Another Win for the Thoroughbred Design Group and Its Trade Show Background

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Do you remember the Thoroughbred Design Group? Last year, we worked with the business to create trade show backdrops and table throws. Our technicians provided perfect color matches that encapsulated the company’s brand message. We ensured a highly visible appearance of the company’s name and logo. Now, the business contacted us again to discuss a new trade show background image.

A Play on Words and Car Graphics Get Attention

trade show backgroundCapitalizing on the imagery surrounding its name, the Thoroughbred Design Group requested trade show backgrounds that would feature a high-horsepower car graphic. It would have to be a Ford Mustang, of course. Flames in the background heighten the analogy of speed and tires burning. Lettering encourages attendees to “Believe” in the “Creative Horsepower for Your Brand.”

This highly visible graphic combines with a panel board spelling out the current clients, or believers, in the business. A smaller board invites attendees to step up and get a ticket to enter a contest. This combination of signage products makes a fantastic impression and gets the point across. It takes a different tone from last year’s display, which emphasized the corporate client list.

Should You Change Your Trade Show Look Occasionally? Yes!

trade show backgroundCould the business have chosen to attend this year’s trade show circuit with last year’s graphics? Sure, but doing so is not always a good idea. For starters, attendees that were there last year may remember the setup. Seeing nothing new, they might believe that the company has nothing innovative to show. These attendees move on and do not give the business a chance to present its latest information.

Do not make this mistake! The heavy hitters in your niche most likely switch out displays between shows. All others make the change at least once a year. The goal is to show a fresh face and present a tagline or brand message with an innovative twist that makes it memorable. For the Thoroughbred Design Group, the use of a new graphic with a little tongue-in-cheek humor is ideally suited. For your business, the images may be something completely different.

Saving Money on a New Trade Show Background and Other Displays

trade show backgroundThe cost of the trade show presentation keeps some businesses from even trying to compete there. But did you know that these expenses do not have to be prohibitive? For example, work with our graphic artists to create cost-saving backdrops that rely on vinyl banner technology. The material is durable and budget-friendly. It looks great against a standardized background setup that you might still have.

Another option is the use of retractable banner stands. You can often re-use the hardware and only change out the banner portion. The same is true for hanging banners and snap-frame signage. When you already have these items in place, it is easy to re-use them with new graphics. Consider adding vinyl and fabric for the banners. A combination of textures adds depth and visual appeal to your setup.

In fact, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. We gladly help you put together a whole new look that wows this year’s trade show attendees. Call us today to get started!

trade show background

VO2 Personal Training Invites with Glass Door Graphics in Cumming GA

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Located 5067 Post Road, VO2 Personal Training operates a studio that focuses on workout success. The company provides individualized sessions to program participants. Quality coaching includes accountability and personalization of the workout process. To encourage passersby to take a closer look at what the fitness studio has to offer, the owner contacted us to discuss the design of glass door graphics in Cumming GA.

Putting the Brand into Focus

glass door graphics in Cumming GAWe consulted with our client and proposed a look that incorporates the VO2 brand appearance that consumers notice online. It features gray lettering, an orange numeral, and an orange graphic. To help the image stand out from the window glass, we added a white edge. In so doing, we created a slight three-dimensional illusion, which makes the graphic seem to pop from the glass. Now, passersby cannot help but notice the studio’s information as they walk past the location.

Examples of Additional Glass Door Graphics and Lettering That Members of the Business Community Display

For VO2 Personal Training, we created a brand design that draws the eyes of people walking by the studio. It creates interest in the location and offers so much visual interest that it quickly catches the attention of consumers. But other businesses display different things on their glass entryway doors.

  • Hours of operation. Make it easy for customers to visit you when you are open. Spell out the days and times of operation. If you offer hours by appointment, say so. It helps prospective clients to plan their outings to your location.
  • Contact options. Do you want customers to set up appointments? Offer a contact phone number. Make it easy for those who want more information about your venue to find ways to connect with you, too. Good options include social media handles, phone numbers, website address information, and email options.
  • Marketing information. Are you offering services or products on sale? Can clients take advantage of savings if they sign up for memberships or packages? Spell it out on your door. Passersby want to know what you are all about before they commit to visiting you. By spelling out sales details on your door, you might just entice them to make an impulse stop.

