Georgia True Auto Sales Presents Its Brand with an Aluminum Sign Panel in Alpharetta GA

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Customers find Georgia True Auto Sales at 1000 Nine North Drive. The business partners with VehicleDNA, which provides automotive testing. As a result, buyers shop with confidence for a used car that features the “tested & guaranteed” notation. When it came time to highlight this brand message, the business’ management team contacted Meridian Signs and Graphics to design, manufacture, and install an aluminum sign panel in Alpharetta GA. Digitally Printed Laminate Spells out Details After consulting with the client, we started with an aluminum sign panel that we cut into a rectangular shape. Because we initially did a site survey, we knew the right size that would be ideally suited for displaying it on the upper quarter of the building’s façade. Next, we printed the colorful details onto a black background. It features the company’s name, co-brands the VehicleDNA information, and displays the tagline. Finally, we mounted the sign above the entrance, where it looks great and gets plenty of attention from passersby and prospective customers. Building Signs Come in Many Forms The aluminum panel building sign is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly solution. Moreover, it is ideally suited for presenting a colorful message that includes marketing and branding details. But did you know that you have additional options for your building signage? Lightbox cabinet. It is possible to display the signage Georgia True Auto Sales selected as a lightbox cabinet’s front, too. Because this type of product includes built-in illumination, it is a good alternative when there is no façade lighting available. Dimensional letters. When you just want to show off your company’s information and a tagline, consider the use of dimensional letters. Channel letters fall under this heading but so do products made from metal, acrylic, plastic, or foam. Banners. A banner is a temporary sign that draws attention to your company’s details. For example, you might underscore a new professional partnership with a banner. Typically, clients prefer vinyl banners due to their durability and ease of display. Supporting the Sign’s Message A closer look at the client’s façade shows that there are window graphics to support the branding and marketing of the building sign. For example, the entryway graphics repeat the company’s name and provide niche as well as contact information. To the left of these details, you see sales messages that encourage consumers to make an impulse stop. Of course, you do not have to rely solely on window graphics when seeking to support your building sign’s message. Other options include A-frames, exterior menu boards, and banner stands. What Could Your Company Do with an Aluminum Sign Panel in Alpharetta GA? Do you want to catch the attention of consumers with a building sign? Maybe you need to provide directions and want something that functions as a wayfinding tool. Aluminum sign panels work well in these settings. Another use for the aluminum is its integration into an existing post and panel or monument sign. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists today to learn more about your...

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Choose Your 3D Letter Building Signs in Johns Creek GA

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Standing out with signage – literally and figuratively – catches the eyes of passersby. It makes sure that prospective buyers have an easy time locating your company. Most importantly, 3D letter building signs in Johns Creek GA, let you communicate your brand message with ease. What are your options? Dimensional Letters and Logos Envision your corporate information on the front of your building’s façade. You might select metal, which is one of the most popular materials. Some clients opt for stainless steel while others favor aluminum for its lightweight nature. If you prefer an artistic appearance, we recommend the use of acrylic or outdoor-rated sign foam. Both options are easy on the budget and look fantastic. Matching your color is a snap. In fact, clients who order foam lettering with imprinted vinyl overlays can recreate gradient color changes that their customers have come to know from website visits. Formed plastic is another option. Because this material selection makes it possible to feature rounded or even prismatic facings, you can stand out in more ways than one. Once again, a perfect color match is part and parcel of the experience. Routed Lettering and Panels What happens when you want to add a distinct level of pizzazz to your building sign? Routed signage is the answer. Whether you prefer your information to display as a contour-cut panel or want to include a radius presentation, routing is the manufacturing method to select. We typically use metal, acrylic, and certain types of lumber for these projects. When you opt for this setup, you succeed in presenting a sign that may offer variations in depth, color, and height. Routing is an excellent solution for businesses that want signage to convey the illusion of movements such as waves or the wind would provide. By adding texturing and playing around with different painting techniques, we can boost the impression that the signage makes on the consumer. Illuminated Channel Letters But what happens when you want to bring illumination to the wall space? In this situation, channel letters are your ideal choice. They light up after dark, which significantly boosts your company’s overall visibility at its chosen location. Front lit letters, which are the most frequently requested setup, allow the light to escape through colorful fronts. Doing so heightens your brand building due to font and color combination displays. For a sophisticated appearance, we recommend the display of reverse-lit letters. We close off the fronts of the letters with aluminum, open up the backs, and let the light reflect off the wall’s substrate. Typically, we install these letters with two-inch spacers, which gives them the daytime appearance of floating just over the surface of the wall. After dark, a soft halo of light envelops the signage. If you like the best of both worlds, consider a combination of front and backlit setups. Do You Need 3D Letter Building Signs in Johns Creek GA? Do not leave your building signage’s success to chance. Instead, invite our experts out for a site survey and signage evaluation. We show you how your sign currently looks to prospective customers and offer...

