The Berndsen Company Rebrands with 3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA

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Located at 3525 Piedmont Road NE, The Berndsen Company specializes in renovations, new construction, and restorations. Recently, the firm underwent a rebranding and contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a 3D logo lobby sign in Atlanta GA. Rebranding Signage with a Pizzazz That Stands Out After consulting with our clients, our technicians cut out the company’s lettering from half-inch-thick acrylic. We painted it black and added metal faces that consist of copper and aluminum. Next, we mounted these style elements to the gray backdrop wall. It is fair to say that this is a sign of unrivaled pizzazz. The combination of metals makes the lettering pop. Besides this sign, we also made etched vinyl film graphics for the glass doors of the company’s entrance. Both signage solutions work together in presenting the rebranded name of the company in style. Are You Thinking of Changing Your Branding? Rebranding is more common than you might think. It appeals to companies that have been in business for a while. Because the tastes of their target demographics change, these firms rebrand to remain in step with the times. You can do likewise. For some companies, the changes are as subtle as an alternative to the fonts they have been using so far. For others, there is a mix of new fonts and new color tones. Some also update the logo to be in step with the upgrades. Our sign shop can help with all aspects of the project. If you are thinking of rebranding but do not yet have the new lettering or logo presentation put together, our graphic artist can assist you with the design details. If you just want to test-drive what a new color or lettering setup might look like, we can certainly help you with that, too. Presenting an Updated Brand Message Almost all companies that rebrand benefit from the design of a new lobby sign. This is because the lobby sign sets the tone for other signage inside the venue. Moreover, it is the presentation of the corporate persona, which is why it must be at the forefront of undergoing the renewal. While the lobby sign sets the tone for the rebranding inside, do not forget that this message also needs to trickle down to the signage you use on the exterior. Therefore, it is essential that you remember exterior markers as well. Examples include your building signs, banners, and window graphics. Ordering a 3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA Our sign shop routinely works with business clients who are rebranding. We can work with the specs you already have on hand when you designed the signage changes yourself. Similarly, we can work with the information that an advertising agency may be providing to you. Of course, our graphic artist will gladly directly work with you on putting together a new portfolio of brand presentations. Whether you need a new lobby sign, window graphics, or something else altogether, connect with our sign shop...

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Southern Design Brands Showroom with Pewter 3D Letter Routed Sign in Marietta GA

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Located at 4235 Merchants Walk Drive, Southern Design & Remodeling is a repeat Best of Houzz winner. The expert’s kitchen and bath designs are much talked about and sought after. When the company needed a pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GA, a representative contacted our sign shop for assistance. Creating a Unique Look for Southern Design We started by measuring the circle shape and cutting it out of acrylic. Next, we painted the material black. Technicians were then able to apply brushed pewter laminate to the acrylic. The letters are made of brushed aluminum laminate that we attached to black acrylic. The ampersand consists of routed acrylic that we painted gray. By combining these style elements, we were able to put together a three-dimensional lobby sign that gets attention. Our installers finally mounted it to the wall in the showroom, where it advertises and brands the company in style. By the way, this is not our first signage presentation for Southern Design & Remodeling. In the past, we also put together the company’s channel letter sign. Look closely, and you will notice that it displays on a raceway. Doing so boosted the sign’s 3D look and allowed us to hide the lighting components inside an elongated box right on the façade. Getting Creative with a Lobby Sign How does your lobby sign encapsulate your brand message? When the goal is to provide the consumer with a memorable signage presentation, the lobby sign delivers the goods. We recommend taking advantage of the layering technique, which allows for the introduction of different materials for a 3D look. Starting with acrylic is always a good idea. Depths can vary from half-an-inch to about an inch. From there, you can add laminates or more acrylic, depending on your need. That said, acrylic is not your only choice. Other business clients have had excellent success with the use of sign foam, which allows for depths of up to three inches. A Signage Suite That Begins the Brand Communication on the Outside Take a page from the playbook of Southern Design & Remodeling and entrust our sign shop with the design, manufacture, and installation of an exterior and interior signage setup. On the outside, the building sign begins the brand conversation. It is more than merely a wayfinding sign. In fact, it allows you to introduce the values that make your company different from others in the niche. The lobby sign then picks up on this message and takes it to the next level. We refer to this as the signage ones-two punch. Because the consumer already learned about your business, you are now in an excellent position to differentiate yourself from the competition even more. Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to a building sign that combines with a lobby marker. It is possible to add other signage solutions to the mix. Find out today if a pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GA, could be an ideal starting point for your branding efforts. Contact our sign shop...

