PVC Lobby Signs for Atlanta Businesses Affordable and Attractive!

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Why is PVC getting so tremendously popular in the signage industry? In the past, metal, acrylic, and foam were the dominant raw materials. Now, you see more and more orders requesting PVC lobby signs for Atlanta businesses. Are you ready to explore the hot material that is taking the local business community by storm? What is PVC for Signs? Polyvinyl chloride is a polymer. Its lightweight construction makes it ideal for signage development. Depending on the manufacture of the material, you might opt for a rigid version of the material or one that has a little bit of give. One of the attributes that make PVC so attractive for business uses is the budget-friendly nature of the product. Another aspect is the versatility. Depending on your needs, our shop can create a sign that can be as slim as one-eighth-of-an-inch in depth or as thick as one inch. In this respect, it is on par with all the other signage materials. Similarly, the surface is ideally suited for the application of printed vinyl overlays or paint. Therefore, complete color customization of your signage is possible. Examples of PVC Lobby Signs Already, a broad range of businesses is featuring PVC in their lobbies. Whether you run a law firm, retail outlet, or fitness center, this material adds elegance and pizzazz to the space. Best of all, it is easy to think outside the box with it. Because of PVC’s versatility, we can put together visually stunning approaches that wow. Color contrasts. Envision the use of gold and royal blue. Both tones are eye-catching. Combine them to present an aesthetically outstanding presentation. Most importantly, with the right type of paint and finish, we can let the PVC mimic the use of metal. Background incorporation. Separate style elements to incorporate a contrasting background color in the design of the signage. It lets the sign stand alone and emphasize a branding display that is unique and suitable for creating brand awareness. Indoor and outdoor applications. Plenty of businesses now request a lobby sign that mimics the look of the building sign. You can use PVC for both applications. It is waterproof, which makes it ideal for installations on exterior walls. Beyond the Lobby: PVC for Other Signage Applications The budget-friendly nature, as well as the durability, of the material quickly endear it to the local business community. If you are planning a trade show appearance, consider PVC rather than acrylic or other products. Because it is so lightweight, it is easy to move around, which lets you cut down on the number of staff members who set up your booth. Similarly, it transports well. Unlike foam core signage, it does not show dents as easily. Next, consider the use of PVC for customer education and in-store advertisements. The signs look sleek and elevate your message. Whether you need lobby ads for financial products or want to highlight certain product combinations with point-of-sale signage, PVC makes it possible. Find out more about PVC lobby signs for Atlanta businesses and the material possibilities beyond the reception area. Contact our sign shop today for the...

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Coming Soon Signs for Atlanta: What’s Available?

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Each day, prospective customers walk and drive past your incoming storefront business. They make up your future customer base. How can you engage with these shoppers today – even before you open your doors for business? With “Coming Soon” signs, you can do that and much more. Encourage Online Engagement with the Brand You plan to open your new store in a few months. Introduce shoppers now to the store’s name and logo. Do so with a sign that highlights when you anticipate celebrating the grand opening. Most importantly, include a website address that lets future customers check out your inventory or services menu. From the website, you might seek to engage the shopper on social media or via email. Fill Vacancies before the Building Project is Finished For the property management company, the use of “Coming Soon” signs is essential for filling vacancies even before construction crews break ground. Of course, the signage you might use for this purpose will look different. For starters, begin with an architect’s rendering of the proposed building project. Next, provide a basic description of the available suites. Finally, identify the professional who is the go-to contact for this specific project. Most property managers design a splash page for these buildings that they link to other pages for interested tenants. Build Your Company’s Reputation through Co-Branding If you are building a manufacturing plant or similar commercial venue, become a member of the local business community through co-branding. Incoming brands develop their reputations by showing ties to existing businesses. By connecting your logo to the symbols of well-established corporations in the area, you gain the trust of the local consumer base. Since they become your customers as well as employees, it is never too early to begin this process. As always, your corporate name, logo, and colors should be the largest on the board. Style Elements of Excellent “Opening Soon” Signs Each business is different. Therefore, each has unique needs. That said, there are some commonalities. Contact information. Customers should be able to connect with you. For some companies, this engagement may take place on social media. For others, it might be a website address, email list, or recorded message. Prospective opening date. Whenever possible, narrow down your opening date. If this is not possible when you commission your signage, ask sign shop specialists to create a graphic to add to the sign later when you can make this determination. Brand details. Introduce your colors, symbol, and name. By featuring this information now, it will be familiar when you begin print ads or coupon mailers. Ordering “Coming Soon” Signage Meridian Signs and Graphics is your go-to solution for all signage needs. We provide products for incoming businesses that need to establish a brand presence at their new locations. Our shop serves the business communities in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, Johns Creek, Milton, Duluth, Marietta, Roswell, as well as Fulton County and Forsyth County. Contact us today to schedule the design process for your next signage product!...

