Cast Aluminum Plaques Lead the Way in County Parks!

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Metal plaques for county parks in South Forsyth CountyThe Rotary Club has about 1.2 million members that work hard to make positive changes in communities at home and around the globe. When the local chapter decided to beautify Fowler Park in Cumming and Freedom Park in Atlanta, their management team contacted Meridian Signs and Graphics for assistance with cast aluminum plaques. Each location features a Peace Pole, which would then be the venues where the plaques are set up. They are designed to offer talking points that act as conversation starters for those visiting the parks.

Their messages of positive thinking and the challenge to envision peace are accompanied by the identification of the Rotary Club as the donor of the products. We mounted some to stands while we put others right in front of the poles. The designs feature slightly texturized black backdrops and a raised lettering. The Rotary logo show up at the tops of these cast aluminum plaques for parks in South Forsyth County, GA.

Why Plaques Are Great for County Parks

Fullscreen capture 332015 101658 AMThe Rotary Club is just one organization that has discovered the timeless beauty of outdoor plaques. Others who have ordered these types of signage products include churches, temples, botanical gardens, museums and companies that are desirous of commemorating certain events. Cast aluminum plaques for parks in Milton, GA, and its surrounding areas are always a good idea. After all, the material easily handles the weather patterns the area experiences as well as frequent touches.

Attractive and Long-Lasting

There is something tangible about a plaque that makes them irresistible to the touch. In fact, you will notice that plenty of visitors to a botanical garden like to take rubbings of the signs. When we include depictions of the plants alongside their names, even more folks will take the rubbings.

Etched and Cast Metal

When you are ready to order your plaques, you have two basic options: cast and etched manufacturing techniques.

  • Cast Metal Plaques for Clubs in Cumming GACast. Opt for a cast plaque when you are thinking of having your graphics and lettering show up as the raised portion of the metal. Going this route is usually recommended when your lettering is not overly long. Choose bronze, aluminum or brass for a great look. A background texture offers you a sand or pebble appearance that adds beauty to the products. We finish the display with a satin clear coat, enamel coloring or a patina.
  • Etched. For a plaque that displays plenty of text, the etched metal manufacturing approach is a better solution. All font sizes appear crisp and clear. We fill the etched metal with colors of your choice, which make the text even easier to read. It is also possible to etch in detailed graphics. Common material choices include bronze, copper or stainless steel.

Talk to our professional plaque designers today for more information about the two processes and to find out which manufacturing technique is right for your plaque commission. We look forward to presenting you with sketches of the proposed signage products and then highlighting how the addition of enameling or finishing coat options could greatly enhance the look of the finished marker.

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