Exterior Dimensional Lettering in Metro Atlanta Great for Large Facilities!

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Large Atlanta facilities can be wayfinding nightmares. Sure, you have the name of the venue over the main entrance. However, what happens when there are various locales that guests, customers, and others seek out on this same property? They frequently complain about the frustration that comes from being lost. This is where you can make a difference with exterior dimensional lettering in Metro Atlanta.

Top Material Options

exterior dimensional lettering in Metro AtlantaDimensional letters stand out quite literally. Depending on the material, they can jut out between half an inch to a full three inches. Selecting the right material also assists with encapsulating your brand message.

  • Laser-cut acrylic. Its sharp edges impress with superior accuracy. Besides that, we can paint it in any color you need to match a scheme of the larger facility. Similarly, we can add a glossy or matte finish to underscore the atmosphere of the venue. Typically, high gloss is chic, whereas matte it artistic and functional.
  • Formed plastic. Choose from rounded edges to prismatic fronts and so much more. It is an excellent material choice for 3D lettering that impresses with its design. These types of letters stand out. They are great for supporting a décor scheme.
  • Cast metal. Opt for aluminum, which is lightweight, or other metals. We can paint the metal or keep it in its natural hues. Some clients ask us to age the metal artificially with a deepening of the reds or an addition of a greenish patina. Our team will gladly do so.
  • Sign foam. Foam is suitable for outstanding dimensional letter designs. We can paint its fronts or add acrylic laminates to give the impression that you have 3D lettering consisting of that material. Besides that, we might also add branded vinyl overlays to recreate color mixes that painting alone will not display correctly.

Installation Considerations for 3D Letters

exterior dimensional lettering in Metro AtlantaThe majority of clients ask us to mount their letters flush to the substrate. This is an excellent option when you like the clean presentation of your signage. That said, you have other options, too.

For example, when your walls consist of brick or rougher textures, standoffs might be a better choice. They make it look as though the lettering was floating slightly above the substrate. Besides that, this installation method allows for a shadow play that looks excellent on bright-colored walls.

Panel mounts also work. They are good options when the color of the backdrop and the hue of your lettering are too similar. Panels create the visual counterpoint the consumer needs to read the message while they allow for a tie-in with a harmonizing tone.

How to Buy Exterior Dimensional Lettering in Metro Atlanta

exterior dimensional lettering in Metro AtlantaOur sign shop’s team routinely works with business owners who need new ways of labeling large facilities in the Atlanta area. We can assist you with the design, manufacture, and installation of 3D letters that stand out in all the right ways. By the way, if you are thinking of adding something different – sandblasted HDU boards or channel letters are possibilities – we can help you with that, too.

Contact us today to schedule a design appointment!

exterior dimensional lettering in Metro Atlanta

Now is the Time to Order Your Holiday Sales Signs for Metro Atlanta!

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The start of the Atlanta school year is right around the corner. Back-to-school shopping is already in full swing or finished. Did you know that now is the ideal time to order holiday sales signs for Metro Atlanta business owners?

Why Focus on Holiday Signage Now?

holiday sales signs for Metro AtlantaEach year, there is the race to see who will put together their seasonal product displays and services menus the earliest. Part of this race is the display of themed signage. These signs fulfill a variety of functions and help your store or service business reel in foot traffic.

  • Attract shoppers. When consumers are ticking off their list items, they will look for stores that cater to their holiday shopping needs. The right signage out front identifies you as a location that actively competes for the business.
  • Manage expectations. When your signs have a traditional tone, your customers will know what to expect inside. Conversely, signs with a contemporary take on the holiday season are sure to present the right brand theme message.
  • Encourage the impulse buy. Inside the store, use signage to your advantage. Product pairings are excellent impulse buys. Showcase how buyers could heighten the enjoyment of one product by adding a second one to the purchase.

Most Popular Atlanta Holiday Signs

holiday sales signs for Metro AtlantaWhat are the must-have signs that allow you to compete and get a start on the holiday shopping season?

