Some of the Business Signs We Recommend at Meridian Signs and Graphics!

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Our first-time clients are frequently at a loss what types of signs to pick out for their businesses. When outfitting a first storefront or office, there are copious choices, materials, colors, and manufacturing methods to consider. Even seasoned office managers’ eyes can glaze over when discussing sign updates with our experts. So, when clients throw up their hands and ask our graphic artists, “well, what do you think,” we realized that we need to put together a list of recommendations that would serve the typical company.

Top 6 Business Signs We Recommend at Meridian Signs and Graphicsmeridian

  1. Dimensional letter building sign. When you look at our business’ façade, you cannot help but notice our corporate name. It depicts in the iconic black and blue that we selected for the presentation. Because we wanted to add depth to the look, we installed the product with standoffs that give the illusion of having the sign float just above the wall. Also, it offers a shadow play when the sun hits the sign just right.
  2. Door graphics. Now, look a little lower to our entrance door. Ignore the tools and ladders, and instead take in the door graphic. It covers the upper third of the door’s glass and features our company’s name and logo. In this way, it supports the brand message of the building sign. This is the signage one-two punch we are fond of mentioning. By the way, notice the window lettering that identifies our hours of operation and additional contact information to the left!business signs we recommend at Meridian Signs and Graphics
  3. Banners stands. For the inside, we appreciate the versatility that the banner stand brings to the table. These products are ideal for lobbies, conference rooms, training areas, and trade shows. They feature a customized vinyl or fabric banner that displays your message vertically. Possible stands include retractable and X models. Of course, there are other product types and sizes available as signs we recommend at Meridian Signs and Graphics
  4. Vehicle lettering, graphics, and wraps. After wrapping our car, it displays the company’s name, logo, contact information, niche specialty, and subliminal background images that have consumers stepping a little closer. A perforated window display rounds out the presentation. It shows how the use of this technology can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of a vehicle.
  5. Attention getters. We like flags. They catch the eyes of passersby and drivers alike. They signal that there is something special going on at a business location. Whether it is a new store establishing itself, a special offer that you have to see to believe, or a seasonal sale that you cannot afford to miss, a flag is signs we recommend at Meridian Signs and Graphics
  6. Wall graphics. You cannot go wrong when adding wall graphics to your setting. Whether you run a store, showroom, or office, there is always room for a wrap, graphic, or mural. Ours uses a corporate color and highlights product options for clients. Yours might show off something completely different.

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business signs we recommend at Meridian Signs and Graphics