Atlanta Dentures Reels in Foot Traffic with Dimensional Letters in Marietta GA

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Patients find Atlanta Dentures at 361 North Marietta Parkway NE. The clinic specializes in dentures, bridges, and partials. In addition to catering to established patients, the clinic welcomes emergency walk-ins. To ensure that people in need of assistance can locate the entrance, the management team contacted our sign shop to commission dimensional letters in Marietta GA. Wayfinding is Easy with Dimensional Letters Right above the clinic’s entrance, there is a large white surface that is ideally suited for the signage. We consulted with the client and received the specs. The goal was to create an accurate rendition of the company’s existing branding. Next, our team manufactured the dimensional letters. We used high-quality materials that we painted in the clinic’s iconic blue tones. Moreover, we ensured that we perfectly presented the logo integration with the lettering. Now, patients have an easy time locating the venue. Most importantly, they can identify Atlanta Dentures with ease because the signage is similar to what they see on the website. Branding and Wayfinding with Building Letters Building letters are ideally suited for helping clients and customers find your business. Most importantly, their sizing makes them clearly visible from across the parking lot. That said, they also support your efforts of brand recognition. By featuring the display style and coloring that you present on a website, you ensure that consumers remember you. Various materials are good options for this application. Acrylic. Choose glossy or matte finishes for acrylic lettering. The material is easy to shape into your iconic font. Most importantly, we can paint it in any color that you desire.Plastic. Formed plastic can boost the 3D appeal of the lettering. Choose from rounded or prismatic faces for an added visual appeal. Because the manufacturing technique offers a lot of detail work, go big with these letters.Metal. When you want to highlight the longevity of your company in the niche, metal is always a good choice. Options include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and bronze. Most clients prefer to have us keep the metal in its original color. We can also paint it in different tones if you prefer.Sign foam. For a more three-dimensional appeal with a lot of shadow play, outdoor-rated sign foam can be the best option. This budget-friendly choice allows for lettering products of up to three inches in depth. Once again, we can paint the material in your brand tones. Supporting Dimensional Letters in Marietta GA, with Secondary Signage Many business clients have had excellent success when adding secondary signage to their venues. For example, combine dimensional letters with window graphics. These graphics repeat the colors and fonts. Add lettering that expands on the products or services you offer. In this way, you boost brand awareness alongside brand knowledge. Other signage options include flags, floor graphics, parking lot pole signs, and A-frames. Find out more about your options for impressive building letters today. Our sign shop routinely works with business clients who want to feature a message that matches their online presence. Contact us...

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Arise Family Chiropractic Hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Channel Letters in Place

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Located at 5456 Bethelview Road, Arise Family Chiropractic opened its doors to the public on October 15. The husband and wife team have a strong dedication toward helping patients heal the right way. When this practice needed channel letters in Cumming GA, the clinic’s management team contacted our sign shop for assistance. Channel Letters Welcome New Patients and Guide Them to the Entrance The clinic is located in an attractive setting with other businesses on either side. It needed signage that would be easy to see even from across the spacious parking lot. The management team decided to have us put together a sign that indicated the niche rather than the office’s name. Therefore, we fabricated a sign that reads “Chiropractor” in bright white lettering. We placed the letters on a raceway since the wall surface does not allow us the access we needed for the electrical hookup. The elongated box contains all of the electrical circuitry that makes the sign light up after dark. When it turns on, the bright white letters make wayfinding a snap. Now, it is impossible to miss the entrance to the new chiropractic clinic at this location. Should You Choose a Raceway Mount? If you are thinking of adding channel letters to your façade, the raceway mount may be an attractive option. The rectangular box adds a significant boost to the three-dimensional display setup of the signage. It makes your information stand out even more. We can make the box visually disappear by painting it in the same color as the building’s front. In the alternative, we can paint it in a tone that complements the sign’s exterior, which makes the entire setup stand out more. Raceway mounts also appeal to business clients who have lease restrictions when it comes to signage mounts. Some building management companies do not want there to be multiple drill holes per letter for a tenant’s sign. They stipulate that you need to mount any channel letters with the raceway in place. In these situations, you benefit from the 3D appeal of the installation method. By the way, we can also use the raceway to install a lightbox cabinet for your logo. Doing so maintains the uniform dimensions of the signage. Raceway Alternatives If a raceway is not what you had in mind, consider the flush mount. Our technicians install the letters directly to the wall. However, to do so, it is vital that we can access the backs of the letters from behind the wall. Another installation option involves standoffs. If you decide on a halo-lit appearance, we mount the letters with two-inch standoffs that give the illumination an opportunity to reflect off the wall. Another option is the use of a board mount. It is an excellent choice if the colors of the letters and the façade are too close. The board acts as a visual go-between that also allows for a halo-mount if desired. If you are unsure whether channel letters on a raceway or another mounting style are the right options for you, ask our experts. We gladly offer you input and discuss the...

