Brand and Illuminate with Back-Lit Lobby Signs in Metro Atlanta!

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Bring pizzazz inside your space with back-lit lobby signs in Metro Atlanta. The standard reception area marker consists of dimensional letters or a logo board. It encapsulates your brand message. Similarly, it features your corporate identity to foster brand awareness among customers visiting your location.

Illuminated Signage Takes Branding to a New Level

back-lit lobby signs in Metro AtlantaThe latest trend in lobby sign construction involves back-lit lettering. You have several options for this trend.

  • Stainless steel letters with LEDs. In this scenario, we manufacture dimensional letters from stainless steel. Next, we attach the light sources to the backs of the letters. Installers then mount the letters with multi-inch standoffs. It creates a repetition of the corporate name right behind the metal.
  • Scaled-down channel letters. Technicians manufacture a channel letter sign for your lobby. It looks like a miniature version of the building sign you might have selected. For the halo effect, we hide the LEDs inside the lettering.
  • Channel letter and lightbox cabinet. Just as you would do on your façade to combine the brand message with the corporate persona, consider the use of scaled-down channel letters and a lightbox cabinet. However, this lightbox cabinet may feature a front-lit as well as a back-lit setup to illuminate the color details and feature the halo effect.

Challenges to Consider

back-lit lobby signs in Metro AtlantaFrequently, there will not be electricity routed to the wall surface that you want to designate for the signage display. This is not a problem. We work with an electrician who will route the wiring behind the wall to facilitate the installation of the style elements. Similarly, our technicians handle the hookup of the signage when the wiring is in place.

Some business clients have had such good success with illuminated lobby signs that they want to feature them in other rooms, too. We have found that the conference room is an excellent choice for this setup. It is a location that your customers frequently visit. Therefore, adding the signage solution to this location encourages brand awareness building.

Matching the Lobby Sign to the Exterior Signage – Yes or No?

back-lit lobby signs in Metro AtlantaIdeally, your lobby sign matches the building sign’s setup. If you have channel letters, this is not a problem. Even if you have used dimensional letters, it is possible to adapt the presentation with stainless steel products. However, if you used a lightbox cabinet, it can be trickier.

You could adopt the front and back-lit combination setup. It would make the lobby sign a scaled down version of your building marker and still feature the elegant halo presentation. Another option is a departure from matching the two signs and opting for the sleek interior setup.

If you are unsure which decision is right in your situation, invite our technicians out for a site survey. We take measurements and make a note of the signage products you are already using. Therefore, we can provide you with an expert assessment of the venue as well as the style options that would look the best in your area.

Contact us today to schedule the appointment and learn more about back-lit lobby signs in Metro Atlanta.

back-lit lobby signs in Metro Atlanta