What Can You Do with Pan Face Signs in Atlanta GA?

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More and more Atlanta business owners are looking for new ways to add pizzazz to their businesses’ facades while also introducing and reinforcing brand messages. In the past, this meant almost always the addition of channel letters because of their versatility. Now, however, there are more requests for pan face signs in Atlanta GA. What do these signs bring to the table? Pan Face Sign Construction Details It all starts as the typical lightbox cabinet. Our team forms a cabinet from sturdy, rust-free aluminum. We add the bright LEDs that illuminate the sign from within. Typically, we would now close the sign’s front with a sheet of polycarbonate or acrylic. However, the pan face design has something else to offer. Vacuum-forming during the facing’s manufacturing process creates an elongated outcropping. The majority of the sign now hangs a good inch-and-a-half over the edge of the box cabinet’s frame. Even so, the flat portion fits neatly behind the structure itself, which anchors the front in place. It is an excellent way of generating a three-dimensional look. Boosting the Visual Appeal of Atlanta Pan Face Signs For many clients, the pan-face appeal is only the beginning. There is plenty more that they can do to increase brand awareness among prospective customers. Embossing the text. When we emboss your name and logo as well as any other text that appears on the sign, you succeed in presenting a heightened three-dimensional look. The sign – quite literally – stands out more. It is an excellent method for catching the eyes of passersby and having your name stand out. Add a glossy finish for best results. 3D prints. Of course, you do not have to go with three-dimensional embossing when you work with our sign shop. Our graphic artist is a master at creating 3D prints on standard vinyl. When your name and logo lend themselves to this type of print job, we recommend going for the vinyl overlay. Pair it with a matte finish to highlight the graphics and colors that are on top. Custom shapes. The typical pan face cabinet is rectangular as is the case for the standard lightbox cabinet. Of course, this is only one option. You might choose to have us customize the cabinet and the pan face front in any shape that makes sense. Some clients have had excellent success with renditions of their logos. Others have chosen niche-specific images that quickly explained what the company is all about. Buying Your Company’s Pan Face Signs in Atlanta GA Are you ready to make a change in the way that customers are interacting with your brand? The pan face sign could be precisely what you need to completely revamp the way the customer sees your brand message. Most importantly, it is an excellent method for boosting name awareness of an incoming business. Whether this is your first pan face cabinet sign or you are looking to replace one that you currently have, we can help. Our graphic artist will gladly upgrade the color scheme and anything else that could put a contemporary spin on your message. Contact us today...

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Types of Building Mounted Signs for Atlanta Businesses!

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You operate a business in Atlanta. Maybe you do so in a mixed-use area. Then again, you might be in a shopping center or business park. How do you help consumers find you? Most importantly, how can you stand out from the buildings around you? The answer is simple: install building-mounted signs for Atlanta companies. What are the most popular options? Channel Letters are Among the Most Versatile Signage Choices If you are looking for a way to adapt a sign to your façade’s unique architectural peculiarities, channel letters deliver. Flush mounts. In this scenario, the installers mount the channel letters flush to the wall. It is an excellent way to create a clean look when you have a smooth façade. That said, installers have to be able to access the backs of the letters from behind the building wall. Standoff mounts. When you want a halo effect, we use standoffs that create a two-inch space between the backs of the letters and the wall. It allows for a reflection off the mounting surface that bathes the lettering in a halo of light. Raceway installation. When you want a front-lit setup, but a flush mount will not work for your location, installers can use a raceway. We can create the optical illusion of having it blend in with the backdrop by painting it the same colors. The raceway is a thin box that hides the wiring and other electrical components. We mount the letters to its front. Panel mount. Ideal for brick walls, it allows for any type of installation that you prefer. Most importantly, it lets you use multiple corporate colors that encourage your brand message to shine. Cabinet Signs Introduce Your Brand Anywhere on a Façade Are you looking for the freedom to display your company’s name and logo anywhere on a façade? The cabinet sign is the ideal option. It lights up after dark, which makes it easily visible from a farther distance away. Besides that, these signs are a favorite when you intend to feature the signage near a building corner. By the way, did you know that the favorite cabinet sign is rectangular? That said, you do not have to limit yourself to this shape. Many Atlanta business clients have had excellent success with custom shapes that represented the forms of their logos or niche-specific images. Dimensional Letters Look Great on Any Wall Surface Do you have stucco, bricks, or uneven wall surfaces? Dimensional letters look fantastic. Are you looking at a smooth wall? Think about selecting dimensional letters. They are excellent solutions when you do not need built-in illumination. Cases in point are businesses with façade lights or hidden spotlights on overhangs. Material options include acrylic, PVC, plastic, and metal. How to Order the Best Building Mounted Signs for Atlanta Locations Sometimes, having this many choices can make it even harder to select the one that is right for you. Consider meeting with our graphic artist. This specialist can help you assess your location’s needs and then design a signage presentation around it. Call us today to set up a location...