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Andrew Precast Solutions LLC Brands with Trailer Graphics in Cumming GA

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Located in Cumming, Andrew Precast Solutions LLC is a full-service contractor who offers precast restoration. The company will patch, repair, and pressure-wash your building. Since the crew transports supplies with a trailer, the firm’s management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, fabrication, and installation of trailer graphics in Cumming GA. Branding a Trailer while Advertising Services The trailer itself has black sides with silver trim. We worked with the client to put together a graphics package that includes the company’s name and logo as well as a niche explanation of services. In the process, the firm succeeds in communicating its brand message while advertising what it does. Most importantly, it provides three ways of getting in contact, which makes it easy for the consumer to connect with Andrew Precast Solutions LLC. Information to Include in a Vehicle Graphics Setup We recommend presenting your company to newcomers as well as established customers. Doing so ensures that your target demographic knows what your company is all about. Prospective customers form an accurate sense of brand awareness while those with whom you have done business before deepen their understanding of brand knowledge. There are several ways to accomplish this step. Niche differentiation. What makes you different from the closest competitor? For some companies, it is a 24-hour availability. For others, an extensive services or products menu surpasses what competitors in the niche offer. It is always a good idea to incorporate this information into a vehicle graphics design. Corporate persona. Your company’s name and logo are essential. Choose a color combination that stands out. Most importantly, let it mimic what your customers would see online when visiting the company’s website or social media pages. Taglines. These little jingles are great to expand on the name recognition of any business. It could be a motto, saying, or a clever play on words that acts as a mnemonic device to make the company’s name more memorable. Many of our clients have had excellent success when adding this information to the sides of their vehicles or trailers. Who Benefits from Using Trailer Graphics in Cumming GA? Construction companies are at the forefront of businesses that benefit from this advertising tool. That said, other types of companies also see many advantages from participating in mobile marketing. Cases in point are service providers such as caterers, dry cleaners, and after-school programs. Other trades that advertise in this manner include roofers, window installers, and appliance technicians. Many of these types of firms rely on trailers to haul equipment and products. Because these trailers stand out whether you are in traffic or parked in front of a customer’s home, it makes sense to use the sides as advertising and branding tools. Our sign shop routinely works with clients who already have a set of images that they would like to use. That said, we can design something entirely new that portrays your corporate persona to its full advantage. Contact us today to get started on a graphics...

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A Consumer Guide to Channel Letters in Johns Creek GA

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Is there anything more visually stunning than a brightly lit set of building letters? Channel letters are among the best options for virtually any type of business. Our consumer guide to channel letters in Johns Creek GA, explains how you can turn this signage solution into a powerful wayfinding sign with brand encapsulation. Illumination is the Key to Success What sets apart channel letters from other signage solutions is the illumination. LEDs make the individual letters shine brightly after dark. These lights are budget-friendly, which causes some business owners to keep the signage on around the clock. Customization lets you incorporate your branding with the lighting. Front-lit lettering. We manufacture the letters using aluminum. In this scenario, we cover the fronts with acrylic or polycarbonate that we paint in your corporate color. After installing the LEDs and closing the backs with aluminum, the light shines through the translucent fronts and emphasizes your color play. Back-lit letters. You may also hear these letters referred to as halo-lit. We reverse the process. Our technicians use aluminum to close the fronts and transparent polycarbonate for the backs. Next, we install the letters with a two-inch gap to the wall. Doing so allows the light to reflect off the surface. Now, when you turn on the light, it bathes the letters in an attractive glow. Open-face. For the avant-garde and post-modern business, the open face is a good option. It refers to a transparent acrylic sheet that covers the fronts. Doing so allows customers to see the lights. When they turn on, they give the signage an industrials look, which can be a significant draw for some business types. Installation Options Make Any Wall Surface Suitable for Channel Letter Mounts The majority of clients ask that the channel letters be installed with a flush mount. This means that we use screws to connect the elements directly to the substrate. To do so, we need to be able to access their backs from behind the wall. In some cases, doing so is not possible. Typically, this is the case when wiring or ductwork run behind the targeted installation site. In this case, we propose the use of a channel letter raceway. It consists of an elongated box that contains all the electrical wiring and similar equipment. We mount the box to the wall and the letters to the front of the box. To make it blend in with the building, technicians paint the raceway in the building wall’s color. It is an excellent work-around that heightens the three-dimensional presentation of the signage. Another option is the use of a panel board. Consider the board when you want a halo-lit appearance but do not have a wall surface that would make it feasible to install the style elements with the needed gap. The board offers the visual contrast you need, the right surface consistency, and a solution for hiding any wires. How to Order Your Company’s Channel Letters Today Meridian Signs and Graphics is a thought leader in the signage field. We proudly serve the business communities in and around Johns Creek, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming,...