  • POP displays. Points of purchase signs take many forms. One of the most popular displays features a tabletop setup that lets you place the sign directly behind the products. It is an ideal display presentation because it addresses the shopper and offers the right product pairing all at once. Other POP signs include aisle signs and cash register signage.
  • Framed signs. Place several post and panel signs that let you change inserts. You can use them year round and only replace the panel portion. Have us pre-print several panels that you can change as the holiday season progresses.
  • Hanging banners. Suspend banners from the ceiling above your registers. Hang them near the entrance, windows, and anywhere else that the consumer will first look. These signs are fantastic. You can use decorative displays and alternate them with sales messages. If you have customers who have not previously thought of your venue as a holiday shopping locale, banners can persuade them otherwise.

How to Shop for Holiday Sales Signs for Metro Atlanta

holiday sales signs for Metro AtlantaNow is the time to put in your orders. By getting a jump on the competition, you avoid the rush later on. Most importantly, you have the signs when you are ready to introduce customers to your holiday-themed merchandise. Doing so before the competition starts ordering its signage is essential.

If you are unsure what types of signs to order for your venue this year, discuss your plans with our graphic artist. Although banners, POP, and post and panels signs are the most popular, you have other options, too. Cases in point are banner stands with double-sided displays or flags for the exterior.

Contact us today to start your order!

holiday sales signs for Metro Atlanta

LED Changeable Message Board Signs: Imagine the Possibilities!

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Catching the attention of passersby is essential. It quickly leads to an impulse stop, which is the precursor to the impulse buy. Effective signage is an excellent way of directing consumers’ attention to your venue. Part and parcel of this setup are LED changeable message board signs.

Are You Ready for a Sign Upgrade?

LED Changeable message board signsLED technology takes today’s sign for a spin. Choose display heights that range from one foot to eight feet. Widths go from three feet to 11 feet. With these message displays, you have free range with the information you want to share.

  • Time and temperature readings. This is a community service that most consumers appreciate. You frequently see it at banks and similar financial institutions.
  • Timed messages. Because you can draft your messages ahead of time, you do not have to be present when they change. You might pre-plan messages for days. Doing so lets you automate targeted messages with the click of a button and the connection of a software package. If you operate multiple venues, it is easy to ensure that your message is up when you want it to be – even if you are at the other location.
  • Commercial-quality displays. Depending on the system you select, you can expect to play commercial-quality ads. Envision an engaging media presentation. Passersby will stop to watch your show!

LED Sign Displays Your Competitors are Using Right Now

LED Changeable message board signsIf you have a monument sign on your property, it is possible to upgrade it. Do away with the manual reader board that your staff members have been populating with letters. Instead, ask Meridian Signs & Graphics technicians to retrofit the structure with a changeable LED message board. It will display vibrant colors and let motorists know of your messages.

One of the most impressive displays can be the building sign right above your entrance. Typically, it will showcase your company’s name and logo in vibrant colors. However, every so often, you might change the message to highlight a special deal. Alternate the messages occasionally. Doing so boosts interest in your signage. People will see if they can find a new message displayed there when they return.

LED Changeable message board signsWhen you want to signal your information to drivers who are coming from far away, a pylon sign is an ideal option. Because it appeals to motorists who are coming from two directions, it can become a beacon after dark. Wayfinding will be a snap. Once again, you might display your corporate information or display ads.

Even schools are now getting in on the LED board action. Cheer on your sports team by featuring the mascot. When the team wins, display the score. Do not forget to highlight the achievements of your art department, too!

Areas We Serve for LED Changeable Message Board Signs

LED Changeable message board signsMeridian Signs & Graphics serves the business communities in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, Duluth, Johns Creek, Milton, Marietta, and Fulton County as well as Forsyth County. If you are unsure how to integrate LED technology into your existing signage setups, contact our team for assistance. We gladly visit you for a site survey to help you decide.

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LED Changeable message board signs

Army Career Center Adds Channel Letters and Window Graphics in Atlanta to Attract Recruits!

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Patriotic residents of the Metro Atlanta area do not have to search long and hard when trying to locate venues where they might serve their country. With the help of channel letters and window graphics in Atlanta, our sign shop was able to assist the Army Career Center.

