What Can You Do with Wall Graphics in Duluth GA?

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Wall Graphics in Duluth GA

Home to the Gwinnett Medical Center, the Gwinnett Place Mall and a variety of tourist attractions that are nearby, Duluth’s business community includes a vibrant retail sector and service industry. Since signage is a fundamental component to attracting customers and communicating with consumers, more and more members of the local business community are opting for wall graphics in Duluth GA, offices, stores and similar commercial locations. What can you do with these graphics?

Wayfinding, Beautification, and Branding in Parking Garages

Perhaps one of the most creative uses for graphics is the beautification of parking garage walls with murals or wraps. Dressing up the walls of the elevator banks in this manner allows for the presentation of a branding message while dressing up the setting itself. Colorful splashes visually contradict the gray of the asphalt and concrete. List the level, name the business, and include a branding message or maybe a tagline that puts shoppers in a buying mood before they ever set foot inside your venue.

Making an Impact in the Lobby

Wall Graphics in Duluth GAIf your company is actively involved with a local charity or non-profit organization, document your collaboration with the group via a lobby display. Show images of the work that is being done, explain the mission, and show your employees partnering with volunteers to make a difference. Another kind of impact involves the growth of your business. Use wall graphics to create a timeline that chronicles your company’s history from the date of its founding to today. Consider having it wrap around the walls of the room or present it in a straight line along a hallway wall.

Advertising, Branding, and Co-branding

In a retail setting, wall graphics are ideal advertisements. Display iconic brand images on the walls near the shelves where you stock the products. If you present your store’s logo together with the brand’s logo or manufacturer symbol, you succeed in co-branding your company and helping customers create brand awareness. From now on, seeing the name of the product somewhere else may result in a shopper’s memory of your store’s logo, too.

Inspiring Employees and Customers Alike

Wall Graphics in Duluth GA

Sometimes, the folks you need to inspire first and foremost as the very representatives of your brand. Use wall graphics in your training room, in the employee lunch area, but also in the lobby and the areas where customers or clients will see them. These graphics could feature your logo and motto, mission statement or tagline. They may also feature quotes from your company’s founder. By inspiring worker buy-in into your corporate culture, you encourage representatives to provide better customer service while also enabling the consumer to buy into your company’s way of doing business.

Ordering Wall Graphics in Duluth GA

When you are ready to beautify, brand, advertise and inspire those coming to your location, contact our graphic artists for help with the designs. We work with you to put together wall wraps, murals, graphics, lettering and a host of connected products that can change the way customers interact with your space and brand. Contact us today to get started on your project.

Wall Graphics in Duluth GA