Campbell Insurance Services Welcomes Clients with a Dimensional Letters Lobby Sign

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Campbell Insurance Services serves commercial and residential clients in Cumming and Milton, GA. The business’ representatives have access to a broad range of insurance products and leverage their expertise to help customers get the policies that meet their needs. When the company needed a dimensional letters lobby sign for its office’s reception area, the team contacted our experts for help.

Focusing on a Brand Match during the Construction Phase of the Sign

dimensional letters lobby signWe consulted with the client. In the process, we learned that a meticulous brand match was of vital importance. Could we do it? You bet! We worked with the specs the client gave us to create a set of acrylic custom letters that imitate the appearance of the company’s name and logo display online.

We custom-painted the materials for a perfect color match. After construction, our technicians flush-mounted the sign’s style elements to the wall. The presentation encapsulates the company’s brand message, looks professional, and helps with name recognition.

Who Needs New Lobby Signs?

Management teams contact us when they first set up their offices. It is always a good idea to commission the lobby sign as the first interior marker. It sets the tone for the other signage products concerning style, color, and sizing. However, there are also different reasons for ordering new signs.

  • Redo of the interior décor. You are not changing the direction of the company, but you are changing the look of your offices. Maybe you want to underscore a tech sector feel or highlight your relevance to contemporary clients. We can create a replica of existing dimensional letters with newer materials or glossy rather than matte finishes.
  • Re-branding. Of course, when you do undergo a re-branding, you change out all the signage in the office. Once again, start with the lobby sign so that its material selection and design allow for easy integration of other markers that you might add later.
  • Replacement of an aging sign. If a sign is just old, it might be time to upgrade to a newer model. Materials age and take on a tired look. Updating the appearance of the lobby sign with modern style elements makes sense even if you do not want to make any changes to the way the product looks.

Boards or Dimensional Letters?

Lobby logo boards are standard choices for companies with limited wall space. But did you know that you do not have to compromise here? We can install dimensional letters to a backer panel, which gives you the best of both worlds. In fact, we routinely work with clients who ask for these boards when they want a color that makes the letters pop a little more than the wall color can accomplish.

Marketing and Branding with a Dimensional Letters Lobby Sign

Envision the focal wall of your lobby displaying a new sign. Instead of a tired old product or one that does not meet your brand needs any longer, you welcome clients with a shiny, new setup. Learn more about your options by contacting our experts.

dimensional letters lobby sign

Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign Makes a Great Impression

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When the management team from Brainchild contacted us to discuss a dimensional letter lobby sign, our technicians met with the client. We took measurements and talked through the setup of the product. Our experts designed a set of acrylic dimensional letters that we mounted to a backer panel. Next, we flush-mounted the board to the wall, which visitors to the company’s suite see right away. This sign now serves as a wayfinding and branding tool.

Which Materials Work Best?

dimensional letter lobby signMaterial selections depend primarily on your budget.

  • Sign foam. Foam is inexpensive but durable. It allows for the design of three-inch deep letters, which is ideal when you have a dramatic presentation in mind. Heighten the 3D effect by aiming spotlights at the signage just right. Some clients ask us to add thin acrylic or metal laminates for added style.
  • Plastic. Molded plastic with rounded fronts looks attractive. It also serves as a three-dimensional design choice that works well in a reception area. Another option is the display of prismatic fronts, which adds just a little more pizzazz to the design’s appearance. Plastic comes in all colors of the rainbow.
  • Acrylic. This material is typically transparent. We can paint it to match the colors you are using for your brand message. Of course, we can also add other colors to the mix. The typical depth of an acrylic letter is about an inch. We can flush mount it to the wall or install the product with standoffs.
  • Metal. One of the most expensive but also impressive 3D letter materials is metal. Aluminum, for example, looks fantastic when you present it with a brushed surface. Other options include bronze or brass.

Does a Backer Panel Work for You?

dimensional letter lobby signThe backer that Brainchild chose helps the signs to stand out from the light beige backdrop. It also helps the bright blue lettering to pop. In some cases, backer panels make sense when you like the style of dimensional letters but want the extra definition a border provides. When you have a large wall space, it makes the most sense to avoid the panel because it allows us to add a little extra space between the letters for more coverage.

