Custom Sign Packages for Professional Businesses in Atlanta!

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Patients find the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta at 5825 Glenridge Drive NE. When this clinic needed a complete signage suite for its venue, a member of the management team contacted our sign shop to discuss sign packages for professional businesses in Atlanta.

Putting Together a Custom Sign Packagesign packages for professional businesses in Atlanta

  • Frosted vinyl door wraps. Our team started the process with the way the consumer perceives the company’s brand when walking up to the venue. Rather than relying on an etched presentation of the company’s name and logo, we imprinted the information directly on the frosted vinyl. In this way, we were able to introduce three different colors that begin the brand communication.sign packages for professional businesses in Atlanta
  • Entry sign. As consumers walk up to the door, they notice the official suite sign. It features a clear acrylic sign panel that we treated with a beveled edge. Next, we added a surface print that repeats the information they see on the doors. Our installers mounted the sign with brushed aluminum standoffs.sign packages for professional businesses in Atlanta
  • Lobby sign. Catching the eye is easy when you work with dimensional letters. For this client, we customized one-inch-thick sign foam that we clad with brushed aluminum faces. This sign embodies the elegance of the signage setup that the client had chosen.

Customizing a Sign Package for Your Business

sign packages for professional businesses in AtlantaWhat sets apart this project from so many others is the client’s decision to commission a suite of products at the same time. It is an excellent way to change the look and feel of an office virtually overnight. By focusing so much attention on the brand presentation of the space, it became possible to encapsulate the brand message like never before.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend beginning any signage suite with the lobby marker. It sets the tone for the overall displays of the other markers. In the case of this client, you will notice that the elegance and sophistication that the sign represents is also found in the door wraps and suite marker. Even though each sign looks different, the branding is the same.

Selecting Signs for Your Location

Door and window graphics, a lobby sign, and a suite marker are an excellent start to your branding presentation. These signs succeed in completing a professional look that will not be lost on your customers. However, what other signage solutions could you select?

A good example is the use of a building sign. While interior signage is paramount for brand-building, exterior signage is of significant importance when it comes to wayfinding. An illuminated building sign, for example, can be an excellent asset for the business that is serious about reeling in foot traffic.

Ordering Sign Packages for Professional Businesses in Atlanta

What types of signs do you need today? If you are outfitting an office and need a full set of markers, we can help. Connect with our graphic artist to put together your lobby sign, ADA-compliant products, and anything else that could make your brand stand out in all the right ways. Call now!

sign packages for professional businesses in Atlanta

Vinyl Wraps for Offices in Atlanta GA? You Bet!

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Do you have a lot of glass in your Atlanta office space? If so, you may be dealing with privacy issues. Besides that, there are concerns about safety. More and more business owners are reporting that visitors to contemporary office spaces run into glass walls.

With so many of them now not having any frames, it makes sense that this danger is worsening. With vinyl wraps for offices, you do not have to worry about it. What all could you do with vinyl in your office space?

Set Your Glass Door Apart with a Partial Frosted Wrap

vinyl wraps for officesDo you have a glass door that needs treatment? We recommend working with our graphic artist to create a partial wrap consisting of frosted stripes. When you treat the lower third of the door, you allow customers a glimpse inside while still offering some privacy to those going about their business. Besides that, the elegant presentation is sure to make your entrance stand out in all the right ways.

Turn Your Lobby into a Brand Space

vinyl wraps for officesA wall wrap can also transform the look and feel of your lobby. What used to be a gray backdrop with little else going for it turns into an expression of your brand message with a well-chosen quote. Why not mix and match the colors of the vinyl lettering and its font presentation? This little bit of decorative ingenuity can make a significant difference in the way that customers perceive your company and interact with its brand while waiting for you.

Eliminate the Conference Room Fishbowl Effect

vinyl wraps for officesOne of the most common complaints from business owners with contemporary office spaces is the fishbowl effect of the conference room. There, those in meetings felt like they are on display. That is frequently the case because people walking past the room look in when meetings are going on. With a partial vinyl wrap, you can obscure the middle third of the glass wall. When seated, it will provide privacy for those inside.