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Front and Side Exterior Building Signs in Alpharetta Boost Brand for Hedman Hedders!

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The Hedman Performance Group started in 1954 as Hedman Hedders. From its first exhaust tubes, the business has grown into a power boost empire. Hedman Husler Race Hedders feature exhaust systems, engine mountings, gaskets, and headers. The local dealer for this national company does business out of 730 Branch Drive. When the management team wanted to highlight the business’ brand messages, its representative contacted our experts to discuss the design of front and side exterior building signs in Alpharetta, GA. Two Signs Attract More Attention than a Standalone Product After consulting with the client, we learned that the business wanted to address consumers approaching the building from the front as well as those driving past its side. Doing so makes sense since it increases the audience for the brand message. We designed two signs that measure 10 feet by 10 feet and eight feet by eight feet. Both present the company’s name and iconic logo. They feature images that underscore the business’ ties to auto racing and the sale of performance parts. Their sizes make the markers easy to notice. In fact, the red color that takes a predominant role in the design of the signage grabs the eye! Now, the company succeeds in presenting brand messages via eye candy for its targeted demographic. Exploring the Power of Multi-Side Marketing Messages More and more business owners are catching on to the power of multiple brand or marketing messages. That said, libraries, museums, and similar venues have done so successfully for decades. The trick here is to capitalize on the façade space you can work with. Multiple signage types work well. Examples include aluminum boards and lightbox cabinets. For temporary signage solutions that you can change with the seasons, we recommend vinyl banners that we custom cut to meet your spatial requirements. If you do not have a second façade to work with, you can still add multiple signage solutions that heighten the message appeal of your primary business marker. Cases in point are floor stickers and flutter flags. When you have landscaping near your business’ entrance, also consider the use of lawn signs you might turn to address individuals coming from other directions. What makes this approach work so well is the repetition of the message. Since you have the option of featuring an identical sign on any side of your venue, you can significantly enhance the brand awareness of consumers. Another option is the presentation of signage that features slightly different images. Brand building in this setup works because it provides multiple opportunities for showing off your products in various usage situations. Choosing this approach boosts brand knowledge of customers as well as prospective clients. Explore Brand Building with Front and Side Exterior Building Signs in Alpharetta, GA If we have piqued your interest in displaying dual brand messages that reach more consumers, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. Whether you want us to put together a permanent signage solution or a temporary banner approach, we can help. Ready to schedule a design...

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The Top 3 Choices for Building Signs in Alpharetta GA May Surprise You

