I’m Looking for Vehicle Wraps Near Me!

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If you could spend only 35 cents but have 1,000 eyeballs see your ad, would you make the investment? Of course! After all, you know that you would have to spend more than 60 times as much to have the same level of exposure with a magazine ad. Learn more about vehicle wraps near me to get in on the mobile marketing revolution.

Understanding the Mobile Marketing Concept

You use a car, truck, or van in your business. You haul supplies or crews with it. Maybe you make deliveries or visit customers for estimates. Each time that this vehicle is on the road, it is exposed to countless members of your targeted demographic. These are potential buyers who may have never heard of your company.

Use your vehicle to introduce them to the company’s name, niche, and product offerings. Most importantly, you can showcase what makes your business different from its closest competitor. The advertising medium you select is the vehicle wrap.

How Vehicle Wraps Work for Every Budget

There are three different types of wrap products.

  1. Full wrap. The full wrap is the Corvette of the mobile marketing setup. It covers the exterior of your vehicle like a paint job. Wow customers with gradient color changes. Feature vignettes of products on the outside of the car. In the process, feature your corporate information that highlights a name, logo, and contact information.
  2. Three-quarter or half wrap. As the name implies, we wrap three quarters or half of your car. This saves you money because it reduces the material cost. Of course, our team does not just stop when we hit the 75-percent mark. Rather, we integrate the paint job in the design. The results are smooth lines and professional presentations.
  3. Quarter-wrap. The least expensive wrap is the quarter setup. With the clever integration of graphics and lettering, you display an amazing array of niche images and corporate details. Most importantly, these products have a unique visual appeal.

Add-Ons Make the Difference

No matter what type of wrap you select, consider adding perforated vinyl window graphics. They ensure that the wrap does not suddenly stop when the window glass begins. These products are suitable for the rear and rear side windows. You can still see out as you are driving. However, those on the outside only see your marketing message. Our technicians can seamlessly integrate window perf products with your wrap design.

Finding Vehicle Wraps Near Me

Meridian Signs and Graphics is your go-to solution for all types of vehicle wraps, lettering, and graphics products. Whether you need to outfit one car, truck, or van or a fleet of mixed makes and models, we can help. We proudly serve the business communities in and around Atlanta, Cumming, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Duluth, Norcross, Johns Creek, Woodstock, Canton, Buford, Milton, and Roswell, Georgia.

By the way, we also wrap private vehicles. When you want to transform your ride to look stunning and suitable for your personality, we can help you with that, too. Contact us today to learn more!

vehicle wraps near me

Budget-Friendly Options for Office Door Signs

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How do you welcome consumers to your office? You most likely have some signage outside. Maybe some directories point the way to your location. However, why not use the door through which clients enter, too? We have some budget-friendly options for office door signs that suit any venue.

Imprinted Frosted Vinyl with Colorful Prints

This product installs on your office door. It is an ideal selection when this door features large glass panels. Most importantly, it offers privacy for the people using the office. Frosted vinyl looks sophisticated and brings pizzazz to your setting. By etching out the suite number, you make wayfinding a snap. Most importantly, the display of colorful corporate lettering and symbols ensures that you get your brand message noticed one more time before a client enters.

Acrylic or Metal Dimensional Letters

When you have a solid wood office door, you cannot go wrong with dimensional letters. You might present a preview of the lobby sign that you have inside. Choose the same brand colors as you do online. By opting for a 3D presentation, you ensure that customers cannot help but see your information from a distance. We recommend adding a spotlight above the door that illuminates the logo. It creates a slight shadow display that boosts the visual aesthetics of the setup.

Vinyl Graphics Fit Any Budget

Metal doors can also look fantastic with dimensional letters. That said, why not choose colorful vinyl graphics and lettering? Add a niche-specific image and boost the visibility of your company. Most importantly, add information that you want the consumer to see. A good example is a tagline, office hours, or a niche explanation that outlines what types of services you provide.

Additional Options for Office Door Signs

Would you like to combine your door signage with a secondary product for heightened visibility? Consider a suite sign. Numerous styles meet ADA guidelines and fit in perfectly with your interior décor. Examples include dimensional letters on wood backgrounds, clear acrylic, and metal. For building managers, these signs provide a level of uniformity in the hallways of their properties.