Ordering a Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for Your Company’s Reception Area

dimensional letter lobby signAre you outfitting your office with signage from the ground up? Pick your lobby sign first. It sets the tone for the rest of the markers you will introduce into the space. But if you are replacing a sign that you already have, we can help you find one that fits right in and matches the other signage that is already there.

Sometimes, clients ask us to fit a sign into the setting but also change its tone just a little. Doing so can be advantageous when you have been updating your interior décor. Although not yet a re-branding, it alters the way that consumers interact with your brand when visiting your location. Contact our business sign specialists today to learn more about your options and see how we can add pizzazz to your reception area’s wall space.

dimensional letter lobby sign

Browns Bridge Church Welcomes Students with Wall Wrap and Interior Channel Letters in Cumming GA

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Located at 3860 Browns Bridge Road, the Browns Bridge Church operates a vibrant youth ministry. Among this group is the Transit Ministry, which serves youths in grades six through eight. This group meets at the church building in a wing named the Attic. To set up the space in style, the church’s administrator contacted our sign shop to discuss the design and installation of a wall wrap and interior channel letters in Cumming GA.

Designing Channel Letters and a Wall Wrap for the Interior

Interior Channel Letters in Cumming GASize matters when putting up signage inside. For the Attic, the church’s administrator envisioned front-lit channel letters. We visited the location for a site survey, which allowed us to decide on the best installation technique as well as on the ideal sizing for the products. With this knowledge in hand, we manufactured the letters with the ministry’s unique font in mind.

We flush-mounted one set of the letters directly to the wall above a door. Another set of channel letters were attached to the top of an overhang, where we stood them up and mounted them in this manner. We adjusted the sizing for this location because there was more space to work with. During daylight hours, the light colors of the channel letters’ fronts complement the slightly darker color of the wall. But once they light up, these letters pop!

Interior Channel Letters in Cumming GAAnother space now welcomes students with a photo wall. We took the images and created a wall wrap that spans its entire length and height. A different set of channel letters – flush mounted to the wall – identifies this space. The look that now characterizes this section of the youth ministry’s area is contemporary, welcoming, and sure to make middle schoolers feel right at home.

Interior Channel Letters are Gaining Acceptance

Interior Channel Letters in Cumming GAThere used to be a time when channel letters were only for the outside of buildings. However, because they have a tremendous visual appeal, they are now finding more use inside. You notice them most frequently in the lobbies of tech industry companies and firms on the cutting edge of their niches. These signs have a strong contemporary flair, which makes them a favorite during rebranding processes.

Of course, if you are thinking of adding some illumination to your interior signage, there are still other options. Case in point is the acrylic sign board that we can paint in any one of your corporate colors. Next, we install LEDs to the back of the board, which lets the light shine from behind the sign now. Some clients ask us to cut out lettering for an even more dramatic presentation of the lighting. This signage is suitable for wayfinding or lobby markers.

What Could You Do with Graphics, a Wall Wrap, and Interior Channel Letters in Cumming, GA?

Interior Channel Letters in Cumming GAImagine taking your current space from drab to fab with a visual overhaul. It can be as simple as adding some window or door graphics, installing a wall wrap with popping colors, and putting up internally lit signage. In fact, more and more businesses now favor the installation of channel letters as lobby signs. Find out more today by contacting our business sign experts.

Interior Channel Letters in Cumming GA


Arseneau Advisory Group Reels in Foot Traffic with Dimensional Letters and Window Graphics in Cumming GA

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Clients find the Arseneau Advisory Group at 5822 South Vickery Street. There, the wealth management specialists work with you to help you gain financial independence and achieve your goals through unbiased planning. To stand out from surrounding businesses, the company contacted our experts to discuss the design and installation of dimensional letters and window graphics in Cumming GA.

Creating an Exterior Signage One-Two Punch

Dimensional Letters and Window Graphics in Cumming GAAfter consulting with our customer, we designed a dimensional letter product that we mounted to an aluminum pan board. It features the white background color that the business’ clients recognize from the corporate website. The lettering itself displays in the telltale blue and red colors.

The company also asked for the use of window banding graphics to support the branding of the venue. Our graphic artists designed a look that uses a slightly lighter blue backdrop color with white lettering. Each window top receives 50-percent coverage. The words spell out the company’s services menu, which advertises as well as brands.