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The Ultimate Guide to Channel Letters for Metro Atlanta

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Channel letters are the most popular building signs in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. Why is that the case? For starters, they are ideally suited for featuring your corporate persona through font and color presentation. Secondly, these signage solutions offer illumination as part of their makeup. Therefore, they are easy to see even from long distances. Because there is a lot of interest in these products, we put together this guide to channel letters for Metro Atlanta business owners. Anatomy of a Channel Letter The typical channel letter starts with aluminum construction. Our technicians shape the product to feature the lettering you need in the unique font you have chosen for the business. Next, we add LEDs to the letters’ interiors. With the body complete, we close off the letters with polycarbonate facings and paint the products. However, the exact construction of the letter depends on your choice of illumination. Lighting Options for Channel Letter Signs Is it possible to order unlit channel letters? Yes, it is. However, the vast majority of business clients opt for illumination. That said, you have choices. Face-lit letters. These letters allow the light to escape through their fronts. They are by far the most common selection. As the LEDs turn on, they backlight the polycarbonate facing from within. Therefore, it results in a bright, bold presentation of the facing color and letter shape. Back-lit letters. In this setup, the construction is reversed. We close the front with aluminum that we paint in your corporate colors. The backs receive a transparent polycarbonate sheet to protect the LEDs. Technicians mount these letters with standoffs to let the light reflect off the wall. It results in a halo effect that frames each style element in a soft glow. We can play around with the length of the standoffs to soften or sharpen the halo presentation. Open-face lettering. You do not see these a lot. However, when you do spy them, they make quite an impression. These signs are designed to emulate the old neon signs that had their heydays in the 1950s. Technicians use specialty LEDs to imitate the appearance of neon tubes. Most importantly, the facings of the letters are not actually open. We use clear polycarbonate to protect the light sources. Thinking through the Installation It is essential to know what your lease says about channel letter installations. Many management companies now shy away from flush-mounts because they require us to drill multiple holes in the façade for each letter. That said, other leases do not specify these details. In these cases, the makeup of your building’s front dictates the installation style. Once again, you have multiple options. Flush mounts create a clean look. They are excellent when our technicians can access the backs of the letters from behind the façade. If this is not possible, we suggest the use of a raceway mount. It refers to a long, narrow box that contains all the lighting hardware. We paint it to match your façade, which can create the optical illusion of blending in perfectly with the backdrop. The advantage of this installation option...

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How to Get a Sign Permit in Metro Atlanta

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Adding outdoor signage to your location is essential. It alerts passersby to your presence. In this way, it assists with wayfinding. Most importantly, it introduces and reinforces your branding and marketing messages. However, the city places limitations on the signs that you can install. Similarly, it requires an application for a permit. Would you know how to get a sign permit in Metro Atlanta? Why Bother with a Permit? Zoning rules require any business to apply for a permit before installing a sign. The Atlanta city inspectors define a sign as any product that communicates with the public. For the average company, this could refer to building signs, monument markers, marquee signs, and similar products. The goal is the safe display of signage in such a way that it does not interfere with motorists or pedestrians. Similarly, it ensures that business areas retain their visual aesthetics. Most importantly, the applicant must demonstrate that the proposed signage is safe and will not create a distraction that could lead to accidents. Failure to apply for a permit results in a possible visit from a zoning inspector. This official may direct you to remove your signage until you obtain a permit for it. Failure to obey can result in fines and other penalties. How to Get a Sign Permit in Metro Atlanta in Three Steps The initial step in the process is filling out an application packet. It consists of a variety of forms that city official require to streamline the process and keep it fair and consistent for everyone. Next comes the development of the plans. For most business owners, this is the most challenging aspect of the process. Zoning department officials require two copies of drawings that feature accurate scaling. They must depict the site and the location of a proposed freestanding sign. If you are applying for a permit for a building-mounted product, you need to submit two copies of the street front elevation – drawn to scale. Finally, there is the submission of the paperwork and the payment of the fee. This is not something that you can do online. Instead, you have to visit the Zoning Enforcement Division and hand in the application with the permit fee. From there, it is a waiting game. Officials may take as long as a month to review the permit application and plans. When the application is approved, you will receive a sign permit after verification of the fee’s full payment. Need Help with a Sign Permit? Contact Us! For most business owners, this process is time-consuming and confusing. If you ever tried to order a building sign through the internet and started the process, you know what we mean. This is why most business clients prefer to have us handle the entire project from start to finish. No matter where you are at in the process right now, we can help. If you have a sign in hand, we can help with the plans as well as the application. If you still need a sign, our team gladly handles the design, manufacture, permitting process, and installation. Contact us today to...

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Tips for Finding the Best Illuminated Signage!