Recommended Signage Combinations

Office door signs are only the beginning of the communication process. There are other ways of addressing the customers who come to visit your location.

  • Menu boards. Show off popular services or products that clients might select. Doing so on the outside is an excellent way of increasing foot traffic to your office.
  • Window graphics. These easily support your door graphics. Whether you choose frosted vinyl for the door or something else, consider window displays to depict happy consumers using your services or items. Similarly, you might advertise special rates or seasonal offers in this way.
  • Welcome signs. Place these on the interior or exterior. Welcome messages reaffirm your commitment to the company’s vision and mission. For many consumers, it could be the first introduction to your brand message.

Areas we Serve

Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, Duluth, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, and Marietta. Contact us today to discuss your next office door signage project.

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Holistic Recovery Center Shines with Dimensional Letters in Cumming GA

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The Carter Treatment Center provides holistic recovery services at 380 Dahlonega Street. It focuses on unique modalities in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction. When the facility needed dimensional letters in Cumming GA, its office team contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Welcoming Clients with Dimensional Letters

dimensional letters in Cumming GAThe entry door consists of dense wood. We used acrylic for the design, manufacture, and installation of dimensional letters that spell out the facility’s name. Our team centered the lettering on the door, which creates a welcoming effect and allows for maximum sizing that makes the information easy to read even from a distance.

We added a second set of dimensional letters to the front of the receptionist’s desk. It is a tall setup with dark wood paneling. Therefore, the light colors of the Carter Treatment Center’s information stand out beautifully. Moreover, the white tones match the wall colors perfectly, which ties the look of the presentation together.

Advertising and Branding a Facility with Multiple Dimensional Letter Displays

dimensional letters in Cumming GADimensional letters stand out due to their 3D presentations. Using them effectively for advertising your brand as well as the services you provide is a good way of getting the message across. Most importantly, 3D displays are visually appealing, which boosts the overall impression you make on customers.

Choosing dimensional letters for a solid door is always a good choice. Take a page from the playbook of the Carter Treatment Center, and divide the lettering between both sides of the door. By the way, this facility ensures that consumers coming from the side corridor will also see its information by placing a plaque next to the entry door.

You can achieve a similar effect with a panel sign that we install perpendicular to the wall. It focuses on addressing individuals who are walking up to your doorway. Another way to catch the attention of passersby is the use of A-frames. They fulfill a dual purpose. For starters, they highlight your corporate details. Secondly, a changeable pocket features announcements, notices, and advertisements.

Desk Signs vs. Lobby Signs

dimensional letters in Cumming GAThe desk sign is a new type of lobby sign that is quickly finding plenty of followers. The idea is that the walls feature artwork or wraps, which focus primarily on the branding of the location. It is nevertheless vital to have adequate signage in place that identifies the venue. Of course, with a dimensional letter door sign, this level of representation is in place.

Most importantly, desk signs work well when you do not typically have crowds or long lines in the reception area. If your lobby does get crowded, a standard reception area sign is a better option. Of course, we can integrate it into the artwork of the room to support your interior décor selections.

Expressing Your Brand with Dimensional Letters in Cumming, GA

When you are ready to add 3D lettering to your signage setup, we can help. Our team will gladly visit your location for measurements and material discussions. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

dimensional letters in Cumming GA

Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for Cumming GA IT Firm

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Located at 103 Pilgrim Village Drive, SnapTech IT is a multi-state thought leader in managed IT services. When this firm needed a dimensional letter lobby sign for Cumming GA, its management team contacted Meridian Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Maintaining a Unified Brand Identity

Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for Cumming GABecause the company has a presence in multiple states, it was vital for the lobby sign to reflect an identical brand message that matches the other branches of the firm. Most importantly, the sign had to be in keeping with the business’ online representation. Our team achieved this goal with a perfect Pantone color match.

We painted the individual style elements in the tones that consumers see on the website. Therefore, it is the same brand presentation as those that you see in the offices in other states. Most importantly, the customer who visits SnapTech IT after checking out its online presence has no trouble recognizing the branding. We centered the signage on a focal wall for maximum effect.

Advantages of Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for Cumming GAFor starters, these style elements stand out. Most clients ask us to use one-inch-thick acrylic or half-inch-thick metal. If you want to go for the gusto, we recommend the use of sign foam. It allows for depths of up to three inches. Besides, we can add laminates to the fronts of the style elements, which add additional depth.

