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, and Marietta. Contact us today to discuss your next office door signage...

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Holistic Recovery Center Shines with Dimensional Letters in Cumming GA

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The Carter Treatment Center provides holistic recovery services at 380 Dahlonega Street. It focuses on unique modalities in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction. When the facility needed dimensional letters in Cumming GA, its office team contacted our sign shop for assistance. Welcoming Clients with Dimensional Letters The entry door consists of dense wood. We used acrylic for the design, manufacture, and installation of dimensional letters that spell out the facility’s name. Our team centered the lettering on the door, which creates a welcoming effect and allows for maximum sizing that makes the information easy to read even from a distance. We added a second set of dimensional letters to the front of the receptionist’s desk. It is a tall setup with dark wood paneling. Therefore, the light colors of the Carter Treatment Center’s information stand out beautifully. Moreover, the white tones match the wall colors perfectly, which ties the look of the presentation together. Advertising and Branding a Facility with Multiple Dimensional Letter Displays Dimensional letters stand out due to their 3D presentations. Using them effectively for advertising your brand as well as the services you provide is a good way of getting the message across. Most importantly, 3D displays are visually appealing, which boosts the overall impression you make on customers. Choosing dimensional letters for a solid door is always a good choice. Take a page from the playbook of the Carter Treatment Center, and divide the lettering between both sides of the door. By the way, this facility ensures that consumers coming from the side corridor will also see its information by placing a plaque next to the entry door. You can achieve a similar effect with a panel sign that we install perpendicular to the wall. It focuses on addressing individuals who are walking up to your doorway. Another way to catch the attention of passersby is the use of A-frames. They fulfill a dual purpose. For starters, they highlight your corporate details. Secondly, a changeable pocket features announcements, notices, and advertisements. Desk Signs vs. Lobby Signs The desk sign is a new type of lobby sign that is quickly finding plenty of followers. The idea is that the walls feature artwork or wraps, which focus primarily on the branding of the location. It is nevertheless vital to have adequate signage in place that identifies the venue. Of course, with a dimensional letter door sign, this level of representation is in place. Most importantly, desk signs work well when you do not typically have crowds or long lines in the reception area. If your lobby does get crowded, a standard reception area sign is a better option. Of course, we can integrate it into the artwork of the room to support your interior décor selections. Expressing Your Brand with Dimensional Letters in Cumming, GA When you are ready to add 3D lettering to your signage setup, we can help. Our team will gladly visit your location for measurements and material discussions. Contact us today to schedule your...

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Kinetico Brands with Reverse Channel Letters in Forsyth County

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Kinetico is your go-to solution for drinking water filtration systems, water softeners, and customized solutions. This international business recently contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a couple of sets of reverse channel letters. Refreshing a Monument and Adding a Building Sign Being easy to notice from the road is essential for building brand awareness in your area. Kinetico knows that. After we consulted with our client, we began the project with a monument refresh. Once we dismantled what was currently on the wall-shaped roadside signage, we prepped the surface. After it was ready for the actual lettering, we added the company’s name and logo. Moreover, we displayed the exact address of the property. Now, the logo presentation, as well as the color play, identify the venue’s corporate persona. Most importantly, it is far more visible than the temporary yard sign Kinetico had been using up to that time. Next, we added the same setup to the building’s façade. The matching graphics are not only eye-catching, but they intensify the brand message that the business communicates to consumers. It is an integral part of the firm’s identity within the local business community. Prospective clients now have an easy time noticing this business from the street. Combining Multiple Signage Solutions to Boost Visibility The combination of the monument and building signs is ideal. It replicates the corporate persona and ensures that customers know they found the right place. Most importantly, this look creates a mnemonic device that lets consumers remember the name and logo. Of course, you have several additional options open to you. Window graphics. Use window graphics to expand on your branding. Rely on windows panes to underscore great deals, seasonal specials, and niche differentiation. Most importantly, use door lettering to outline your office hours. Having this type of information available may cause consumers to stop by your venue even after hours. Flags. Catch the attention of passersby with colorful flags. The movement creates the ultimate attention getters. Because there is not much space on the flags, we recommend focusing primarily on branding or advertising with only one or two words. Banners. The banner is the ultimate eye-catcher. It communicates special deals that only last for a short time. Consumers are conditioned to pay attention to banners. Many business clients have had excellent success using banners for advertising. Hang them up in your parking lot or on your façade. Depending on the size of your monument, you might add one there, too. Ordering Reverse Channel Letters in Forsyth County If you are thinking of featuring reverse channel letters on your façade, we can help. Invite our team to come out for a site survey. We gauge traffic speed in front of your location and take measurements. This step allows us to offer advice regarding the best sizing options for your venue. At that time, we can also provide some input about other signage alternatives that could be ideal for your setup. Contact us today to schedule your...

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Atlanta Dentures Reels in Foot Traffic with Dimensional Letters in Marietta GA

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Patients find Atlanta Dentures at 361 North Marietta Parkway NE. The clinic specializes in dentures, bridges, and partials. In addition to catering to established patients, the clinic welcomes emergency walk-ins. To ensure that people in need of assistance can locate the entrance, the management team contacted our sign shop to commission dimensional letters in Marietta GA. Wayfinding is Easy with Dimensional Letters Right above the clinic’s entrance, there is a large white surface that is ideally suited for the signage. We consulted with the client and received the specs. The goal was to create an accurate rendition of the company’s existing branding. Next, our team manufactured the dimensional letters. We used high-quality materials that we painted in the clinic’s iconic blue tones. Moreover, we ensured that we perfectly presented the logo integration with the lettering. Now, patients have an easy time locating the venue. Most importantly, they can identify Atlanta Dentures with ease because the signage is similar to what they see on the website. Branding and Wayfinding with Building Letters Building letters are ideally suited for helping clients and customers find your business. Most importantly, their sizing makes them clearly visible from across the parking lot. That said, they also support your efforts of brand recognition. By featuring the display style and coloring that you present on a website, you ensure that consumers remember you. Various materials are good options for this application. Acrylic. Choose glossy or matte finishes for acrylic lettering. The material is easy to shape into your iconic font. Most importantly, we can paint it in any color that you desire. Plastic. Formed plastic can boost the 3D appeal of the lettering. Choose from rounded or prismatic faces for an added visual appeal. Because the manufacturing technique offers a lot of detail work, go big with these letters. Metal. When you want to highlight the longevity of your company in the niche, metal is always a good choice. Options include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and bronze. Most clients prefer to have us keep the metal in its original color. We can also paint it in different tones if you prefer. Sign foam. For a more three-dimensional appeal with a lot of shadow play, outdoor-rated sign foam can be the best option. This budget-friendly choice allows for lettering products of up to three inches in depth. Once again, we can paint the material in your brand tones. Supporting Dimensional Letters in Marietta GA, with Secondary Signage Many business clients have had excellent success when adding secondary signage to their venues. For example, combine dimensional letters with window graphics. These graphics repeat the colors and fonts. Add lettering that expands on the products or services you offer. In this way, you boost brand awareness alongside brand knowledge. Other signage options include flags, floor graphics, parking lot pole signs, and A-frames. Find out more about your options for impressive building letters today. Our sign shop routinely works with business clients who want to feature a message that matches their online presence. Contact us...

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