How to Create the Ideal Vinyl Wraps for Offices in Atlanta

What type of wrap do you need? Our graphic artist routinely works with business clients who are looking to beautify spaces, add a contemporary spin on a brand message, and create safety as well as privacy at the same time. Combining form with function is our specialty.

For glass surfaces, you cannot go wrong with frosted and etched vinyl presentations. They allow for the preservation of the open office feel because the material still lets the sunlight pass through. However, it obstructs the view inside. If you want to include your corporate persona into the mix, we recommend having us etch the information out of the material. Another option is a printed display of your company’s name.

For walls, you cannot go wrong with lettering. Depending on the makeup of the wall as well as the color selection, you might be better served if you choose a full wrap. Doing so enables our team to print a panel that features underlying artwork in the shape of your logo or another niche-specific image.

Find out more about your options today by contacting our graphic artist!

vinyl wraps for offices

We Can Outfit Your Building with Room ID and Suite Signs!

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Meridian Signs and Graphics is your one-stop-shop for all types of room ID and suite signs. What are your options?

Room ID Signs with Names and Titles

room ID and suite signsroom ID and suite signsThese signs help your customers locate the right professionals to talk to. They are popular in medical, legal, and accounting offices. That said, you also find them in corporate headquarters and educational institutions.

We recommend beginning with brushed aluminum, which looks great against any type of wall or door surface. Next, we can add the professional’s name with dimensional letters for a 3D presentation. If you prefer, we can also use a router to cut the material out of the aluminum.

Why not opt for a high-contrast color setup to make it easier for your customers to read the information that you are providing? Black letters on the shiny aluminum are excellent options. Of course, you might also consider including a brand color into the mix.

ADA-Compliant Signage for Glass Doors

room ID and suite signsJust because you have a glass door does not mean that you have to forego the presentation of a room ID. Most importantly, you can have it feature the occupant’s name as well as the required display of a number and Braille II dots.

We begin with a panel in a color that fits in perfectly with your office’s overall interior décor. Some clients choose a brand color to foster brand awareness among consumers who visit the venue. Next, we imprint the board with the occupant’s name.

Our technicians can then create an acrylic panel with a frosted backing that we imprint with your room number. Moreover, we attach the Braille II dots. This sign mounts to the underlying board with brushed aluminum standoffs for a sophisticated look. We can support your choice of any high-contrast color match.

Compliant Suite Signs for Property Management Companies

room ID and suite signsMany of our clients are property management companies. Their representatives usually ask us to create identical suite signs that feature the numbers along with the Braille dots. It is then possible to print a vinyl overlay for the incoming business tenant. Another option is the use of a printed insert that slips behind an acrylic top portion.

Order Your Next Room ID and Suite Signs

Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Milton, Duluth, Roswell, Canton, and Marietta. We routinely work with business clients just like you, who have distinctive design and style needs.

Whether you want a sign made from metal, acrylic, or something else altogether, we can accommodate you. The same goes for the creation of a perfect color match. Many clients ask us to incorporate their brand tones into the suite signs and room IDs for the best results.

Moreover, if you already have a design template on hand, we can follow its specs for the signage that fits in with your building’s overall setup. On the other hand, we can also create a product from the ground up if you do not know precisely what you are looking for.

Contact us today to schedule a design appointment!

room ID and suite signs

Channel Letters in Conyers GA Light Up for Dance Studio!

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Jenae’s Dance Experience is a go-to location for ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and pointe dancing. Located at 1820 Highway 20 SE, students needed some help with wayfinding, which is why the dance school’s management team commissioned channel letters in Conyers GA.

Illuminated Channel Letters Set the Tone for the Business

Channel Letters in Conyers GAMeridian Signs and Graphics worked with the client to design the ideal set of channel letters for the location. They feature the company’s name in the same white letters that customers see on the business’ website. Because it was not possible to install the letters with a flush mount, we opted for the raceway installation method.

In this scenario, we place the wiring and electrical components inside an elongated, narrow box. Our technicians paint the box in the same color as the façade, which makes it difficult to spot. Next, we mount the raceway to the wall and then the letters to the raceway. Because the client had chosen the front-lit presentation, the sign now lights up boldly after dark.

Choosing the Right Lighting Option

Channel Letters in Conyers GAThere are plenty of reasons why channel letters are so prevalent in Georgia. It starts with the installation options. Many clients prefer the flush mount. When this is not possible, they do very well with a raceway setup. Some even commission board installations that allow for the introduction of a third brand color.