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CSI Labs Adds 3D Letter Lobby Sign and Monument Sign in Alpharetta GA

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Located at 2580 Westside Parkway, CSI Laboratories specializes in cancer diagnostics. To outfit this state-of-the-art lab with signage that would reflect its thought leadership in the niche, our sign shop stepped up to the plate. We worked with the team to put together a signage suite that consists of a 3D letter lobby sign and monument sign in Alpharetta GA. Intricate Signage Presentation Brands the Lab CSI Laboratories developed an intricate logo that features several custom colors. Our technicians ensured that we would create perfect color matches. The lobby sign was then installed behind the receptionist’s desk, where the wall space features several subliminal geometric designs. The glossy finish of the lettering reflects the lighting and creates a chic presentation. For the monument sign, we installed a new product that looks contemporary and highlights the corporate brand colors. Moreover, it emphasizes the high-tech style of the venue with a unique shape and upgraded color scheme. Three-dimensional style elements greet visitors to the location and assist with wayfinding. The combination of both signs is an excellent example of how a one-two signage presentation is highly effective at beginning and continuing a brand conversation. Emphasizing Your Branding with Perfect Color Matches Your brand message expresses itself with font selection, color choice, and placement of the style elements. All of these work together to help the consumer recognize your business at a glance. Think about some of the iconic brands that you know solely because of the shape of a logo or color of a backdrop. Every business attempts to reach this level of brand recognition. We routinely work with company owners who have multiple signage displays on their properties. If the colors do not match perfectly on all of the signage products involved, the brand message is compromised. Meridian Signs and Graphics diligently protects your color matches. We ensure that they are identical across all signage types and materials. Whether you combine metal, acrylic, foam, or a different substrate setup for multiple signage solutions, our technicians focus their attention on creating presentations that match perfectly. As a result, your brand communication flows flawlessly. Most importantly, it works to create the type of brand awareness and recognition among your customers that you desire. Combining a 3D Letter Lobby Sign and Monument Sign in Alpharetta GA Whenever possible, we recommend combining sign projects. Not only does it minimize the disruption to your operations, but it also boosts brand awareness building. The more signs you have at your location that meet your current branding needs, the more opportunities your customers have to take in these messages. Of course, our sign shop can help you, whether you need one sign or ten. Discuss your signage designs with our graphic artist. This specialist assists you with material selection and mounting options. Besides that, we show you on the work-ups what the finished product looks like. You see it through the eyes of a customer, which enables you to make changes with the desired effect in mind. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to begin the design...

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Railroad Software Brands with 3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign in Cumming GA!

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Located at 102 Mary Alice Park Road, Railroad Software is your go-to solution for automated railyard management. Products include compliance software as well as inventory, data, and inspection packages. When this company needed a 3D letter logo lobby sign in Cumming GA, a management team representative contacted our sign shop for assistance. Brushed Aluminum Sets the Tone for Customer Interactions with the Railroad Software Brand We worked with the team to encapsulate the firm’s brand message in the sign’s design. As a result, we suggested the use of brushed aluminum. Metal is the type of material that signals longevity in a niche, innovation, and expertise. It is also an excellent presentation for high-tech sector companies. Therefore, it was clear that this setup would be ideal for the firm. Our technicians designed the sign by starting with the firm’s logo. Next, we cut out the lettering from the material. The installers spaced the style elements just right to create a display that reminds consumers of the logo setup they saw on the company’s website. We mounted the sign on a blue wall, where the brushed aluminum color stands out considerably. Now, this marker welcomes customers as they enter the offices to discuss their software needs. There is an Aluminum Type for Any Need Aluminum is a highly versatile material. For lobby signs, you cannot go wrong with the brushed aluminum. It comes with the stylish finish that looks professional and sophisticated at the same time. In offices, you also see this material in use as name plaques, directories, and similar signage products. That said, there are also other aluminum material options that could be just what you need for other uses. Case in point is the standard metal sheet that we cut into any shape you like. It is budget-friendly, allows for two-sided vinyl imprint applications, and can be ideal for a building sign, wayfinding product, and similar outdoor use. A third option is a Dibond selection. It consists of two thin aluminum sheets that sandwich a polyethylene core. This makeup dramatically reduces the weight of the sign, which lets you go bigger if you need to. Besides that, the construction prevents bending and bowing, which can be a problem with the more rigid aluminum in fence mounts. Use it outside, inside, and anywhere you need great-looking signage. Advantages of Selecting a Brushed Aluminum 3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign in Cumming GA Brushed aluminum gives the illusion that the sign consists of stainless steel. Besides that, the material resists fading and will look great even if you install it on a wall that receives plenty of sunlight exposure. If you decide to have us print directly on the material, we can use UV ink that results in bold and vibrant tones on the product. If you already have a design in mind, discuss your plans with our graphic artist. For clients who need a little assistance with the design process, we gladly provide help. We offer suggestions with the sizing, placement, and presentation of the style elements. Besides that, our pros handle the entire job from inception to final installation....