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One of the most effective ways of catching the attention of consumers is with the use of illumination. Lights attract the eyes of passersby. It happens during the day as well as after dark. This is true for the exterior as well as the interior. Here is how you can go about finding the best illuminated signage for your business today. Capitalize on Your Brand Message with Cabinet Signs The quintessential cabinet sign is an elongated rectangle. LEDs on the inside illuminate the signage after dark. We close the aluminum body with a polycarbonate front that features your corporate details. If we paint the facing in a dark color, the lettering will stand out when the lights turn on. Cabinet signs are excellent options when you want the marker to complement the architectural details of your building’s façade. Moreover, they are great for designing custom shapes, using unique color combinations such as gradient color changes, or when you want signage to contain more than your name and logo. For example, some business owners like to include the date of a company’s founding. Channel Letters Let Your Corporate Persona Shine Brightly Aluminum bodies and polycarbonate fronts combine to create uniquely shaped letters that portray your font and color combination. Choose a façade display that looks exactly as the consumer sees it on your website. Most importantly, let the illumination create the hook that you need to draw the eye. Channel letters offer you choices. There is the classical front-lit presentation. The light makes the colors come to life. Rear-lit lettering presents your message with a halo effect. As the light escapes through the backs of the letters, it bathes the style elements in a soft halo. The resulting look is sophisticated and eye-catching. Indoor Illuminated Signs Dazzle with Pizzazz The consumer does not typically expect an illuminated sign when entering a store. However, business owners in the know are now using this signage solution to attract attention inside malls and other venues where multiple storefronts compete for the consumer dollar. A good option is the use of backlit dimensional letters. If you prefer, we can also scale down channel letters for indoor usage. By the way, scaling down illuminated signage also works when you are thinking of integrating lightbox cabinets for advertisements. These are already familiar sights around movie theaters and inside the mall setting. Let Meridian Signs and Graphics Assist You with Finding the Best Illuminated Signage Our sign shop routinely works with local companies that want to stand out from the competition. LED-lit building signs are one way to make this happen. The same goes for illuminated indoor signage. Start by setting up an appointment for a site survey. During this visit, we take measurements and gauge the signage used by your competitors. This step can help us determine the best marker selection for your property. Similarly, it will ensure that you stand out in all the right ways. For interior signage, we offer you suggestions about placement and lighting options. Contact us today to set up the...

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Why Channel Letter Signs Are Better Than Other Lighted Signs

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Standing out visually is a must when you want to draw foot traffic to your location. Secondly, you want prospective consumers to find your site with ease. Building signs are instrumental for both goals. Although there are different types out there, here is why channel letter signs are better than other lighted signs. Size + 3D = High Visibility Due to the aluminum construction of the channel letters, they feature a three-dimensional presentation. Therefore, they jut out from the façade, which makes them much more visible than other signage. Also, our sign team adapts the sizing of the letters with the traffic in front of your location in mind. The goal is to make the lettering easy to read even for drivers who are not slowing down. When you combine the 3D presentation with the height, it is easy to see why these markers are extremely visible from a long distance away. Customization Boosts Brand Presentation Our team can fully customize your channel letter sign. We do so by mimicking the font you have chosen during the formation of the aluminum letter bodies. As a result, your sign becomes a larger than life brand message that shines brightly after dark. Most importantly, consider how the color play emphasizes your brand expression. Technicians paint the style elements in your corporate palette. Therefore, it is easy for the consumer to connect your font and colors. Supporting brand awareness and recognition is a snap with the channel letter setup. Adapt the Illumination to Catch the Attention of Passersby We cannot think of another signage solution that offers you so much customization when selecting the way the lighting works. The standard display is a front-lit setup. Light escapes through the fronts of the letters, which boosts the color play. That said, you might consider having it escape through their backs to create a halo illumination of each letter. This appearance adds sophistication to the look, which can be ideal for reinforcing the brand message. Channel Letter Signs are Better Than Other Lighted Signs Because They Combine Easily with Secondary Signage Solutions Did you know that you could display your logo symbol as a box cabinet alongside the channel letters? You do not have to sacrifice this symbol display to get this lettering setup put into place. Most importantly, we can adjust the sizing of this 3D signage to go with the letters. As s result, both components match, which results in a professional and finished look on your façade. By the way, box cabinets are also excellent options for the display of niche information that you want the consumer to know about. Talk to the Experts Today to See What Your Channel Letter Sign Could Look Like Meridian Signs and Graphics gladly works with members of the business communities in and around Cumming, Milton, Buford, Alpharetta, Duluth, Atlanta, Suwanee, Roswell, Johns Creek, Woodstock and Canton, Georgia. You frequently see our work vehicle in the neighborhoods of Fulton County. Whether you already have a sign on your façade or need something brand new, we can help. Contact us...

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