As you can imagine, the impulse stop is the precursor to the impulse buy. Because you do not know which details appeal to individual shoppers, it is a good idea to offer as much information as possible. Of course, the door typically only provides a finite amount of space.

When you want to expand, consider secondary signage options such as window graphics for the storefront glass panes. Full wraps, lettering, and graphics are just some of the choices. You can also expand on the information with a banner, menu board, or A-frame.

Choosing the Right Glass Door Graphics in Cumming GA

Which graphics would be ideally suited for your business? Whether you already have some images in mind or need us to help you put something entirely new together, our graphics artists can help. Contact us today to discuss your project!

glass door graphics in Cumming GA

RE/MAX Impresses with Window Graphics and a Monument Sign Update

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Do you want to turn more heads? Sometimes, getting more attention is as easy as undergoing a window graphics and monument sign update. Case in point is the local RE/MAX office.

A Monument Update Beautifies a Storefront Office

Window Graphics and Monument Sign updateThe monument in question is a sturdy brick and mortar structure. It has a lot of life left in it. More importantly, it features visually attractive red bricks, which makes it a great asset for the company. We removed the existing sign panels that had become weathered. Our graphic artists designed new ones, which display easy-to-read black on white writing. At the top, you notice the RE/MAX notation on a larger board. It also features the corporate colors. Now, the sign is much more noticeable and invites passersby to take note of the companies that do business out of this location.

Window Graphics Underscore the Brand Message

Window Graphics and Monument Sign updateFor the windows, we placed the company’s lettering and logo at the halfway mark of the glass pane. There, it is an immediate eye-catcher. Next, we identified the niche of this particular office. To ensure that it does not distract from the primary message, we chose a smaller font. It explains what types of homes this company handles.

Attracting Attention and Encouraging the Impulse Stop

Window Graphics and Monument Sign updateThe combination of a monument sign and window graphics makes a clear statement. Whereas the monument provides a brand introduction, the vinyl images and lettering on the window can expand on the message. You give the kinds of details that your customers want to know about. In fact, the mere mention of the products or services you offer may encourage a shopper to become a buyer.

Window graphics have the power to create a need that the client did not know s/he had. When you immediately offer the solution – your business – you encourage the impulse stop. From there, it is only a small step to the impulse buy. Savvy members of the business community understand that signage plays an integral role in this setup. Drawing the eye at street level and then continuing the communication with the consumer is vital.

How to Benefit from Window Graphics and a Monument Sign Update

Window Graphics and Monument Sign updateYou do not have to wait until your signage is in disrepair. In many cases, business clients decide to upgrade their monument signage simply because they want to stay in step with what companies around them are doing. When there are a lot of new businesses coming in, it makes sense to provide a fresh look that appeals to these companies’ targeted customer demographics.

It is always a good time to add window graphics. No matter how long you have been doing business at your location, adding these graphics makes your windows valuable allies when advertising. Choose a set of graphics and lettering to allow consumers to take a peek inside. If you want to block the view, consider a window wrap. When you opt for a perforated vinyl product, you can still see outside even though your customers cannot see in.

Contact our business sign experts today to learn more about possible signage upgrades for your location.

Window Graphics and Monument Sign update

Georgia True Auto Sales Presents Its Brand with an Aluminum Sign Panel in Alpharetta GA

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Customers find Georgia True Auto Sales at 1000 Nine North Drive. The business partners with VehicleDNA, which provides automotive testing. As a result, buyers shop with confidence for a used car that features the “tested & guaranteed” notation. When it came time to highlight this brand message, the business’ management team contacted Meridian Signs and Graphics to design, manufacture, and install an aluminum sign panel in Alpharetta GA.

Digitally Printed Laminate Spells out Details

Aluminum Sign Panel in Alpharetta GAAfter consulting with the client, we started with an aluminum sign panel that we cut into a rectangular shape. Because we initially did a site survey, we knew the right size that would be ideally suited for displaying it on the upper quarter of the building’s façade. Next, we printed the colorful details onto a black background. It features the company’s name, co-brands the VehicleDNA information, and displays the tagline. Finally, we mounted the sign above the entrance, where it looks great and gets plenty of attention from passersby and prospective customers.