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Benefits of Reverse-Lit Channel Letters for Atlanta GA Businesses

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You probably know them as halo-lit lettering. These are the types of channel letters that bathe each style element in a soft glow of illumination. Have you considered switching your building signage to this style? Maybe you are in a position where you are buying a first building sign. Did you know that there are several benefits of reverse-lit channel letters for Atlanta GA, companies? The Anatomy of a Reverse-Lit Letter We start the manufacturing the way we do for front-lit products: with an aluminum body. However, rather than closing up the front with a translucent material, we typically use aluminum that we paint in your corporate tones. Next, we close the back with a transparent polycarbonate sheet. On the inside, LEDs and wiring are hidden away. Mounting Halo-Lit Channel Letters A flush mount is not possible. This is the case because the illumination needs to reflect off the substrate for the creation of the halo effect. Therefore, we typically use PVC standoffs. By manipulating the distance to the wall, we can boost or reduce the halo field. You choose how strong you want its effect to be. This is one of the benefits that this lighting option brings to the table. Top Benefits of Reverse-Lit Letters on Your Façade We have already talked about the ability to decide on the strength of the lighting that emanates from the backs of the letters. That said, there are other advantages you might not be aware of. Select the font you want. There is no limit to the type of font that you might choose. No matter which font you selected to display your name, we can use it to manufacture halo-lit channel letters. Strong color representation. Throughout the day, the letters feature your corporate colors. Because we paint the fronts and sides in the color play that you specify, you have the unique opportunity to have your tones seen even from far away. LED options. The LED is white. It creates an attractive bright light. However, you do not have to limit yourself to this tone. Some clients have had excellent success with the use of colored lights. For example, if your logo is red, you might highlight this tone by using red LEDs instead of white ones. It is an excellent method for featuring your corporate tones as part of a logo. Front and reverse-lit displays can coexist. Did you know that you could have the best of both worlds? More and more business owners request front and backlit lettering. We boost the number of LEDs for this purpose. Sometimes, we also add colored LEDs to underscore the brand color you feature. It is an excellent display for your location when you want to emphasize your font, color play, and branding. How to Buy Reverse-Lit Channel Letters for Atlanta GA Did we convince you that halo-lit channel letters could be ideal for your building’s façade? Learn more about your options by talking to our sign shop team today. If you need help envisioning this setup for your location, let our graphic artist show you what it would look like...

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Now is the Time to Order Your Holiday Sales Signs for Metro Atlanta!

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The start of the Atlanta school year is right around the corner. Back-to-school shopping is already in full swing or finished. Did you know that now is the ideal time to order holiday sales signs for Metro Atlanta business owners? Why Focus on Holiday Signage Now? Each year, there is the race to see who will put together their seasonal product displays and services menus the earliest. Part of this race is the display of themed signage. These signs fulfill a variety of functions and help your store or service business reel in foot traffic. Attract shoppers. When consumers are ticking off their list items, they will look for stores that cater to their holiday shopping needs. The right signage out front identifies you as a location that actively competes for the business. Manage expectations. When your signs have a traditional tone, your customers will know what to expect inside. Conversely, signs with a contemporary take on the holiday season are sure to present the right brand theme message. Encourage the impulse buy. Inside the store, use signage to your advantage. Product pairings are excellent impulse buys. Showcase how buyers could heighten the enjoyment of one product by adding a second one to the purchase. Most Popular Atlanta Holiday Signs What are the must-have signs that allow you to compete and get a start on the holiday shopping season? POP displays. Points of purchase signs take many forms. One of the most popular displays features a tabletop setup that lets you place the sign directly behind the products. It is an ideal display presentation because it addresses the shopper and offers the right product pairing all at once. Other POP signs include aisle signs and cash register signage. Framed signs. Place several post and panel signs that let you change inserts. You can use them year round and only replace the panel portion. Have us pre-print several panels that you can change as the holiday season progresses. Hanging banners. Suspend banners from the ceiling above your registers. Hang them near the entrance, windows, and anywhere else that the consumer will first look. These signs are fantastic. You can use decorative displays and alternate them with sales messages. If you have customers who have not previously thought of your venue as a holiday shopping locale, banners can persuade them otherwise. How to Shop for Holiday Sales Signs for Metro Atlanta Now is the time to put in your orders. By getting a jump on the competition, you avoid the rush later on. Most importantly, you have the signs when you are ready to introduce customers to your holiday-themed merchandise. Doing so before the competition starts ordering its signage is essential. If you are unsure what types of signs to order for your venue this year, discuss your plans with our graphic artist. Although banners, POP, and post and panels signs are the most popular, you have other options, too. Cases in point are banner stands with double-sided displays or flags for the exterior. Contact us today to start your...