Our clients frequently select dimensional letters because we can adjust the spacing. Doing so makes it possible to present the signage on walls with odd lengths. Whether there is not a lot of room to work with or overly much, dimensional letters allow for a visually pleasing display of your brand.

Another advantage is the opportunity of featuring multiple colors. Case in point is SnapTech IT. Its signage features three distinct colors that pop because they involve style elements in different tones. Moreover, the creamy white hues of the back wall serve as the ideal setting for bringing out the tones as well as the changes.

Compromising with Imprinted Vinyl Overlays

Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for Cumming GAIf you would like to have a logo board but like the idea of individual style elements, consider the use of clear acrylic. We can then add your corporate information as a vinyl overlay. It appears as if there are individual letters on the board even though it displays as print. An added advantage is the ability to present gradient color changes in this way.

Imprinted vinyl overlays also appeal because they are easy to switch out. If you anticipate rebranding in the near future but need signage for a lobby now, why not opt for the print? When you are ready to make the switch, we simply print out another overlay in the new fonts or colors and install it to the existing board. Doing so is an excellent cost saver.

Ordering imprints or a dimensional letter lobby sign for Cumming GA, businesses is easy. Contact our sign shop and talk to the team. We gladly visit your location for a site survey, take measurements, and offer suggestions about materials. Schedule your appointment now!

Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for Cumming GA

Sawnee School of Ballet Reels in Foot Traffic with Building Letters in Cumming GA

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Located at 433 Canton Road, the Sawnee School of Ballet provides dance instruction to members of all ages. The youngest dancers start around three years of age. When the school’s management team decided to boost its visibility in the area, it contacted Meridian Signs and Graphics to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of building letters in Cumming GA.

Building Letters Near the Roofline Increase Visibility

building letters in Cumming GADisplaying building letters is always a good option. By placing them right underneath the roofline, they are much easier to see from across the way. Most importantly, drivers can also detect them. Therefore, increasing the foot traffic to the school is now much more workable. Prospective students and their parents stop by to observe classes and get information.

Lettering Options

building letters in Cumming GAThe ballet school chose building letters that we mounted to the wall. Vinyl is a durable material that looks great and wears well. That said, there are other options, too. For example, you might decide that you prefer dimensional letters. Materials selections include acrylic, metal, and outdoor-rated sign foam. These letters allow for depths of up to three inches – in the case of the foam.

Because they jut out from the façade, they add another visual dimension to the mix. If you already have façade lighting in place, they are excellent options. Our technicians can create a perfect color match with the other signage products you already use. Similarly, we adapt the look and feel of the letters to be identical to the display you use online.

Channel letters are ideally suited for facades without built-in illumination. Channel letters shine brightly from within. We use cost-efficient LEDs to create the effect. Choose front, rear, or combination-lit lettering for your building. Most importantly, the 3D effect of these letters is even more pronounced because of their relative depths.

Cabinets Provide an Alternative to Building Letters

building letters in Cumming GAHowever, what happens when you do not want building letters on your façade? Maybe you are already using letters for wayfinding and figure that the use of an additional set of letters could be too confusing? Similarly, it might not stand out enough. In this scenario, we suggest the use of a lightbox cabinet.

The typical cabinet features a rectangular shape. It has built-in LEDs and a facing that includes all of your information. That said, we could shape the cabinet in any form that you prefer. Some business owners have had excellent success with using their logo or a niche-specific image.

How to Buy the Best Building Letters in Cumming GA

building letters in Cumming GADiscuss your signage needs with our experts. We visit your location for a site survey. During this time, we take measurements. Doing so allows us to give you expert input on the right height and width to accommodate traffic but also the aesthetics of the building’s front. Next, we help you determine the proper material selection for your budget and taste.

Even if you already have a sign in place, consider if it meets all of your needs today. Contact our sign shop now to schedule a site survey and learn more.

building letters in Cumming GA

PREventClinic Greets Patients with Brushed Aluminum Lobby Sign and Etched Vinyl in Sandy Springs GA

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Brushed Aluminum Lobby Sign and Etched Vinyl in Sandy Springs GAWhat sets apart the PREventClinic from other cardiology practices is the focus on prevention. Located at 6000 Lake Forrest Drive Northwest, physicians leverage technology and counseling services to help patients prevent heart disease. As the management team was outfitting its offices, a representative contacted Meridian Signs and Graphics to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a brushed aluminum lobby sign and etched vinyl in Sandy Springs GA.