Building Signs Come in Many Forms

The aluminum panel building sign is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly solution. Moreover, it is ideally suited for presenting a colorful message that includes marketing and branding details. But did you know that you have additional options for your building signage?

  • Lightbox cabinet. It is possible to display the signage Georgia True Auto Sales selected as a lightbox cabinet’s front, too. Because this type of product includes built-in illumination, it is a good alternative when there is no façade lighting available.
  • Dimensional letters. When you just want to show off your company’s information and a tagline, consider the use of dimensional letters. Channel letters fall under this heading but so do products made from metal, acrylic, plastic, or foam.
  • Banners. A banner is a temporary sign that draws attention to your company’s details. For example, you might underscore a new professional partnership with a banner. Typically, clients prefer vinyl banners due to their durability and ease of display.

Supporting the Sign’s Message

A closer look at the client’s façade shows that there are window graphics to support the branding and marketing of the building sign. For example, the entryway graphics repeat the company’s name and provide niche as well as contact information. To the left of these details, you see sales messages that encourage consumers to make an impulse stop. Of course, you do not have to rely solely on window graphics when seeking to support your building sign’s message. Other options include A-frames, exterior menu boards, and banner stands.

What Could Your Company Do with an Aluminum Sign Panel in Alpharetta GA?

Do you want to catch the attention of consumers with a building sign? Maybe you need to provide directions and want something that functions as a wayfinding tool. Aluminum sign panels work well in these settings. Another use for the aluminum is its integration into an existing post and panel or monument sign. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists today to learn more about your options.

Aluminum Sign Panel in Alpharetta GA

Morgan Easley Chooses an HDU Sign Panel as an Exterior Wall Sign

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Clients find Morgan Easley at 555 Sun Valley Drive in Roswell, GA. The company provides legal expertise to businesses needing assistance with transactions, disputes, and employment law. Other services include help with business formations and tax law, franchising, and intellectual property protection. When the law firm decided it wanted to add a fitting building marker, it chose an HDU sign panel as an exterior wall sign.

Understated Elegance and Functionality Combine

HDU sign panel as an exterior wall signThe office is situated in a converted residence. The façade features red brick. The entryway displays a white column with matching soffits and fascia boards. Installing a typical building sign consisting of dimensional letters would look out of place. What the venue needed was a design that underscored the locale’s understated elegance but would not do so at the cost of functionality.

After consulting with our customer, we designed a high-density urethane (HDU) board that displays the company’s logo and name. The white on black colors perfectly fit in with the palette already in play at the office. Moreover, the signage design with its cutouts and shaping expertly embraces the overall elegance and style of the architecture. That said, the data is visible and provides suitable wayfinding assistance for the firm’s clients.

HDU Panels Work Well in Many Settings

HDU sign panel as an exterior wall signWhen working with the material, we can route or sandblast it. Doing so determines which style elements will stand out in a three-dimensional fashion. Our technicians help you select a background design that allows for the inclusion of a wood grain style finish or something else altogether. Painting the sign heightens the aesthetic appeal. Because these design options provide a high level of versatility, you find HDU signs in a broad range of settings.

For example, historical buildings, and those situated in parts of town where merchant councils try to preserve a specific look, benefit from the elegant presentation that HDU panels bring to the location. Your sign can look aged or sophisticated to be in keeping with the overall vibe you want to portray with the business. This same opportunity applies to companies located in mixed zone settings where standard commercial signage is simply out of place.

But there is also an aspect of artistry that comes with an HDU sign panel as an exterior wall sign. Because our technicians have the option of applying a variety of colors and three-dimensional design details, your company benefits from a sign that immediately catches the attention of passersby. Even those who might not typically be part of your target demographic cannot help but notice your venue. From there, it is easy to build name recognition and receive word-of-mouth advertising as well as encourage the impulse stop.

Discussing Your Signage Options with an Expert

When you are ready to see what a sandblasted or routed building sign could do for your company’s façade, discuss your plans with our business signage experts. We help you envision the look of the product and the fit on the façade. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

HDU sign panel as an exterior wall sign

How to Advertise with a Monument Sign or Pylon and Stand out from the Crowd

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The pylon is to commerce what the sign spinner is to a temporary tax business in April: an eye catcher. It stands tall, acts as a wayfinding tool, and provides an opportunity for your company to announce its presence. But how do you effectively advertise with a monument sign or pylon?