Of course, the illumination choices are also good reasons to select this signage option.

  • Front-lit. Take a page from the playbook of Jenae’s Dance Experience, and opt for the front-lit presentation. It means that our technicians close off the fronts of the letters with polycarbonate or acrylic panels. We paint these panels in your brand color. After dark, the light illuminates the panels from behind, which causes the color to shine boldly.
  • Halo-lit. The opposite design is the back-lit or halo setup. We close off the letters in the front with aluminum but select transparent polycarbonate for the back. By mounting the letters with stand-offs, we ensure that you have about two inches between their backs and the wall. Doing so allows for the creation of a gorgeous halo experience when the lights turn on.
  • Open face. If you want to take your customers back to the time of the 1940s, we can accommodate your brand desires. By allowing the light assembly to be seen – only a thin sheet of clear acrylic separates it from the elements – you recreate this appearance from the old-fashioned diners and stores.
  • Combination. When you desire the best of both worlds, we can help. For a front-lit design with a halo effect, we add more LEDs and select the stand-off look. More and more business clients are now opting for this design.

Buying Channel Letters in Conyers GA

Channel Letters in Conyers GAAre you ready to assist your customers with the ultimate wayfinding experience? We can help you design a channel letter presentation that is right for your company. Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Conyers, Canton, Marietta, Atlanta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Cumming, Milton, Duluth, Fulton County, Forsyth County, and many more areas. Contact us today!

channel letters in Conyers GA

Atlantis Property Investments Advertises Big with Van Graphics in Cumming GA!

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When you need repairs, renovations, or restorations in the Atlanta area, Atlantis Property Investments is the company to call. They work with property management companies, HOAs, and other entities to provide handyman services as well as other maintenance tasks. When this firm needed van graphics in Cumming GA, the management team contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Differentiating Themselves from the Competition with Targeted Van Graphics

van graphics in Cumming GALocated at 1465 Dahlonega Highway, this firm is on the speed dial of plenty of companies. However, the company is ready for more business. Therefore, the management team decided to feature its services on the sides of a van.

Doing so is advantages because it helps the company differentiate itself from the competition. A case in point is the extensive services menu that we added to the sides of the van. Another aspect is the grouping of entities that Atlantis works with. For a real estate brokerage in search of a maintenance firm, seeing that this company provides this service is valuable.

Now, Atlantis Property Investments impresses prospective customers with a van that details its services as well as its range of clientele. We rounded out the presentation with the company’s name, logo, contact information, as well as a tagline and service territory. In this way, the van is now a useful advertising tool that answers the questions a prospective customer might have.

Using a Vehicle to Reinforce Brand Knowledge among Potential Customers

van graphics in Cumming GAMarketing and branding with vehicles fulfill a wealth of purposes. There is the brand introduction. If you are a newcomer to the niche, a treated car, truck, or van introduces your business to prospective customers. It displays your name and highlights your niche. Doing so is an excellent option when you are entering a market or work on expanding an existing territory.

Next, there is brand awareness building. You succeed in helping the consumer connect your logo with your company’s name. This step is invaluable when you are sending out sales collateral and want to have a favorable reception among the households that you are targeting.

You might also take a page from the playbook of Atlantis Property Investments, and utilize the graphics for brand knowledge. This means that you help the customer understand what types of products or services you provide. You tie the information together with the display of your corporate persona. It is a highly effective method of advertising and branding in a customer territory that you have already established.

Ordering Your Van Graphics in Cumming GA

Meridian Signs and Graphics is your go-to provider of vehicle graphics. Whether you have one van or a fleet of vehicles that need wrapping or graphics treatments, we can help. Our team routinely works with a broad range of firms to provide the types of graphics products that will help your company stand out in all the right ways. By the way, you do not have to have all the details already worked out. We gladly assist with the creation of a design from the ground up.