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Get in ADA Compliance with Custom Braille Signs in Johns Creek GA

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) governs the design of Braille signs in Johns Creek GA. These products help consumers with visual impairments to use physical reading skills. In the past, these signs used to be generic and lacked style. This is no longer the case. Aluminum Boards Create Attractive Backdrops for Modern Office Buildings Chrome, steel, and glass are the hallmarks of the modern office building. Braille signs that use aluminum boards as backdrops fit right in. Black contrasts well with the matte finish of the metal. Most importantly, it is a long-lasting display that cleans up easily. Spell out your message, add an image, and finish with the Braille dots right underneath the letters. Acrylic Overlay Boards Enable the Addition of Brand Messages There is no reason why ADA-compliant signs should have a generic look. When you want to include a nod to your corporate persona, we recommend the use of acrylic. Start with a standard board. We add an imprinted vinyl overlay that features your corporate symbol. Next, we place a transparent, matte acrylic board on top of the first one. Putting the desired image on this board is easy. It creates a 3D appearance that incorporates your brand message without obstructing the message of the sign. At the top, feature the tactile portion of the signage. Cast Metal Plaques Imbue Your Space with Pizzazz Metal is a smart material. It looks great in offices, stores, commercial buildings, or the parking lot. Its durability makes it an excellent selection for indoor/outdoor markers. Cast metal allows for a marked three-dimensional appearance of the style elements. Spell out your message and incorporate the Braille dots. Coloring in the 3D aspects of the sign ensures that there is plenty of visual contrast. Meeting the Requirements of the ADA The law narrowly defines the design of ADA-compliance. Markers must meet specific requirements to ensure that they function as intended. Sign finishes. To prevent glare, the finish of the signage must be matte. This is of particular importance when direct sunlight or artificial lighting could make it difficult to read the message. High-contrast colors. Officials do not leave the color contrast to chance. Background and style element tones must comply with a 70-percent contrast ratio. Braille 2 dots. Grade 1 Braille is no longer acceptable. Braille 2 is now the accepted setup for all types of ADA markers. Font selection. Not all fonts will work for these signage types. The goal is easy readability that incorporates upper case lettering with sans serif print. Ordering Braille Signs Johns Creek, GA, Can Rely on from the Sign Shop That Follows ADA Guidelines Our shop specializes in meeting the requirements of the ADA. We understand which signs must meet the standards and where it can be optional. Most importantly, we routinely work with business clients who want to make all their signage products more accessible to consumers. Our graphic artist can show you how to incorporate your branding with the letter of the law. Contact us today to move your business into...

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Direct Visitors with Custom Wayfinding Signs in Johns Creek GA

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The wayfinding signs Johns Creek GA, consumers want blend form with function. They look perfectly in place at your venue. Most importantly, they make it easy for the first-time visitor to your location to find what s/he is looking for without additional assistance. Most customers express frustration when they need to find departments, offices, or product displays. An unhappy client is unlikely to return or recommend your business to others. Here are the signs that can prevent this problem. Directional Signs Pinpoint Locations The changeable directory sign can do more than merely make a note of a suite number and the name of an office’s occupant. For starters, it can provide location information that defines the floor and its exact coordinates as they pertain to the building as a whole. Next, it can outline commonly sought-after destinations. Finally, the directory sign allows for the display of arrows that help the visitor to navigate hallways at intersections or when exiting an elevator. Inclusive Signage Communicates Well with All Visitors Savvy business owners and building management companies know that consumer frustration does not begin inside. It can start as early as the parking lot or entrance. Inform visitors to your location how to navigate the stairwells, which routes offer roof access, and what parking garage levels correspond to the possible destinations they might be looking for. We recommend the use of markers with Braille II as well as raised surfaces for symbols and lettering. High-contrast displays make the signage easy to notice and read. Wayfinding Assistance Starts Curbside Johns Creek motorists do not like to spend time trying different entrances or parking areas. Make it easy to find the entrance to your location with a monument sign. Most importantly, add wayfinding assistance in the form of directional language. For example, use arrows to direct commercial traffic as well as customers. If there are multiple entrances, assist with selecting the one that leads to the driver’s most likely destination. A good-sized monument sign accomplishes these tasks with ease. Typical Wayfinding Signs in Johns Creek, GA Choosing the right material and presentation does not have to be difficult. Our graphic artist gladly assists you in selecting the best setup. Changeable directory. This sign comes in a variety of sizes, which makes it ideal for complete customization. We recommend presenting your corporate logo at the top. Cast metal plaques. Cast metal is durable, chic, and ideally suited for high-traffic areas. Choose from a variety of metals that fit any budget and style. Monument signs. Tall monuments are excellent selections for wayfinding purposes. They give you plenty of space to put all your instructions in one place. High-contrast aluminum boards. Color combinations of yellow on black and red on black get attention. Choose these types of markers to direct visitors who are entering your parking area. A-frames. The A-frame is the portable sign that makes temporary wayfinding assistance easy. If you host an open house, sidewalk sale, or another special event, use the A-frame to draw attention to your location and provide easy instruction for participation. Contact our shop today to discover additional...

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