Bowman Consulting Brands with a New Lobby Sign in Alpharetta GA

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Bowman Consulting does business in Suite 200 at 950 North Point Parkway. With 32 offices all around the country, the firm is a thought leader in the engineering, mapping, construction management, and landscape architecture niche. When the company needed a new lobby sign in Alpharetta GA, a representative contacted us for assistance.

Dimensional Letters for an Office’s Focal Wall

lobby sign in Alpharetta GAWe met with the client to discuss the sign’s details. After putting together a design, our technicians used acrylic sheets to cut dimensional letters, which spell out the company’s name. We painted them in the corporate palette that the business favors. To prevent glare from the reflection of natural and artificial lighting, we added a matte finish that emphasizes the tone’s depth. Now, the letters look professional against the white backdrop of the wall. They expertly present the brand message that Bowman Consulting emphasizes.

Acrylic is an Excellent Material for Lobby Signs

lobby sign in Alpharetta GAPlenty of business clients choose acrylic for their lobby signs. The material has a sophisticated appeal. Choose a matte or glossy finish. The latter adds pizzazz to your location. Typically, clients ask us to cut dimensional letters from the material. We can accommodate depths of up to one inch. For a more substantial presentation, consider the use of a foam letter display with acrylic facings.

Another choice is the design of a lobby logo board. We cut out a rectangle or other geometric shape that we then overlay with imprinted vinyl. The vinyl features your company’s name and logo. Usually, clients ask for a transparent acrylic panel in these situations. By the way, if you like the board but also want dimensional letters, we can accommodate your wishes.

For illuminated lobby signs, we recommend the use of a darker colored acrylic board behind which we then hide the LEDs for the lighting. Doing so results in the presentation of a halo-lit setup. This type of design is quickly gaining in popularity.

Other Material Options

If you are not a big fan of acrylic for your lobby sign, you have other material choices open to you. A good example is sign foam. We can paint the material in your target tones. Moreover, this is the kind of product that we can layer to create sizable displays. Formed plastic and PVC are other options that look excellent inside most offices.

Metal is another favorite option. Many clients prefer aluminum because it is lightweight. However, you might also choose bronze, brass, or stainless steel. Business clients usually ask us to keep the metals in their natural tones rather than painting them in their brand colors. Some also request artificial aging of the metals to create a visually stunning presentation inside the office’s lobby.

Ordering a New Lobby Sign in Alpharetta, GA

If you are opening up a new office, relocating to a new location, or thinking of updating your interior signage, we can help. When you need a new lobby sign, our experts help you with advice and suggestions. Contact us today to set up an appointment to take measurements and show you the options open to you.

lobby sign in Alpharetta GA