Contact our sign shop today for a design appointment!

van graphics in Cumming GA

Southern Design Brands Showroom with Pewter 3D Letter Routed Sign in Marietta GA

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Located at 4235 Merchants Walk Drive, Southern Design & Remodeling is a repeat Best of Houzz winner. The expert’s kitchen and bath designs are much talked about and sought after. When the company needed a pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GA, a representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Creating a Unique Look for Southern Design

pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GAWe started by measuring the circle shape and cutting it out of acrylic. Next, we painted the material black. Technicians were then able to apply brushed pewter laminate to the acrylic. The letters are made of brushed aluminum laminate that we attached to black acrylic. The ampersand consists of routed acrylic that we painted gray.

By combining these style elements, we were able to put together a three-dimensional lobby sign that gets attention. Our installers finally mounted it to the wall in the showroom, where it advertises and brands the company in style.

By the way, this is not our first signage presentation for Southern Design & Remodeling. In the past, we also put together the company’s channel letter sign. Look closely, and you will notice that it displays on a raceway. Doing so boosted the sign’s 3D look and allowed us to hide the lighting components inside an elongated box right on the façade.

Getting Creative with a Lobby Sign

pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GAHow does your lobby sign encapsulate your brand message? When the goal is to provide the consumer with a memorable signage presentation, the lobby sign delivers the goods. We recommend taking advantage of the layering technique, which allows for the introduction of different materials for a 3D look.

Starting with acrylic is always a good idea. Depths can vary from half-an-inch to about an inch. From there, you can add laminates or more acrylic, depending on your need. That said, acrylic is not your only choice. Other business clients have had excellent success with the use of sign foam, which allows for depths of up to three inches.

A Signage Suite That Begins the Brand Communication on the Outside

pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GATake a page from the playbook of Southern Design & Remodeling and entrust our sign shop with the design, manufacture, and installation of an exterior and interior signage setup. On the outside, the building sign begins the brand conversation. It is more than merely a wayfinding sign.

In fact, it allows you to introduce the values that make your company different from others in the niche. The lobby sign then picks up on this message and takes it to the next level. We refer to this as the signage ones-two punch. Because the consumer already learned about your business, you are now in an excellent position to differentiate yourself from the competition even more.

Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to a building sign that combines with a lobby marker. It is possible to add other signage solutions to the mix. Find out today if a pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GA, could be an ideal starting point for your branding efforts. Contact our sign shop now!

pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GA

Georgia Elite Hardscapes Adds Fleet Lettering and Graphics in Cumming GA

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In the business of designing, creating, and building fire pits, grading, and paver patios, Georgia Elite Hardscapes operates a vibrant business. When this firm added more vehicles to its fleet, a representative contacted our sign shop to install fleet lettering and graphics in Cumming GA.

Branding the Firm with Detailed Vehicle Lettering

fleet lettering and graphics in Cumming GAWe worked with the team to design a set of products that would be ideal for each vehicle. There were two pick-up trucks and one work vehicle. For the work vehicle, we display the company’s name, logo, contact information, and an extensive menu of services. Doing so sets the firm apart from the competition.

The pick-up trucks received a different treatment. Rather than displaying the services menu, they focus primarily on the corporate persona. Doing so made the most sense because it allowed us to go bigger with the lettering, which makes the information easier to see for motorists in traffic.

How Fleet Vehicle Graphics Help Your Company Stand Out

fleet lettering and graphics in Cumming GAWhen you operate a fleet of vehicles, you have options.

  • Uniform look. A uniform appearance is a fantastic option when you have five or more vehicles in your fleet. It essentially enables you to capitalize on the presence of multiple vehicles on the road at the same time. Go for the gusto with having a custom wrap installed that includes a background color unique to your business.
  • Variations in the appearance. When you have fewer than five vehicles, we recommend differences in the look of the cars, trucks, or vans. Doing so is advantageous because it causes the consumer to do the double-take when they see different vehicles with the same brand details drive by. It heightens interest in what you are doing. Most importantly, it enables each vehicle to be its own, unique canvas for the information that you want the consumer to see.

How to Capitalize on Vehicle Lettering

fleet lettering and graphics in Cumming GAWhat do you want the consumer to take away after seeing your vehicle? For a customer service vehicle, your corporate persona and contact information are paramount. They generate brand awareness and help the consumer connect what you do with what your brand message looks like. This leads to brand recognition, which comes in handy when you send out coupons or targeted mailers.