Combining Signage for a Welcoming Experience

Brushed Aluminum Lobby Sign and Etched Vinyl in Sandy Springs GAAfter meeting with the team, our technicians designed a lobby sign that consists of dimensional letters. It features the clinic’s unique spelling as well as a rendition of its logo. We used brushed aluminum faces to imbue the locale with pizzazz. Now, the lobby sign’s stylish display fits in perfectly with the ambiance of the office.

Of course, we did not stop there. Adding etched vinyl to the glass surfaces of the office’s entrance personalizes the brand presence of the clinic. Moreover, it offers patients some privacy as they enter and wait for their turns. Our technicians cut out the company’s logo and name from the vinyl. The finished product looks as though it was custom-etched at the factory when in reality we did it with vinyl for a fraction of the price.

Both signage products now come together to create a welcoming presentation with plenty of visual appeal.

Mix Sign Products to Get a Professional Brand Presentation

Brushed Aluminum Lobby Sign and Etched Vinyl in Sandy Springs GATake a page from the playbook of the PREventClinic and start with the lobby sign. It sets the tone for all other signage products you place inside your venue. In the case of this client, it was a window graphic. That said, you might select something different.

  • ADA signs. Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act requires you to display signage with specific contrasts, fonts, and Braille II details. However, did you know that you can abide by the rules and still feature your brand tones? We help you select a brand color that we then contrast with the ideal hue.
  • Wayfinding markers. Help your clients, patients, or customers find their ways around your venue. Our team assists you with adapting these signage products to the overall feel of your locale as well as your target clientele. After all, wayfinding signs for a pediatric dentist will be different from those that an art gallery requires.
  • Branded wall art. In the past, you might have bought generic wall art from the big box office supply store. However, you now have an additional option. Office prints put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding on the look and feel of the wall art. Most importantly, we can incorporate your brand message, colors, and fonts for an attractive look that fits in perfectly with the interior décor.

How to Order a Brushed Aluminum Lobby Sign and Etched Vinyl Window Products

Brushed Aluminum Lobby Sign and Etched Vinyl in Sandy Springs GAMeridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, Duluth, Canton, and Marietta, GA. Moreover, we assist commercial venues in the counties of Fulton and Forsyth. Contact us today to discuss the signage products you need for your office.

Brushed Aluminum Lobby Sign and Etched Vinyl in Sandy Springs GA

Liberty Window Invites Consumers to Request Free Quotes with Truck Graphics in Metro Atlanta

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Truck graphics in Metro Atlanta and its surrounding areas have the power to address your customers like never before. You get out your corporate message. Most importantly, you invite the prospective client to take action – all from the tailgate of your truck. Here is how it works.

Liberty Window, Inc. Offers Free Quotes to Prospective Customers

Truck graphics in Metro AtlantaWhen the management team for Liberty Window contacted us, it needed to add a brand message to an F150 truck. We worked on the design and the use of a contrast color. The client approved a presentation that involves the application of red lettering in the same style as customers see it on the website.

On the truck doors, the lettering spells out the company’s name, service territory, the identity of the operator, contact information, and website details. The back repeats the corporate look as well as the invitation to call for free quotes. Moreover, the business decided to co-brand with some of the most popular brands it represents.

This step is instrumental in helping consumers build interest in the business. Even if they do not yet recognize the contractor’s name, they will most certainly know the name of the window or door manufacturer. Therefore, it is easy for this business to generate brand awareness while also courting name recognition.

Budget-Friendly Vehicle Graphics Boost your Visibility

Truck graphics in Metro AtlantaWhat sets apart this signage option from so many others is its affordability. In a way, it levels the playing field. Whether you are just starting out in the niche, entering the local business community, or going into business for yourself, vehicle graphics are easily affordable. Secondly, no matter how small or big your company is, the use of this graphics product makes you look professional.

Also, it identifies you as a serious contender in your niche. You probably already noticed that more and more contractors in the Metro Atlanta area are using them. In this way, they introduce themselves to consumers. Most importantly, they remind existing customers of their services and products. This step could succeed in getting more business for you.