Introducing Prospective Recruits to a World of Career Opportunities

channel letters and window graphics in AtlantaWhat do your window graphics have to say when you are the United States Army? Our technicians designed, manufactured, and installed a window wrap that features a sunrise sky in the background. In the front, there is the silhouette of a soldier holding the American flag. It is a powerful image that sets the tone for the expectations of potential recruits.

Next, we put together a channel letter sign with a box cabinet for the name and logo of the venue. It features the famous yellow coloring that people have come to associate with the U.S. Army. Because of the façade’s makeup, our installers used a raceway mount. It emphasizes the three-dimensional aspect of the lettering.

Now, the combination of signage solutions assists with wayfinding and creates a powerful advertising message in the process.

You Need a Strong Façade Visibility

channel letters and window graphics in AtlantaWhether you are in charge of operating a government agency, such as the Army, or a retail business, your façade has to display your identity. Moreover, it needs to be a highly visible presence. Without a high level of visual impact, few consumers will find you. Take a page from the playbook of the Army Career Center, and go for the signage one-two punch.

An Impressive Signage One-Two Punch

channel letters and window graphics in AtlantaMultiple signage presentations always create the best possible attention getters. The first sign is the building marker. Choose from channel letters, a lightbox cabinet, a routed or sandblasted board, or something else. Next, there is a supporting signage setup. You have countless options.

  • Window graphics. The Army selected a full-panel window wrap for a stylish presentation. You might follow suit or opt for stand-alone graphics. This setup would allow you to add niche-specific images as well as repeat your corporate symbols on the glass panels. They address the consumer who is right in front of your venue.
  • A-frame signs. Place these signs into the flow of foot traffic. In this way, they address the shopper who is walking up to your location. Another option is the display near the entrance of your storefront. In this case, the sign appeals to the customer who is walking past your site.
  • Flags. The movement of the flags is ideal for catching the attention of drivers and passersby. You do not need much text. Instead, choose a combination of your corporate colors and logo. When you place multiple flags in front of your business or the median, consumers cannot help but notice your company’s presence.

How to Order the Right Channel Letters and Window Graphics in Atlanta

Our sign business is your one-stop shop for all types of signage products. Invite our team to visit you for a site survey. We gladly measure the facade, gauge traffic speed, and then offer you a customized signage suggestion for the location. Call today to schedule your appointment!

channel letters and window graphics in Atlanta

Peachtree Corners Attracts New Tenants with Cabinet Directory Signs in Peachtree City GA

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Banyan Street Capital manages Peachtree Corners, which is a popular office center. Located at 3720 Davinci Court, it needed several cabinet directory signs in Peachtree City GA. We met with the company’s team to receive the specs for the project.

Four Cabinet Directory Signs Provide Wayfinding Assistance for Peachtree Corners

Cabinet Directory Signs in Peachtree City GAThese directories attach to monument signs. Each one of these structures features the street number at the top. A two-tone color design ensures the visual aesthetics of the signage. Besides that, there is a notation that directs deliveries to the side entrance. Doing so makes it easy to separate commercial and private traffic.

Four removable directory panels allow for the display of tenant information. They install with standoffs. Because they are white, we determined that black print would be ideal for the design of tenant names. It matches the color of the 3D numerals our technicians installed for the street numbers. These monument-mounted directories now make it easy to determine the names of tenants. Most importantly, they help visitors with wayfinding.

Directories for Your Business

Cabinet Directory Signs in Peachtree City GADirectories are excellent signage solutions that add a professional look to any building. Every venue can benefit from them – even if there are only two tenants at the location. As always, customization is essential for brand development.

  • Wall directories. Frequently, management companies choose to present lists on the inside of a building. Wall-mounted directories feature removable blades that display the individual tenant details. When only one company takes up the building, these blades may identify the various departments and their locations. You usually see this in hospitals and schools.
  • Post and panel signs. On the outside, post and panel directories are standard. These typically take the form of maps that present a blueprint of the venue with areas outlining the various tenants or departments. A “you are here” part of the map assists with orienting yourself to decide on the right path to the different locales. Look for them on college campuses as well as mall properties.
  • Monument signs. Take a page from the playbook of Banyan Street Capital, and choose monuments signs to feature directory details at the properties you manage. It is an attractive way of presenting the information. It is also an excellent tool for helping visitors to the venue choose the right entrance and, therefore, the best parking lot.