The finished combination looks professional, makes wayfinding a snap, and encourages consumers to learn more about the company. In the process, the business can bring in foot traffic consisting of passersby who notice one or more of the services options and want further details.

Building Signage is a Significant Component of a Corporate Presence

Dimensional Letters and Window Graphics in Cumming GAWhat does your building’s front say about your company right now? A good-quality building sign is easy to see even from a distance. It balances the brand message with a wayfinding component. In the process, it allows secondary signage solutions to tell consumers more about the company’s products or services.

You have a variety of options open to you.

  • Dimensional letters. Take a page from the playbook of the Arseneau Advisory Group, and choose to present your information with dimensional letters. They can display via a pan setting or stand alone. Materials include metal, acrylic, or sign foam.
  • Channel letters. For a variety of illumination options, you cannot go wrong with channel letters. They display your font and color combination for maximum brand visibility.
  • Lightbox cabinets. The box cabinet illuminates from within. The front features a flat or embossed design. We can create a box in the traditional rectangular shape or go for something completely different.
  • Panelboard. Consider the use of a sandblasted high-density urethane board. It creates a three-dimensional look. Because we can paint the setup in a broad range of colors and background tones, you can make your location stand out considerably from others around you.

Does Your Business Need Dimensional Letters and Window Graphics in Cumming GA?

Building signage is a crucial component of driving foot traffic to your location. If prospective customers or clients cannot see you, they will not be coming in. Dimensional letters are an excellent method for presenting your corporate name on your façade. Boost their effectiveness with the display of window graphics that underscore your brand message and color play.

Contact us today to find out how this signage solution would help your company to stand out in all the right ways.

Dimensional Letters and Window Graphics in Cumming GA

The Many Uses of Retractable Banner Stands

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Retractable banner stands are widely used by business owners across the state. They are lightweight, a snap to transport, and they make setup of any display quick and straightforward. Typically, you might use this signage solution for trade show appearances. But did you know that it has plenty of additional functions, too?

Select the Right Setup to Suit Your Needs

Retractable Banner Stands5The basic stand consists of a cassette that holds the banner – rolled up – and functions as a stand. It attaches to a wand that holds the sign up and keeps it from showing any wrinkling. That said, manufacturers have found plenty of ways to dress up this product.

  • Height adjustments. Some stands come with adjustable heights. This is a significant advantage when you like to play around with sizing. Ranges typically cover 11 inches all the way to 85 inches and taller.
  • Width selections. Widths are not adjustable. Choose one that meets your needs. Options range from eight inches all the way to 41 inches. In some cases, you might even go wider.
  • Display areas. Typically, a retractable banner stand is single-sided. That said, there are now more double-sided displays coming on the market. Envision yourself marketing your company’s information to consumers on either side of the sign.

No matter what model you choose, the stand is durable, supports vinyl and fabric banners, and comes with end cap finish pieces to make the unit look attractive.

Top Uses for Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner StandsYou already know that the stand does a great job on the trade show and expo circuit. Use it to draw in foot traffic and attract the attention of the press. When you use multiple stands, you might even create a booth backdrop. Other companies have succeeded with the use of the stands as attention getters by placing them throughout the venue with arrows pointing in the direction of the booth.

However, the usefulness of the product does not end there.

  • Lobby displays. Case in point is the set of banner stands that we did for CALMAC. These products are heavy on information. They are ideally suited for a business insider’s expo. At the same time, they are so informative that they make excellent lobby signage solutions for educating prospective clients about the products.
  • Marketing tools. Advertise your products and services with retractable banner stands. Even though they are used for interior displays, you can carry them outside for a quick setup alongside other signage that is already in place. For example, the banner stand easily expands on the message that window graphics spell out.
  • Seasonal signage. When you offer seasonal services and products, rely on retractable banner stands to spell out directions and information. Because the banners roll up into the cassette, you can reuse them year after year.

Order Your Retractable Banner Stand Today

Discuss your signage needs with our experts. We help you select a banner stand display with the right width and height. If you are unsure whether the retractable model is right for you, we can also help you with telescopic, fabric frame, illuminated, and spring back models. Contact us today for more information!

retractable banner stands

IT Industry Insiders Brand with Etched Glass and Graphics in Alpharetta GA

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6151 Shiloh Road, Suite 110, is your go-to location for finding OmniTrust Technologies and Petadigit. These companies are thought leaders in the IT sector. Petadigit specializes in infrastructure management solutions while OmniTrust is well-known for its CISSP training that benefits corporate customers. When these companies wanted to brand with etched glass and graphics in Alpharetta GA, the management team contacted the sign pros at Meridian Signs and Graphics.