How to Select the Best Truck Graphics in Metro Atlanta

Truck graphics in Metro AtlantaNever allow generic vehicle graphics to present your corporate persona. Doing so detracts from your brand message. Similarly, it can prevent a consumer from connecting your brand and your product inventory. On the other hand, you can encourage consumer interest with a colorful presentation.

When you drive down the street, the contrast between the lettering and paint job turns heads. Take a page from the playbook of Liberty Window, Inc. and select a two-color appearance. It heightens the visual appeal of the product. Other options include reflective vinyl, which is an excellent choice for companies doing business after dark, and the use of clever designs that may contain 3D elements.

Learn more about the various graphics alternatives today. Our visual artist gladly helps you decide on a presentation that encapsulates your branding. Similarly, this pro enables you to visualize different lettering and graphics styles that help set you apart from the competition.

Contact us today to learn more about alternatives and get started on the project.

Truck graphics in Metro Atlanta

Kinetico Brands with Reverse Channel Letters in Forsyth County

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Kinetico is your go-to solution for drinking water filtration systems, water softeners, and customized solutions. This international business recently contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a couple of sets of reverse channel letters.

Refreshing a Monument and Adding a Building Sign

Reverse Channel Letters in Forsyth CountyBeing easy to notice from the road is essential for building brand awareness in your area. Kinetico knows that. After we consulted with our client, we began the project with a monument refresh. Once we dismantled what was currently on the wall-shaped roadside signage, we prepped the surface.

After it was ready for the actual lettering, we added the company’s name and logo. Moreover, we displayed the exact address of the property. Now, the logo presentation, as well as the color play, identify the venue’s corporate persona. Most importantly, it is far more visible than the temporary yard sign Kinetico had been using up to that time.

Reverse Channel Letters in Forsyth CountyNext, we added the same setup to the building’s façade. The matching graphics are not only eye-catching, but they intensify the brand message that the business communicates to consumers. It is an integral part of the firm’s identity within the local business community. Prospective clients now have an easy time noticing this business from the street.

Combining Multiple Signage Solutions to Boost Visibility

Reverse Channel Letters in Forsyth CountyThe combination of the monument and building signs is ideal. It replicates the corporate persona and ensures that customers know they found the right place. Most importantly, this look creates a mnemonic device that lets consumers remember the name and logo. Of course, you have several additional options open to you.

  • Window graphics. Use window graphics to expand on your branding. Rely on windows panes to underscore great deals, seasonal specials, and niche differentiation. Most importantly, use door lettering to outline your office hours. Having this type of information available may cause consumers to stop by your venue even after hours.
  • Flags. Catch the attention of passersby with colorful flags. The movement creates the ultimate attention getters. Because there is not much space on the flags, we recommend focusing primarily on branding or advertising with only one or two words.
  • Banners. The banner is the ultimate eye-catcher. It communicates special deals that only last for a short time. Consumers are conditioned to pay attention to banners. Many business clients have had excellent success using banners for advertising. Hang them up in your parking lot or on your façade. Depending on the size of your monument, you might add one there, too.

Ordering Reverse Channel Letters in Forsyth County

Reverse Channel Letters in Forsyth CountyIf you are thinking of featuring reverse channel letters on your façade, we can help. Invite our team to come out for a site survey. We gauge traffic speed in front of your location and take measurements. This step allows us to offer advice regarding the best sizing options for your venue. At that time, we can also provide some input about other signage alternatives that could be ideal for your setup. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Reverse Channel Letters in Forsyth County

Metal Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs for Law Firms

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What do your clients think when they come in through your doors? Most importantly, what do prospective clients see and think? Do you display a lobby sign that fosters trust and portrays expertise? In contrast, are you currently displaying a sign that misses the mark when it comes to encapsulating your brand message? Here is what you need to know about metal dimensional letter lobby signs for law firms.

Case Study: Katz Durell, LLC

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs for Law FirmsThe attorneys needed a lobby sign that would feature the firm’s logo presentation alongside its corporate persona presentation. We worked with the management team to find a material that perfectly meets the firm’s brand expectation. Our team designed and manufactured dimensional letters that we clad with bronzed faces. They feature a matte finish.

They have a slightly darkened visual appeal, which contrasts well with the beige wall backdrop. Now, these letters are the first things that clients see as they enter. Most importantly, the lobby sign is the ideal background image for photos that the firm posts to social media.