Space Dictates an Advertising Message’s Design

Advertise with a Monument SignPylons are tall and eye-catching. There is no doubt about this signage product’s effectiveness. However, what do you do when you must share the marketing space with other businesses? Case in point is the chiropractor’s office we recently worked with.

This company set up its clinic in a business plaza where firms from different niches flanked it. It was an excellent opportunity to stand out and provide a service that few nearby competitors also offered. On the downside, the established pylon sign required an elongated signage display with a height limit.

We consulted with our client and designed a product that spells out “Chiropractor” in white lettering against a blue backdrop. With a black border, it emphasizes the distinct nature of the lettering. Because a pylon is a double-sided sign, we manufactured two boards. This product stands out because the other boards feature white backdrops. Also, the lettering differentiates itself perfectly from the background.

Design Tips when You Plan to Advertise with a Monument Sign or Pylon

  • Advertise with a Monument SignPick the right color contrast. Not only should the lettering contrast from the background color, but the combination also needs to stand apart from other style elements on the sign. Going back to our example, consider that the other signs feature a white background with red lettering. Naturally, white on blue is sure to stand out there.
  • Minimize data. Sometimes, you do not have to display your company’s name. Sure, if your brand is a household name that everyone in town is familiar with, it pays to present it on a pole or monument. But if you do not have this type of name recognition, consider advertising your niche instead. For the chiropractic clinic, it made sense to do so. Its patients would search for the venue via an address; having the sign that illustrates the presence of the clinic is the wayfinding assistance clients need.
  • Consider illumination. The majority of pylons and monuments are unlit. Several feature illumination from above or below. Landscape spotlights, for example, are a great way of providing the needed lighting for the information. However, if you have the opportunity, consider the installation of a marker with built-in lights. This setup has the advantage of ensuring that your company’s details always stand out.

Getting Help for Your Monument Sign or Pylon Setup

Advertise with a Monument SignIf you have been thinking of adding your company’s information to an existing pylon or monument, we can help. Whether you have single billing or share the spotlight with other businesses, we assist your company to stand out from the crowd in all the right ways. Our technicians handle the design, manufacture, and installation of panels, dimensional letters, and overlays. We gladly also install the pylon or monument on your property. Contact us today to get started on your project.

Advertise with a Monument Sign

Boost Name Recognition and Product Awareness with Contractor Vehicle Graphics in Cumming GA

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Located at 5815 Steeplechase Boulevard, Andy Lewis/Hobson Heating & Air has been around since 1973. The company works with residential and commercial clients throughout the area. When the business invested in a new Chevy Silverado work truck, the management team contacted us to discuss the design and installation of contractor vehicle graphics in Cumming GA.

Reinforcing Name Recognition and Product Awareness

contractor vehicle graphics in Cumming GADo members of your customer base know what you do? With a name like Andy Lewis/Hobson Heating & Air, it is pretty clear what line of work you are in. Or is it? For starters, the name does not reveal if this business works with residential or commercial clients. Moreover, the name does not say why doing business with this company – versus another one – is advantageous for the consumer.

So, we expanded on the information. In addition to providing the name, website address, phone number, and logo, there is a menu of services. It spells out that the company handles sales and service, installation, maintenance, and residential service calls. The services menu is on both sides of the truck. On the tailgate, we limited the information to present a name and contact details. When the contractor now takes the vehicle on the road, it reinforces name recognition and ensures that prospective clients know what services the business offers.

The Importance of a Services Menu

contractor vehicle graphics in Cumming GAPlenty of HVAC companies maintain products and service them on a regular basis. A few also handle the sales. This is a specialty service because it requires the expert to recognize the customer’s needs and match them with available technology. Comparing and contrasting the products so that the options make sense to the consumer is vital. This aspect of the business calls for more than mere salesmanship and technical know-how. It requires an understanding of the consumer’s current and future needs.

By outlining that the business handles this aspect of the trade, clients feel comfortable calling the company for advice. It is this setup that makes the services menu such a vital addition to a vehicle graphics setup. Although it is tempting to forgo the information to save a few dollars on vinyl and labor, remember that the details you put there can bring in new customers.

