Brand Your Business Twice as Fast with Van Graphics in Alpharetta GA

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The brand message your business sends to consumers succeeds in differentiating the company from others in the same niche. The majority of professionals use signage to their advantages. But some have not yet opted into mobile marketing via van graphics in Alpharetta GA, for effective branding. Do you know what you are missing?

A Brand Message that Tells a Story

Van Graphics and Wraps in Alpharetta GA

Outback Vac is a prime example of a brand that sets the stage for a story. The business takes an ordinary work van and transforms it into a vehicle that looks as though it has the equipment needed to head out to the Australian outback. The graphics package includes the color combination that makes the van appear like a Jeep as well as images that look like spare tires and handgrips for holding on while riding on the rear step.

Consumers will have a difficult time forgetting this look and are sure to want to learn more about the business that makes its vehicles look as though they are ready for a trip through the wilderness down under. Because the company’s name ties in directly to the brand message, using this mnemonic device is highly effective.

Branding with Corporate Colors

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DC Cheek chose to present a corporate color palette along the sides of its work van. The name stands out prominently toward the back of the vehicle. By featuring it on the upper third of the conveyance, it is conspicuous even in heavy traffic. Notice how the lettering does not stop where the window starts. Instead, graphic artists used perforated vinyl to cover the windows in part and allow for a display of the letters and numerals. The complementing blue and red colors create a visually aesthetic presentation that hints at the heating and air conditioning service the business provides. Combining the name display and this mnemonic device is a good option.

Corporate Logo Repetitions that Generate Interest

Van Graphics in Alpharetta GA

Laura’s Valet Dry Cleaning initially advertised with a small graphic. Then, the business’ team brought the white delivery van to our experts. We created a partial wrap that works well with the paint job and presents the company’s information with two logo renditions. This duplication generates a lot of visual interest, which helps passersby and other motorists to remember the information they see.

Moreover, selecting purple and yellow for the colors of the basic setup is an excellent eye-catcher that works to the business’ advantage and differentiates it favorably from competitors in the niche, which were using much harsher color contrasts. When the van is on the road picking up orders or delivering completed dry cleaning packages, it stands out and introduces its brand with an appealing color selection.

What Do You Want to Say with Van Graphics in Alpharetta GA?

What do you want your customers to learn about your business? How do you want prospective customers to learn about you? With a partial or full wrap, or perhaps with a graphics package and lettering, you control the brand message from start to finish.

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