Branding with Trade Show Displays in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

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Did you notice that even companies that are not launching a new product or service frequently present at trade shows and expos? Selecting superior trade show displays and targeted marketing materials, these businesses focus on making connections and getting their names out there. In short, they are branding rather than selling. What do these pros know that others have not yet caught on to?

Understanding the Importance of a Brand

trade show displaysWhat comes to mind when you look at the logo of your cell phone maker? Does the logo of your phone service provider create a distinct impression in your mind? You probably went out of your way to buy one product over another. When you consider that a lot of branding went into the marketing of the product and service you purchased, it makes sense to emphasize this part of your business at a trade show – even if you have no new product to introduce.

Designing a Trade Show Booth with Branding Mind

trade show displaysFar too many business owners sit out trade shows because they do not know how to actively brand and make connections just as if they were launching a product. Our graphic artists have put together a list of steps that put you on the road to creating brand awareness among attendees.

  • Cohesion is an essential element. Graphics, color selections, and even giveaway items must represent your brand in a cohesive display. It is not unusual for entrepreneurs to commission retractable banner stands and graphics as well as flags that feature the same color scheme as the fabric backdrop and even the vinyl floor graphic.
  • Muted logo displays. Yes, you do want to feature your logo. But unlike a point-of-purchase sign setup at a retail store, you do not necessarily want to show it off on every surface. Instead, ensure that it is large and clearly visible on one signage component and then presents with much smaller renditions throughout the booth.
  • Themed trade show presentations for the win. If your corporate color is orange, have bowls of oranges available as giveaway items. Serve cheddar and crackers to visitors, select the brand with the near-orange color, and give the booth an overall sunny theme. Now, add another element to point to your trade. If you are in the tech industry, you might combine this sea of orange items with chrome, stainless steel, and plenty of glass. Orange window decals let you brand even there.
  • Re-branding. If you recently re-branded, consider the next expo as the ideal setting for introducing your new look. Even if the changes are minor, be sure to have posters, table throws, and banners on hand that point out the new and improved presentation of your symbol, font, or color.

Ordering Brand-heavy Trade Show Displays in Atlanta

trade show displaysContact our graphic artists for assistance with the design of your branding setup. Whether you intend to create product awareness among attendees or want folks to connect your company’s name with its logo, we can help. Contact us today to get started!

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