Also, by boosting product awareness, you indirectly support brand knowledge. You become known as the contractor that offers a specific type of service. This is an invaluable addition to a brand persona. It positions you competitively among others in the same niche. At the same time, you underscore why doing business with you makes more sense than going to the competition. This level of branding creates the consumer buy-in that results in long-lasting professional relationships.

Get Your Contractor Vehicle Graphics in Cumming GA

contractor vehicle graphics in Cumming GAYou do not have to operate an HVAC shop to reap the benefits that vehicle graphics provide to a contracting business. Whether you select a full or partial wrap, opt for the graphics and lettering package, or want to try out a spot graphic, our experts can help. Contact us today to find out more.

contractor vehicle graphics in Cumming GA

Johns Creek Dental Care Dresses Up Its Office Space With A Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign in Suwanee GA

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Located at 3630 Peachtree Parkway, Johns Creek Dental Care is a Patient’s Choice winner for oral health care in the city. This practice was founded in 1995. Just recently, the clinic’s management team decided to dress up its office space with a contemporary dimensional letter lobby sign in Suwanee GA. This was when our sign shop got the call.

Creating an Eye-Catching Signage Solution that Makes the Space Pop

dimensional letter lobby sign in Suwanee GAAfter consulting with our client, we designed a sign that incorporates the clinic’s logo representation. Because the backdrop color is an attractive charcoal gray tone, we suggested the use of a brushed metal surface appearance. It reflects the light without the glossy shimmer of a polished presentation. The 3D look makes the lobby sign pop, which looks great in the allocated space.

Lobby Sign Options

dimensional letter lobby sign in Suwanee GAIf your company is considering an investment in a lobby sign, you have a variety of choices to make. It starts with the material option. Typically, firms choose acrylic, metal, or PVC. Sign foam is another good alternative. If you want to heighten the 3D appearance, sign foam is your best option. We can paint the materials or apply a vinyl overlay in cases where you have gradient color changes that are impossible to recreate with paint.

Three-dimensional letters are a favorite because they are easy to adapt to any wall surface. We can change the size and spacing to take up as much or as little space as is needed for an aesthetically pleasing display. But you do not have to limit yourself to individual letters.

Logo boards are another choice. They typically consist of acrylic panels that we imprint with your information. Applying a vinyl overlay with the printed lettering is another method of presenting the details. Technicians install the panels with standoffs. For added pizzazz, we can also use airplane cables to suspend the signage from the ceiling.

Popular Trends in Lobby Signage Design

dimensional letter lobby sign in Suwanee GAIlluminated lobby signs are quickly gaining in popularity. In the past, business owners would ask for the design of three-dimensional letters that they would then illuminate with spotlights. The resulting play of lights and shadow immediately captured the attention of clients entering an office space.

Now, we can install light sources directly on the backs of the logo lobby signs. When hidden behind the acrylic or metal, they present with an impressive halo-lit appearance. Another option is the installation of appropriately size-adjusted channel letters. Some companies have decided to introduce identical signage on the façade as well as on the reception area wall.

Ordering Your Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign in Suwanee GA

Whether you want to try the look of a logo board or already know that dimensional letters are the way to go for your venue, we can help. Our graphic artists can help you put together a look that works well for your space. We assist you with the selection of the material, too. If you already have artwork on hand, we gladly incorporate it. If you do not, we can create the product from the ground up. Call us today to get started on the project.

dimensional letter lobby sign in Suwanee GA

Window Dazzlers Impresses with a Customized Monument Sign in Cumming GA

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Located at 336 Dahlonega Street, Window Dazzlers specializes in outfitting model homes with draperies and associated fabrics. This business also provides commercial venues with innovative window coverings and similar products. When the management team needed an elegant but functional customized monument sign in Cumming GA, its representative contacted our experts for assistance.

Combining Artistry with Effective Brand Representation

customized monument sign in Cumming GAThe team wanted prospective clients to know – at a glance – what the business is all about. Choosing a monument sign to do so makes sense because it is one of the most visible signs along Dahlonega Street. We created a panel for the brick and mortar setup. It features the blue and gray color contrast that is easy on the eye in any light.

We spelled out the company’s name and niche. In a textbox, our technicians used a white and blue color pairing to underscore the residential and commercial aspects of the company’s clientele. Contact information and a website address round out the details. This sign fits in beautifully with the existing architecture of the monument frame. Because it features some decorative style elements, it contrasts well with the panel.

