What Can You Do with Pan Face Signs in Atlanta GA?

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More and more Atlanta business owners are looking for new ways to add pizzazz to their businesses’ facades while also introducing and reinforcing brand messages. In the past, this meant almost always the addition of channel letters because of their versatility. Now, however, there are more requests for pan face signs in Atlanta GA. What do these signs bring to the table?

Pan Face Sign Construction Details

pan face signs in Atlanta GAIt all starts as the typical lightbox cabinet. Our team forms a cabinet from sturdy, rust-free aluminum. We add the bright LEDs that illuminate the sign from within. Typically, we would now close the sign’s front with a sheet of polycarbonate or acrylic. However, the pan face design has something else to offer.

Vacuum-forming during the facing’s manufacturing process creates an elongated outcropping. The majority of the sign now hangs a good inch-and-a-half over the edge of the box cabinet’s frame. Even so, the flat portion fits neatly behind the structure itself, which anchors the front in place. It is an excellent way of generating a three-dimensional look.

Boosting the Visual Appeal of Atlanta Pan Face Signs

pan face signs in Atlanta GAFor many clients, the pan-face appeal is only the beginning. There is plenty more that they can do to increase brand awareness among prospective customers.

  • Embossing the text. When we emboss your name and logo as well as any other text that appears on the sign, you succeed in presenting a heightened three-dimensional look. The sign – quite literally – stands out more. It is an excellent method for catching the eyes of passersby and having your name stand out. Add a glossy finish for best results.
  • 3D prints. Of course, you do not have to go with three-dimensional embossing when you work with our sign shop. Our graphic artist is a master at creating 3D prints on standard vinyl. When your name and logo lend themselves to this type of print job, we recommend going for the vinyl overlay. Pair it with a matte finish to highlight the graphics and colors that are on top.
  • Custom shapes. The typical pan face cabinet is rectangular as is the case for the standard lightbox cabinet. Of course, this is only one option. You might choose to have us customize the cabinet and the pan face front in any shape that makes sense. Some clients have had excellent success with renditions of their logos. Others have chosen niche-specific images that quickly explained what the company is all about.

Buying Your Company’s Pan Face Signs in Atlanta GA

pan face signs in Atlanta GAAre you ready to make a change in the way that customers are interacting with your brand? The pan face sign could be precisely what you need to completely revamp the way the customer sees your brand message. Most importantly, it is an excellent method for boosting name awareness of an incoming business.

Whether this is your first pan face cabinet sign or you are looking to replace one that you currently have, we can help. Our graphic artist will gladly upgrade the color scheme and anything else that could put a contemporary spin on your message. Contact us today to schedule your design appointment.

Pan Face Signs In Atlanta GA