An alternative to these directories is the wall graphic. Avant-garde companies in Peachtree City and surrounding areas favor this approach. It adds splashes of color where needed or a chic black on white display on a wall space.

Order Cabinet Directory Signs in Peachtree City GA

Cabinet Directory Signs in Peachtree City GANo matter what directory presentation you prefer, your next signage project begins with a consultation. Our technicians offer you suggestions and provide you with samples of the materials you might choose from. If you are unsure what setup is best for your location, we gladly visit for a site survey.

Meridian Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Peachtree City, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, Duluth, Fulton County, Cumming, Johns Creek, Roswell, Milton, and Marietta. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our graphic artist.

Cabinet Directory Signs in Peachtree City GA

Bear Mountain Custom Painting Adds Fleet Graphics in Cumming GA!

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Located at 1690 Redi Road, Bear Mountain Custom Painting specializes in residential painting and remodeling projects. Whether you need help with the latest summertime palette or want to go for the neutral gray tones that are so popular right now, this firm has the answers. When it recently added new vehicles to its fleet, the management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of fleet graphics in Cumming GA.

Customizing Graphics Products for Multiple Makes and Models

Fleet Graphics in Cumming GABear Mountain Custom Painting added a Nissan passenger car, Nissan Titan pick-up truck, and Ford F150 truck. We worked with the team to put together brand-specific designs that suit the vehicles’ shapes and sizes. They feature the company’s name, logo, and contact information.

Moreover, the lettering spells out some of the company’s services. We adjusted the placement of the style elements with the lines and sizes of the vehicles in mind. Therefore, the business still receives the full benefit of the design, but the cars look excellent and self-contained in the display of the information.

Now, Bear Mountain Custom Painting advertises and brands its firm whenever contractors are on the road. Whether they are offering free estimates, traveling to a job site, or picking up supplies, the business’ information is always in front of consumers.

Advertising Your Business with Durable Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Fleet Graphics in Cumming GAIt is advantageous to take your marketing message on the road. For starters, you head into neighborhoods and to venues where likely customers tend to be. Secondly, you are not at the mercy of having the right demographic drive past a stationary billboard and see your message.

Of course, the most persuasive reason for choosing this marketing and branding tool is the durability of the product. Unlike a billboard, which you might rent for three to five months, vehicle graphics remain in place for at least five to seven years. Throughout this time, they consistently showcase your corporate persona wherever you go.

It does not matter if you grab a quick bite to eat for lunch or are parked in front of a customer’s home for a day while you work; the marketing message never stops. It is a great asset when considering the sales collateral you are thinking of preparing. Business clients have had excellent success with tailoring printed ads after the vehicle graphics.

Wraps, Graphics, and Lettering for Your Car

Fleet Graphics in Cumming GAAs the project for Bear Mountain Custom Painting shows, one size never fits all. Our technicians routinely customize vehicle graphics to suit the needs and budgets of clients. Although full wraps are the ideal marketing product, you may not always need them. Sometimes, a three-quarter, half, or one-quarter wrap can suffice.

Other times, you might do very well with a combination of graphics and lettering. Therefore, do not hesitate to discuss your needs for fleet graphics in Cumming GA, with our experts. We assist you with everything from the design to the budgeting for the project. Most importantly, we show you ways to save money that will result in million-dollar looks at reasonable costs.

Contact us today to start your project!

fleet graphics in Cumming GA

5th Avenue Nails Advertises with Opening Soon Banner and Vinyl Window Lettering in Cumming GA!

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Located at 4415 Front 9 Drive, 5th Avenue Nails brings New York allure to Cumming clients. A full menu of services includes spa pedicures and manicures, acrylic nails, as well as gel treatments. At this time, the business readies for opening day. This is why the management team contacted our sign shop to order an “Opening Soon” banner and vinyl window lettering in Cumming GA.