Refurbish or Replace?

customized monument sign in Cumming GAShould you replace a monument sign or just refurbish it? In most cases, refurbishing the marker saves you money. However, there are times when installing a new one makes more sense.

  • Safety concerns. If the structure of the monument is dilapidated and may fall apart, it makes no sense to add a coat of paint and a few new elements. Safety is a significant concern, and we always recommend a full replacement if the costs of an overhaul eclipse the savings.
  • Brand message problems. Does your sign still encapsulate your brand message? When you had the product put in, it fit perfectly with your brand representation. But if your targeted demographic changed or you are going in a new direction with the business, the sign may have lost its relevance. Do not jeopardize your brand representation! If we cannot salvage the sign with innovative style elements and color selections, we tell you up front.
  • Questionable positioning. You may not have factored in the hedge or tree growth when you initially had the sign installed. Now, it is virtually invisible from the road. Maybe a neighboring business put up a monument right next to yours, and now it no longer stands out. If we cannot move the marker, we may suggest replacing it with a new one at a better location.

A Customized Monument Sign in Cumming, GA, Gets Attention

Customized signage draws the eye. Monument signs, in particular, get attention from drivers and pedestrians. It makes sense to ensure that this specific product always looks neat, crisp, and positions your brand in the most effective way possible. If you already have a monument in place but are not sure if it delivers the right message, call us for a site survey. If you do not yet have this signage solution on your property, contact us for some design ideas. We have the perfect solution for your business!

customized monument sign in Cumming GA

Exterior 3D Letters in Cumming GA Announce Happy Belly Kitchen!

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The Happy Belly food truck enterprise is considered one of the ten healthiest such companies in America. This level of success has led to a consumer demand that the truck setup simply cannot meet all by itself. The company has therefore decided to open a brick and mortar location, the Happy Belly Kitchen. When the management team needed exterior 3D letters in Cumming GA, its representative contacted our experts for assistance.

Three-Dimensional Letter Sign Makes a Splash in Vickery Village

exterior 3D letters in Cumming GAOur experts worked with the company’s team and designed a 3D combination of letters and a logo portion. We painted the material in keeping with the company’s corporate colors. Since there are façade-mounted light sources, there was no need for illuminated signage. These lights create a highly visible presentation after dark. Now, hungry guests have an easy way of finding the eatery and making the brand connection between the trucks and the venue.

Why Go 3D?

exterior 3D letters in Cumming GAIn a word: attention. The three-dimensional quality of the marker makes it jut out from the façade. Rather than presenting a flat display on a similar surface, you catch the eye of passersby with these products. For example, choose dimensional letters constructed from acrylic or metal for great advertisements. Another option is the presentation of different signage types.

  • Channel letters. These products are the quintessential 3D lettering designs. They impress with widths of three to five inches. Because they allow for different types of illumination, they further heighten the visibility of the product.
  • Lightbox cabinets. Instead of letters, consider the installation of a cabinet to the façade of your building. It can take on a standard rectangular shape or utilize the form of your logo. Some clients have had excellent success with products in the configuration of a niche-specific image.
  • Shingle signs. This setup differs in the way you address the consumer. Instead of targeting the person who approaches your façade from the front, you communicate with prospective customers who come from either side of the sidewalk. These signs jut out and present your message with a double-sided display. It is possible to request illuminated signage for an even more eye-grabbing setup.

Supporting a Building Sign

exterior 3D letters in Cumming GAIf you already have a building sign, or you are thinking of commissioning one but want to promote its message, consider secondary signage. Examples include banners, A-frames, and window graphics. These products let you expand on the information of the building sign with details, menus, and sales campaigns. In addition, they allow you another opportunity for the presentation of your brand colors and iconic font. Doing so lets you reinforce brand awareness among passersby, which assists with the creation of name recognition.

Since signage is a significant influencer when it comes to enticing consumers to make an impulse stop, it never hurts to opt for something that grabs the eye like exterior 3D letters in Cumming GA. Find out what a new building sign could do for your business. We gladly work with you to design a marker that gets attention and fits in perfectly with the signage you already have on hand.

exterior 3D letters in Cumming GA