Turning a Glass and Wood Door into an Attention Getter

brand with etched glass and graphics in Alpharetta GAThe suite door features solid wood with two large, inset glass panels. Without any treatment, they put the people in the office on display. Our expert suggested the use of etched vinyl that mimics the far more expensive glass treatment at the factory. Next, we added logo displays that present with colors and lettering against the gray backdrop. As a result, the suite door now clearly outlines who does business at the venue while getting plenty of attention from those walking past the location.

What Business Owners Accomplish by Using Vinyl Window Graphics

When they want to spell out their companies’ names and niche identifications, vinyl window lettering and graphics are ideally suited for the task. Another use of the medium is the display of store hours, contact details, and even some marketing information. Because we can combine long-term presentations with short-term cling products, you can also incorporate seasonal messages with the information you leave up year-round. For the winter holiday season, this is an excellent way of using your storefront windows or door glass to advertise!

Vinyl Graphics are for Walls, Too!

You do not have to limit yourself to using the products on windows or doors. In fact, more and more business owners now rely on graphics to shape their customers’ interactions with the brands. Examples abound.

  • Murals. Treat an entire wall with an image that includes lettering or just graphics. Set the mood for a location or provide a strong brand message display. You might have a mural for one wall or allow it to continue on adjacent surfaces as well.
  • Decorative wall graphics. Complement your interior décor with graphics that carry a brand message. You might accomplish this simply by highlighting a color display or featuring words that spell out your corporate vision statement.
  • Targeted brand messages. Some companies place them in areas that their employees frequent. Doing so reinforces worker training and buy-in for what the business stands for. Putting up this information in hallways, alongside a retelling of your corporate history, includes customers in your target audience.

What Could Your Company Do with Etched Glass and Graphics in Alpharetta GA?

Catch the eye of prospective clients, underscore your brand, and stand out from others in an office park with vinyl graphics. Our experts help you design an appearance that encapsulates your brand message and looks great. We proudly serve the business communities in an around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, Duluth, Canton, Marietta, and Fulton County, GA. Contact us today to get started on your project!

brand with etched glass and graphics in Alpharetta GA

Southern Cinema Brands with Vehicle Graphics in Cumming GA

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Located at 105 Canton Road, Southern Cinema sets the standard for home theater experiences. In addition to building home theater systems from the ground up to suit the needs of customers, the business also handles smart home technology and commercial AV setups. When the company’s management team decided to start advertising with its vehicles, its representative contacted us to discuss vehicle graphics in Cumming GA.

Preparing Fleet Vehicles for Mobile Marketing

After meeting with the client, we created a graphics package that provides ample branding and marketing details for the company. The business’ name and logo combination is the eye-catching setup that grabs the attention of passersby. We placed the contact information close to these images to make it easy for the consumer to jot down the data.

Next, we added co-branding details that underscore some of the brands the company works with. In the tech sector and associated industries, doing so is a hallmark that quickly helps customers form brand awareness. On the vans’ backs, we placed a services menu and tagline. Doing so is the best way of differentiating a company from its competitors while also supporting product knowledge among consumers.

Now, whenever employees take the vans on the road, these vehicles advertise the business and communicate its brand message.

How to Communicate with Vehicle Graphics for Maximum Effect

Vehicle Graphics in Cumming GAWhat do you want passersby to glean from your graphics package? Some companies want to get out their names. For many, doing this is advantageous when they first introduce their brands to customers at new locations. For others, it is vital to do so when they are newcomers to a niche. If you are just starting out in business, a vehicle graphics package is one of the fastest ways to becoming a household name.

Vehicle Graphics in Cumming GAAnother function is to create a brand message buy-in. You want customers to know what your company stands for – in addition to excellent customer service and product quality. Your brand is the differentiation that causes a shopper to visit your store rather than the competition three doors down. Express your message with colors, shapes, and fonts. We help you select a display setup that catches the eye and gets your message across with ease.