Metal Brings Pizzazz and Durability to Your Space

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs for Law FirmsEven if your lobby sign undergoes consistent sunlight exposure, there will not be any fading. The good looks of metal are here to stay. There are various manufacturing techniques and product selections that make the finished sign ideally suited for law firms with an eye on stylish corporate presentations.

  • Steel. Cor-Ten steel appeals with a rusted look. This finish has a rustic charm that is perfectly at home in some settings. Polished stainless steel brings elegance to your locale. Consider having us shape the facings slightly to encourage rounded edges.
  • Bronze. Take a page from the playbook of Katz Durell, LLC. Brushed bronze has an attractive muted look. Opt for a flush mount or consider installing these metal letters with standoffs. By the way, bronze offers you the choice of the standard finish or an artificial patina addition that gives the lettering a weathered look.
  • Brass. We die-cut your letters from highly polished or satin-finished brass. This material impresses with its muted yellow coloration. If you have darker wall colors at your office, brass is the ideal visual counterpoint. Envision the name of your firm spelled out in inch-thick brass letters.

Of course, the workhorse of the sign industry is aluminum. This lightweight material is ideally suited for a wide variety of lobby sign designs. By the way, you do not have to limit yourself to the standard silver color. Consider having us paint this material in a wide variety of colors with metallic finishes. Moreover, aluminum is a budget-friendly choice when the other metals are not.

How to Order the Right Metal Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs for Law Firms

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs for Law FirmsDo not leave your lobby sign design to chance. Rather, work with the experts who can offer you input on the best material and design options. Moreover, work with someone who understands whether your unique brand message would look better in cast metal or laser-cut lettering. Contact us today for answers to these – and other – questions.

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs for Law Firms

International Projection Screen Giant Welcomes Clients with Brushed Aluminum Letters in Alpharetta GA

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AV Stumpfl is an Austrian business that specializes in the design and manufacture of projection screens. You find its American subsidiary at 1055 Windward Ridge Parkway. When this office needed a lobby sign, its management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design and installation of brushed aluminum letters in Alpharetta GA.

3D Metal Letters for the Tech Giant

brushed aluminum letters in Alpharetta GAWe worked with the client to put together a look that bespeaks the high-tech industry AV Stumpfl represents. Aluminum is an excellent option that looks great against the beige backdrop of the wall. We designed the logo display to create an impressive 3D display. Next, our technicians added the letters in the same way that you would see them on the corporate website. Now, the brushed aluminum looks excellent in the firm’s lobby and adds plenty of pizzazz.

Metal for Lobby Signs? Yes!

brushed aluminum letters in Alpharetta GAThere are typically two options. Choose a metal plaque-style sign that features your corporate information. Technicians can add the lettering and logo symbol with a router or imprinted vinyl overlay. The second option is the use of dimensional letters. In this setup, we use metal to die-cut the sign’s individual style element. Next, we place them on your wall – perfectly spaced.

Aluminum is the industry’s workhorse. It is a favorite material of business clients. Most importantly, it is ideally suited for laser cutting, router use, and any other manufacturing method. Applying a brushed finish gives the material an elegant look that is unmistakable. That said, it is not the only metal you might choose from.

Other options include stainless steel, Cor-Ten, copper, bronze, and brass. Each has unique presentation options. What attracts business clients to these types of materials is the color play. For example, we can treat copper to age artificially with an attractive patina. Cor-Ten looks weathered and rustic, which makes it an ideal product for some settings.

Sizing is no problem. Our team can manufacture metal letters as small or large as you need. If you do not mind adding seams to the product, we can go extremely tall. When you need to keep a close eye on the budget, we recommend the use of a foam body with a metal laminate overlay. It still gives the sign a metal appearance but does so at a fraction of the cost.

Alternatives to Metal Lobby Signs

If you are not sure that metal is the best option for your business, consider the other alternatives that are open to you. For example, acrylic is a prominent choice that appeals to a broad range of companies. When your sign is colorful, we recommend selecting this material. Just like metal, we can cut it into style elements or use it as a lobby logo board. Sign foam without a laminate is another choice. It allows for designs featuring thicknesses of up to three inches.

Learn more about ordering brushed aluminum letters in Alpharetta GA. Discuss your signage needs with our graphic artist. If you are unsure if this is the right material for you, we gladly show you the other options, too. Call today!

brushed aluminum letters in Alpharetta GA