For a work vehicle, it pays to go as detailed as possible. Doing so typically includes a menu of services. It spells out what makes you different from the nearest competitor. In the process, you showcase what all you do. For passersby who see you at the job site, this could be the reason why they give you a call. They might not need the hardscape done, but maybe they are interested in an irrigation overhaul.

Ordering Fleet Lettering and Graphics in Cumming GA

fleet lettering and graphics in Cumming GAWhether you need us to treat one vehicle or more, we can help. Our signage shop routinely works with contractors who opt for the treatment of different vehicles. If you already have the style elements you want to include on hand, we can show you what the different cars, trucks, or vans would look like. Of course, if you need help with the design, we gladly accommodate you. Schedule your design appointment today!

fleet lettering and graphics in Cumming GA

Sharon Pointe Adds New Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA

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The Sharon Pointe HOA had a problem. Officials widened the road that went into the covenant-controlled area. However, the old monument sign was too big to fit now. Therefore, the HOA needed a new signage solution. This was when our sign shop got a call for assistance.

Putting Together a Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA

Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GAThe fabricated sign looks professional and sophisticated. At the same time, it has a contemporary presentation. The sign appears to have been crafted with river rocks, which is actually an optical illusion. Instead, it consists of hardened sign foam that has been manufactured to look like rocks. This sign is sufficiently narrow to fit perfectly at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Why Choose Fabricated Monument Signs?

Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GAWhat sets apart the fabricated setup from so many others is its versatility.

  • Size. There are many heights and widths. It is fair to say that there is a monument for any space. Whether you have limited room to work with or want to represent multiple company names, there is a size that suits your needs.
  • Design. Just as there are numerous sizes, there are also plenty of designs. Some monuments are straight while others present with curvatures. Besides that, you might have the sign look as though it is finished with bricks, stucco, river rocks, or lumber.
  • Finish options. For Sharon Pointe, the client requested a contemporary panel that displays with gold on black lettering. However, you do not have to follow suit if you want to select a different look. Pick from dimensional letters, channel letters, or a box cabinet.
  • Durability. Foam is supremely durable. It can withstand high winds and anything else that nature might throw at it. Besides that, it does not allow for water or insect damage.

Other Types of Monuments

When you are not sure that a fabricated monument sign in Suwanee GA, is the right option, there are other choices, too. A case in point is the brick and mortar monument that you might select. We build it from the ground up with rebar. This is the kind of sign that has stood the test of time. It looks great, is durable, and will be at the entrance to your venue for years or decades to come.

Another option is the design of a metal monument sign. This is a modern twist that typically combines with push-through acrylic letters and interior illumination. This sign is a favorite of hospitals and similar venues that want to make their information visible after dark.

Choosing the Right Lettering

Dimensional letters are common choices for monument signs. Selections include acrylic, metal, or PVC. You might also consider the display of a finished metal plaque or a panel displaying your information. When you like the idea of illumination, we recommend the use of a lightbox cabinet. We can scale it down to be thin and integrate into an existing monument. In other cases, we can design a monument sign that consists of a box cabinet.

With so many options open to you, it makes sense to contact our sign shop to learn more about the possibilities that are open to you. Call today!

Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA

Davinci Court Office Complex Benefits From Refurbished Monument Signs in Atlanta!

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Recently, we did some work at 3720-3740 Davinci Court, which is under the management of Banyan Street Capital. This property is a sizable office complex just off Peachtree Parkway. As a Class A complex, it needed refurbished monument signs in Atlanta that would be highly visible from the street.

Saving the Client Money while Creating Aesthetic Upgrades to Existing Monument Signs

refurbished monument signs in Atlanta

Update My Monument Sign in Atlanta GA

A look at their old monument signs.

Before we began the work, the monument signs had an attractive brick exterior with a tile front. The lettering and numerals took up the upper third of the sign. This style used to be popular but is no longer considered contemporary.

  • New paint for the brick. Our team began by repainting the brick and ledges of the existing signs. They were in excellent repair and only needed a good cleaning for the paint to adhere properly.
  • Refacing of the monument. Next, we removed the tiles that gave the signs a dated look. Instead, we refaced the signage with a color that complements the reddish brick tone. It creates a contemporary display that offers a good color contrast.
  • New dimensional letters. This time around, the dimensional letters take up three-quarters of the sign. It makes the name of the venue far more visible from the street. We used slightly thicker dimensional numerals to identity the street numbers.