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Peachtree Corners Attracts New Tenants with Cabinet Directory Signs in Peachtree City GA

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Banyan Street Capital manages Peachtree Corners, which is a popular office center. Located at 3720 Davinci Court, it needed several cabinet directory signs in Peachtree City GA. We met with the company’s team to receive the specs for the project. Four Cabinet Directory Signs Provide Wayfinding Assistance for Peachtree Corners These directories attach to monument signs. Each one of these structures features the street number at the top. A two-tone color design ensures the visual aesthetics of the signage. Besides that, there is a notation that directs deliveries to the side entrance. Doing so makes it easy to separate commercial and private traffic. Four removable directory panels allow for the display of tenant information. They install with standoffs. Because they are white, we determined that black print would be ideal for the design of tenant names. It matches the color of the 3D numerals our technicians installed for the street numbers. These monument-mounted directories now make it easy to determine the names of tenants. Most importantly, they help visitors with wayfinding. Directories for Your Business Directories are excellent signage solutions that add a professional look to any building. Every venue can benefit from them – even if there are only two tenants at the location. As always, customization is essential for brand development. Wall directories. Frequently, management companies choose to present lists on the inside of a building. Wall-mounted directories feature removable blades that display the individual tenant details. When only one company takes up the building, these blades may identify the various departments and their locations. You usually see this in hospitals and schools. Post and panel signs. On the outside, post and panel directories are standard. These typically take the form of maps that present a blueprint of the venue with areas outlining the various tenants or departments. A “you are here” part of the map assists with orienting yourself to decide on the right path to the different locales. Look for them on college campuses as well as mall properties. Monument signs. Take a page from the playbook of Banyan Street Capital, and choose monuments signs to feature directory details at the properties you manage. It is an attractive way of presenting the information. It is also an excellent tool for helping visitors to the venue choose the right entrance and, therefore, the best parking lot. An alternative to these directories is the wall graphic. Avant-garde companies in Peachtree City and surrounding areas favor this approach. It adds splashes of color where needed or a chic black on white display on a wall space. Order Cabinet Directory Signs in Peachtree City GA No matter what directory presentation you prefer, your next signage project begins with a consultation. Our technicians offer you suggestions and provide you with samples of the materials you might choose from. If you are unsure what setup is best for your location, we gladly visit for a site survey. Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Peachtree City, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Duluth, Fulton County, Cumming, Johns Creek, Roswell, Milton, and Marietta. Contact us today to set up an appointment...

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Why Choose Faux Monument Signs in Atlanta GA?

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Brick, mortar, rebar, and maintenance were the hallmarks of monument signs from the past. Sure, they lasted for a long time. Sometimes, they outlasted popular tastes, a brand message, and even the direction a business took. Today’s business owner needs something more contemporary, flexible, but visually attractive. Let our team introduce you to faux monument signs in Atlanta GA. We believe that these check off all the boxes. How Faux Monuments Differentiate Themselves At the core of the sign’s design is foam. Do not let the name give you pause. This is an impact-resistant material that is rated for exterior applications. On the foam’s exterior, you will notice a hard coating. It prevents pests from doing damage. Most importantly, these materials withstand all types of weather without a problem. Faux Brick Monuments Look Just Like the Real Thing If you have an affinity for bricks but do not want to invest in the real thing, a faux monument is ideal. Faux bricks have texture. They come in slight color variations. Besides that, a grit-pattern allows for a grout-like appearance. Request a specific color for the bricks or go with a standardized pattern and hue. Technicians use stucco to create this look. The combination of faux bricks and stucco has the classical style that so many business owners look for. For a facing, we recommend the use of dimensional letters. Another option is the use of a dimensional plaque. Consider routed high-density urethane (HDU) for the plaque to heighten the visual appeal of 3D style elements. Faux Stones Give a Monument a Contemporary Twist You frequently see stone monuments at the entrances to covenant-controlled residential communities. They are contemporary and elegant. You decide on the stone pattern and look you want to present. Typically, there are river rocks, stones you might find in the area, or elegant marble slabs. Once again, stucco is a significant element of the build. From there, technicians manually shape the material to represent the stone texture you are looking for. The same is true for the color play you want as well as the grout presentation. By the way, you do not have to bring samples of the stones you want to use. A high-quality color photo will do the trick. Facings might consist of dimensional letters such as metal. Faux Wood Gives Your Location a Rustic Charm Using real wood for signage sounds like a great idea. The material offers warmth and an attractive look. However, it weathers quickly. Besides that, pests tend to use it for nesting material or food. Therefore, wood rots quickly and loses its great looks. However, you do not have to abandon your idea of wood signage completely. Faux wood is the ideal compromise. To give you the wooden texture, technicians emboss it into the foam. Next, they apply stucco with the wood color you choose. Doing so creates a wood-like appearance that looks convincingly real. A Closer Look at Faux Monument Signs in Atlanta GA Have we piqued your curiosity for a different type of monument? If the idea of real brick does not excite you, but you...

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