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Standing out from businesses around you is the name of the game. But how can you do so with signage? When you select one (or more) of the top three building signs in Alpharetta GA, you not only stand out but also deliver a clear brand message. 1. Cabinet Signs The cabinet sign opens a door of options. Keep the shape rectangular to maximize display size or present a repetition of your company’s logo as a way of reinforcing brand awareness. Inside the cabinet, you will notice built-in LEDs that allow for illumination from within. The body consists of aluminum, which weathers extremely well. Polycarbonate makes up the facings. We can imprint them directly with your information or apply a printed vinyl overlay. Some clients only feature their corporate names, which we can also emboss for a three-dimensional appearance. Others like the idea of offering additional information about their companies – examples include professional affiliations and product mentions – and do better with a direct imprint. 2. Channel Letters as well as Channel Letter/Cabinet Combos Channel letter construction is similar to that of a box cabinet. Except in this scenario, we form each letter individually. We close off the fronts with polycarbonate for front-lit lettering while we use aluminum when you opt for backlit products. The latter results in a halo-lit appearance, which adds an air of sophistication to the presentation. With these letters, you spell out your company’s name in its iconic font and color scheme. Because the lettering stands out in a 3D fashion, it makes a great impression. After dark, it can light up and catch the eye. When you want to add a niche explanation or provide additional information, it is possible to do so by combining the channel letters with a lightbox cabinet. Clients frequently do so to spell out the type of business they run or to advertise a brand message such as their round-the-clock availability. 3. Dimensional Letters Another product option is the three-dimensional letter setup. If you already have façade lights in place, you probably do not need channel letters but will do very well with dimensional lettering instead. Choose from a broad range of materials that include metal, acrylic, and outdoor-rated foam. By ensuring a perfect color match with your corporate hues, you present a brand message that quickly connects with the consumer and reinforces brand awareness. For a first-time customer, it also creates brand recognition. We can install the letters directly to your façade. Use standoffs to give the illusion that they are floating just above the substrate. Another option is the use of an intermediate substrate such as an acrylic board for an additional opportunity to offer a corporate palette display. Buying Building Signs in Alpharetta GA Do not leave your branding and marketing to chance. The presence of a brand-accurate building sign makes a significant difference in the way that consumers perceive your business. When you want to stand out today in all the right ways, you can do so with one of the top building sign choices in your area. Contact us today to learn...

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Choosing the Architectural Signs Alpharetta GA Businesses Need

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Also known as monument signs, the architectural signs Alpharetta GA, business owners commission vary in size as well as appearance. These products help to identify your company, present its brand message, offer wayfinding assistance, and perform all of these tasks before the consumer has even set foot on your property! How do you select the signage solution that is right for you? Architectural Signage Systems When you want your monument sign to be part of something bigger, consider a signage system. A good example is the use of a lightbox cabinet that doubles as your monument. Repeat its appearance on the façade as a building sign. Some business owners like the avant-garde appearance of stand-alone letters that spell out a company’s name; combine them with a channel letter sign. The advantage of a signage system, in addition to being a bona fide head-turner, is the presentation of a cohesive brand message. Wowing the Consumer with an Innovative Sign Design Customization is the key element for effectiveness. Just because everyone else on the block uses rectangular brick and mortar signs does not necessarily mean that you should, too. Stand out by presenting a double-sided or triple-sided column in an obelisk format. The trick here is to use a sign that is in perfect harmony with your business’ overall appeal and target demographic. The monument sign you might commission for a clothing store varies from one that you would select for a software company. One might underscore sophistication and darker colors while the other one embraces innovative designs and material options. What are the Most Popular Materials for Monument Signs? Our experts routinely work with acrylic, metal, and stones. If you decide on a pre-formed foam monument, incorporating glass, digital signage and even wood is a snap. Designs that are more traditional include bricks, mortar, and rebar. Lettering frequently takes the form of built-in channel or dimensional letters. But did you know that some businesses are now thinking outside the box for an architectural sign setup? These entrepreneurs ask about the use of post and panel signs for their monuments. Some also like us to use walls, boulders, and decorative landscape elements. Featuring Architectural Signs on Alpharetta GA, Business Properties Typically, our clients commission these signs to install near the entrances to parking lots and drive-throughs. But some have begun to recognize the branding opportunities that this signage brings to the table. They typically ask for a larger marker at the entrance to the venue and then repeat the signage presentation – albeit with smaller products – near building entrances. Doing so offers a repetition of the brand. Taking this step is always a great way of reinforcing your commercial message. Discussing Your Signage Questions Today Are you thinking of adding architectural signs to your overall lineup? Our graphic artists can show you how to integrate them into your current setup. We help you decide on the right size, style, and lettering choices. As always, we handle the permitting and installation. Call us today to learn more about your...

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