However, did you know that you could also use vehicle graphics for seasonal messages? Case in point is the winter holiday shopping season. We can always add graphics and lettering to existing wraps and graphics packages. When you choose to go this advertising route, you underscore the seasonal relevance of your business. As you present it against the backdrop of holiday-specific decorative prints, consumers start seeing your business in a new light.

Does Your Company Still Need Vehicle Graphics in Cumming, GA?

Vehicle Graphics in Cumming GAIs it not time that you joined the mobile marketing revolution? More and more companies recognize the advantages that this medium offers. You introduce prospective consumers to your brand. At the same time, you succeed in creating a strong presence for your corporate message within the local business community. Find out how we can help you stand out today!

Vehicle Graphics in Cumming GA

Spice Pik Advertises Products with Window Bands in Cumming GA

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Frequent readers of our blog will remember the channel letters with a raceway mount we did for Spike Pik’s location at 5910 Bethelview Road. Introducing the brand to shoppers, the company attracted plenty of attention and buyers. Now, the business wanted to highlight the many available products in its inventory with window bands in Cumming GA.

Window Band Graphics Advertise a Product Menu

Window Bands in Cumming GAThere are plenty of ways that a retailer might advertise a menu of the products it offers. The most typical display involves the use of a bulleted list. However, the management team at the Spice Pik store had a different idea. After consulting with our client, we designed horizontal window bands that feature highlights from the venue’s product selection.

They spell out that this store sells groceries, offers cosmetics, deals in organics, and specializes in Halal meats. They make it possible – at a glance – to find out what sets apart this location from other nearby stores. In the process, the use of corporate colors ensures that customers readily associate the products with the company’s name and presence.

How Window Graphics Communicate with Consumers

Window Bands in Cumming GAThere is a three-fold approach to using window graphics.

  • Generating name recognition. For a newcomer to a shopping center, it makes sense to get the name out. Consumers need to know who is opening up. We recommend using the font and color display that you have chosen for your website. An introduction to corporate colors is an excellent way for getting the word out about your business.
  • Creating brand awareness. Your brand message lets you connect with your customers. They choose your business, as opposed to a competitor’s because they buy into what you stand for. You reinforce this message with colors and shapes. By displaying the corporate color palette on your windows, you remind shoppers of your brand and what it represents.
  • Reinforcing product knowledge. Do passersby know what you sell? In some cases, a company’s name can be misleading or limiting. Ensure that shoppers have a full understanding of the breadth of products you offer inside. Presenting these details with window graphics is particularly essential when you are adding new items to your inventory and want to ensure that even long-time customers know that something is changing.

In the case of the Spike Pik, the window bands target two out of the three goals. Some retailers or service providers decide to emphasize only one aspect with window graphics and then use added signage to introduce the other two components. Doing so is an excellent move when you want to combine year-round advertising with seasonal messages.

Advertising with Window Bands in Cumming GA

Take a page from the playbook of Spice Pik to advertise your products or services with window bands. Not only do they help you to introduce your brand, but they can also be instrumental in getting new shoppers to enter your venue. We help you choose a display style and size that is ideally suited for your location and window size. Contact us today to get started on this project.

Window Bands in Cumming GA

S&S Auctions, LLC Advertises with Box Truck Graphics in Cumming GA

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Located in Suite 600 of 5944 Bethelview Drive, S&S Auctions, LLC is an estate sales business. The company hosts auctions on every second and fourth Saturday. To pick up items for sale, it uses a box truck. Because the vehicle could make an excellent advertising tool, the company’s management team contacted us to discuss the design and installation of box truck graphics in Cumming GA.

Adding Marketing Graphics to the Sides of a Box Truck and a Standard Truck’s Tailgate

Box Truck Graphics in Cumming GA

After discussing the project with our client, we learned that there were two vehicles. The first one, a box truck, is white, which made the navy blue graphics ideally suited for standing out. We alternated between dark blue and black for the name, address, and contact details.

By taking up the horizontal length of the vehicle, our technicians ensured that the company’s information is easy to see at a distance. We focused on presenting the majority of the lettering above the truck’s middle, which keeps the details visible even if the box truck is stuck in traffic.