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Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign Makes a Great Impression

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When the management team from Brainchild contacted us to discuss a dimensional letter lobby sign, our technicians met with the client. We took measurements and talked through the setup of the product. Our experts designed a set of acrylic dimensional letters that we mounted to a backer panel. Next, we flush-mounted the board to the wall, which visitors to the company’s suite see right away. This sign now serves as a wayfinding and branding tool. Which Materials Work Best? Material selections depend primarily on your budget. Sign foam. Foam is inexpensive but durable. It allows for the design of three-inch deep letters, which is ideal when you have a dramatic presentation in mind. Heighten the 3D effect by aiming spotlights at the signage just right. Some clients ask us to add thin acrylic or metal laminates for added style. Plastic. Molded plastic with rounded fronts looks attractive. It also serves as a three-dimensional design choice that works well in a reception area. Another option is the display of prismatic fronts, which adds just a little more pizzazz to the design’s appearance. Plastic comes in all colors of the rainbow. Acrylic. This material is typically transparent. We can paint it to match the colors you are using for your brand message. Of course, we can also add other colors to the mix. The typical depth of an acrylic letter is about an inch. We can flush mount it to the wall or install the product with standoffs. Metal. One of the most expensive but also impressive 3D letter materials is metal. Aluminum, for example, looks fantastic when you present it with a brushed surface. Other options include bronze or brass. Does a Backer Panel Work for You? The backer that Brainchild chose helps the signs to stand out from the light beige backdrop. It also helps the bright blue lettering to pop. In some cases, backer panels make sense when you like the style of dimensional letters but want the extra definition a border provides. When you have a large wall space, it makes the most sense to avoid the panel because it allows us to add a little extra space between the letters for more coverage. Ordering a Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for Your Company’s Reception Area Are you outfitting your office with signage from the ground up? Pick your lobby sign first. It sets the tone for the rest of the markers you will introduce into the space. But if you are replacing a sign that you already have, we can help you find one that fits right in and matches the other signage that is already there. Sometimes, clients ask us to fit a sign into the setting but also change its tone just a little. Doing so can be advantageous when you have been updating your interior décor. Although not yet a re-branding, it alters the way that consumers interact with your brand when visiting your location. Contact our business sign specialists today to learn more about your options and see how we can add pizzazz to your reception area’s wall...

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3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign in Alpharetta GA Brands Data Protection Company

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Located at 6120 Windward Parkway, RestorePoint is in the business of adaptive data protection. Whether you need disaster recovery, backup functionalities, or an integrated security suite, this firm provides the platform that makes it possible. When the business required a new 3D letter logo lobby sign in Alpharetta GA, the management team contacted our experts for assistance. Combining Aluminum with Acrylic for a Three-Dimensional Presentation The look of metal impresses a waiting client. The material selection signals that you anticipate being in business for a long time to come. It also emphasizes the technological aspect of the company’s niche. We started with an acrylic sheet that we cut in the shape of the logo and the accompanying letters. Next, we mounted a veneer of brushed aluminum to the surface. It adds an attractive sheen that does not reflect too much of the light. Our installers placed the finished product on a dark gray wall near the receptionist’s desk. There, the sign impresses with its color contrast, professional presentation, and avant-garde good looks. Standing out with 3D Signage The three-dimensional design of a marker adds to the visually pleasing aspect of the product. You have plenty of options. For a hint of 3D, consider PVC or acrylic. Typically, these materials can reach thicknesses of up to about an inch. You can boost the three-dimensional appearance by adding a veneer or metal to the acrylic. But when you want to go for the gusto, we recommend sign foam. Do not let the name fool you; this material is neither easy to break nor overly porous. Instead, it comes in thicknesses of up to three inches, which can create dramatic 3D presentations. Add laminates for additional mass. Many clients have had excellent success with this type of setup when illuminating the material just right for intriguing shadow plays. Another three-dimensional option is the channel letter. Indoor channel letters are now getting quite a bit of play as members of the business community discover that they make excellent indoor signage solutions. Of course, when designing this type of product, we scale down the signage to suit the dimensions of your interior wall. Doing so makes interior lit signage a possibility. Designing Your 3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign in Alpharetta, GA Are you opening your first office and need a lobby sign? Maybe it is time to upgrade the marker that you currently have in place. Why not update the look and feel of your venue with a new signage solution that incorporates a nod to your brand message? Doing so is possible with a combination of material choices and design selections. Choose from three-dimensional displays, add illumination, and think through the use of different materials. Our graphic artists work with you to put together a design that encapsulates your brand message while fitting in perfectly with the interior décor you have chosen for your venue. We can manufacture a marker that complements other signage or one that represents a visual contrast. Contact us today to get started on the...

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