Do You Need a New Monument Sign? Maybe Not!

Monument Sign Updates in Atlanta GA

This refurbished monument sign welcomes and invites.

It is tempting to believe that the outdated monument sign in front of your property needs to be replaced. And if it is in severe disrepair, you might be right. However, signs that have good “bones” typically do very well with a refurbishing. We can easily change the look and feel of the sign and modernize it for a contemporary visual appeal.

It starts with a site survey that allows us to inspect the signage and gauge its overall structural safety. Besides that, we ensure that the structure is up to code. This is of particular importance when you have an illuminated monument marker on your property.

Next, we create plans for what the finished product might look like. We propose changes to the paint colors as well as updates to the lettering that you currently display. If you opt for dimensional letters, we might suggest acrylic or metal, which are both very durable materials. Of course, we can also retrofit most monuments to support illuminated signage or the display of a box cabinet.

How to Commission Your Refurbished Monument Signs in Atlanta

Monument Sign Refurbishing Atlanta GA

Make your office court attractive to prospective tenants with great entrance signs!

We work with a broad range of signage products to upgrade their looks. Take a page from the playbook of Banyan Street Capital, and call us to work on your existing brick and mortar signage. That said, we can also take on post and panel signs that we then modernize and improve. The same is true for many prefabricated foam monuments that are becoming so popular in and around the Atlanta area.

It all starts with the site survey. Invite us out to visit your location and inspect the monument sign you currently have on your site. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

refurbished monument signs in Atlanta

Is It Possible to Use Channel Letters Inside Your Business in Atlanta?

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You are already familiar with dimensional letters for your signage inside the office or storefront. However, could you put channel letters inside your business in Atlanta? The answer is yes. In fact, there are several ways to go about it.

Take Advantage of Ledges, Overhangs, and Similar Architectural Style Elements

channel letters inside your business in AtlantaDoes your venue house different departments? Maybe you have doors that denote the transition from one to the next. Make wayfinding simpler with the help of illuminated channel letters. We can build these letters to scale, which ensures that we integrate them perfectly with the architectural style elements your space offers.

Capitalize on a Focal Wall with a Mural and Channel Letter Sign

channel letters inside your business in AtlantaThe focal wall is the first thing the customer sees when entering your location. What does your wall say? With channel letters that cover more than two-thirds of the wall space, you can create a powerful brand display. Heighten this appearance with a wall mural that bespeaks your brand impression.

You might feature images that show your employees at work, out in the community, or volunteering. Most offices or stores have blank walls that currently only highlight a few posters or artwork. Choose one of them to become your new brand expression wall.

Combine Box Cabinets with Push-Through Channel Letters

channel letters inside your business in AtlantaThe ultimate brand presentation is a combination of channel letters and lightbox cabinets. This mix allows for vivid impressions that heavily lean on your brand message. Choose the display of your lobby sign as the center or create an utterly stand-alone setup. Both options work well in virtually any space.

Opting for the Right Illumination

As is the case with outdoor channel letters, you can choose the illumination options for your indoor channel letter signage, too.

  • Front lit. The most vibrant color presentation is, without a doubt, the front lit display. It allows the light to escape from the front, which encourages the hues from the signage to shine brightly.
  • Halo lit. In this setup, the light escapes through the backs of the letters. It bathes each individual letter in a soft glow of illumination. This results in a sophisticated look that is fantastic for light and dark contrasts.
  • Combination. Of course, there are also the customers who want the best of both worlds. We can add several LEDs that allow for a vibrant front lit experience while you can still enjoy the halo illumination.

Putting Channel Letters Inside Your Business in Atlanta

What could a set of channel letters do for the interior of your business? Maybe you want to find a new way of presenting your lobby sign. Channel letters are ideally suited. We can combine them with a box cabinet to feature your logo symbol, too.

Then again, you might want to present your corporate persona as part of a branding display. In this setting, the importance is on the color play as well as the surrounding signage. Entrust our graphic artist with the sketch for this display.

Finally, you may want to rely on the illuminated channel letters as wayfinding tools. We can help make them stand out in all the right ways. Contact us today to start this project!

channel letters inside your business in Atlanta