Box Truck Graphics in Cumming GAThe second vehicle is a Ford truck. It is associated with Professional Estate Sales, LLC, which handles the staging of homes prior to three-day estate sales. This business schedules clean-outs of homes as well. Our graphic artist treated the tailgate of the vehicle with blue lettering that spells out the company’s name and contact details. We added a white edge to make the graphics stand out more.

Vehicle Graphics Options

Box Truck Graphics in Cumming GAWhen you decide to advertise your business using a car, truck, or van, you have plenty of options. Take a page from the playbook of our client, and present detailed corporate information on the sides and back of a truck. Doing so ensures easy visibility of the information as well as a reminder of your brand message.

Another alternative includes the incorporation of graphics. Examples might include a logo or niche-specific image. These graphics may be colorful or monochromatic. Using graphics helps to underscore your information, creates an eye-catching display, and allows consumers to remember your company’s name. They act as mnemonic devices that tie your brand and ad presence together.

Box Truck Graphics in Cumming GAFull or partial wraps are the third option. They have the advantage of making use of the vehicle’s size to its fullest advantage. In the process, they allow you a more extensive display setup that may feature a full-size ad such as you might place in a print publication or on a billboard. Augment the display with perforated vinyl window covers for the rear and rear side glass panes of the car, truck, or van. Your driver can see out, but the consumer only sees your message.

How to Order Box Truck Graphics in Cumming, GA

Box Truck Graphics in Cumming GAWork with our graphic artists to put together a design that perfectly encapsulates your marketing and branding communications. We assist with color matching to ensure that your targeted audience recognizes the details from your online or storefront presence. We handle the manufacture, location preparations, and installation of the product. Contact us today to get started on the project!

Box Truck Graphics in Cumming GA

3D Plaques Identify The Cloakroom Kitchen and Bar in Atlanta GA

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Located at 160 Ted Turner Drive NW, the American Hotel is a well-known fixture of the Centennial Park District. It also houses The Cloakroom Kitchen and Bar. Being this close to two different sports venues makes it a great place to enjoy a meal before or after events. When this business needed 3D plaques to identify its location, the management team contacted our experts for assistance.

Setting a Restaurant Apart with a Cast Metal Plaque

3D PlaquesThe image we used for the plaque displays the name and logo of the business. Although these two are round, the product we suggested displays as a square. This type of design heightens the visual appeal of the finished plaque. We emphasized the presentation by letting the raised metal shine through for the lettering and style elements. The silver color contrasts perfectly with the black color of the background. Now, it presents the eatery’s name and logo with a pizzazz that is in keeping with its brand.

Which Design is Right for You?

3D PlaquesCast metal is ideal when you have a name and logo that you wish to represent. You frequently see these kinds of plaques as city seals, historical building markers, or dedications in parks. Typically, clients like to keep the metal color for the three-dimensional elements while selecting a darker tone for the backdrop.

Etched metal plaques are good alternatives when you have a lot of text or small detail work that is part of your designs. In some cases, businesses request this technology to reproduce mission statements or corporate histories. Bronze and aluminum are favorite materials when choosing this alternative.

For an even more precise rendering of lettering and graphics, we recommend laser engravings. Our experts provide this service when you want letters that do not cut as deep but instead dazzle with crisp edges and astonishing details.

Combining Plaques with Supporting Signage

3D PlaquesAlthough you can choose to colorize metal plaques, many business owners shy away from the practice. They frequently prefer the elegant look of metal to any color features. To bring your corporate palette to the forefront is nevertheless possible with a variety of supporting signage solutions.

  • Window graphics. Use colorful vinyl images as counterpoints to the more monochromatic looks of a plaque that you display on a building. They deepen the recognition of your brand message.
  • Flags. The movement of colorful flags catches the eye. The elegance and pizzazz of the plaque keep the attention. The combination of color and 3D displays works well.
  • A-frame signs. The A-frame works well for any business. Use it to highlight changing details or specials of the day. This signage solution also allows for a repetition of your company’s name and logo.

Buy 3D Plaques for Your Business

3D PlaquesCapitalize on the attention that three-dimensional signage gets. Our experts assist you with the design of the product to ensure that it encapsulates your brand message. We help you to decide on the manufacturing method, color selection, and overall presentation. Our technicians also gladly mount the finished product for you. Contact us today to get started on the project!

3D Plaques