Starting the Brand Conversation before Opening Day

vinyl window lettering in Cumming GA, opening soon banners in Cumming GA We met with the client to discuss the use of brand-specific colors and images. Next, our technicians translated them into attractive window graphics. They now fulfill several functions.

  • Business identification. The window graphics on a large, double-panel feature display the company’s name and logo. We used white and yellow to be loyal to the branding message of the business.
  • Hours of operation. The double doors were also put to work. On the right side of the glass door, vinyl lettering outlines the hours of operation. It is a crucial display that engages the customer with the brand. A phone number allows for connection during and after hours.
  • Menu of services. On the left side of the door, the business advertises some of its services. It is an excellent way of encouraging foot traffic and the impulse stop.

To round out the brand-building effort of the incoming company, the management team ordered the Coming Soon banner. It repeats the yellow color and picks up on the white of the lettering we used. The result is one of visual aesthetics, expert branding, and superb advertising.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Starting Your Brand Building Early

vinyl window lettering in Cumming GA, opening soon banners in Cumming GAOne of the greatest mistakes new businesses make is the complete silence about their names, logos, and products. In contrast, incoming companies with a firm finger on the pulse of the local consumer demographics know that introducing themselves as soon as possible always pays off. This involves the use of signage at the earliest opportunity.

Some hang up their “Coming Soon” banners as soon as the ink is dry on the lease. You can do so even if you are still commissioning build-outs of the property. Savvy business owners have been known to use window wraps to obscure the view inside with products that drove brand awareness on the outside.

vinyl window lettering in Cumming GA, opening soon banners in Cumming GAOther business clients have done very well with countdown “Coming Soon” banners. These feature a removable number setup that lets the business build a buzz by showing a countdown to the grand opening. As the date approaches, switch to a “Grand Opening” banner that specifies the date and time.

From there, we can change window graphics to feature temporary information for that special occasion. It is an excellent way of using the surfaces you already have to create brand awareness and get people talking about your products, services, and other brand aspects.

If you are unsure how to put together the right window graphics and “Opening Soon” banners in Cumming, GA, let our graphic artist assist you. We show you the best ways of standing out within the business community and introducing your targeted demographics to the incoming company. Contact us today to start the design process!

vinyl window lettering in Cumming GA, opening soon banners in Cumming GA

Inspire and Engage with Interior Wall Graphics!

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Branding is all about creating a buy-in. However, sometimes, it pays to create a message that makes the audience think. Successful business owners have found ways of connecting inspirational quotes with their branding to guide the onlooker to the conclusions they want them to reach. It is possible to inspire and engage with interior wall graphics that spark conversations.

Vinyl Letters in Varying Fonts and Colors

Inspire and Engage with Interior Wall GraphicsIt is possible to create a fascinating display that takes advantage of the great-looking wall colors you currently have. We recommend switching up the color play of vinyl letters to emphasize words that you want to jump out at the visitor to your location. For example, charcoal gray and off-white look fantastic on a light-gray backdrop.

Place the lettering sufficiently high up on the wall to make it easily visible even if people are seated nearby. Most importantly, space the style elements so that they do not have to fit around doorways, thermostats, and similar wall fixtures that could make it challenging to take in the whole message at one glance.

Incorporate Wall Features into the Display

Inspire and Engage with Interior Wall GraphicsAnother option is the inclusion of a wall fixture – such as a water fountain – in a wall mural. Add some color that draws the eye. Besides that, focus your message on a challenge. By doing so, you inspire employees to envision themselves advancing within their personal lives as well as professionally.

For the consumer, this type of challenge introduces the question of how your products or services can help them succeed or achieve. This makes it an excellent talking point for meetings with your staff members. In fact, it is a great introduction to sales meetings.

Large Vinyl Letters Bespeak Your Company’s Commitment to Making a Difference

Inspire and Engage with Interior Wall GraphicsHow does your business differentiate itself from the nearest competitor? Spell it out in big and tall words on your focal wall. This could be in a hallway. Better yet, find a wall inside a conference room or reception area. However, do not merely repeat a mission or vision statement. Be bold, and feature a quote that encapsulates your message. It is another excellent conversation starter.

How to Inspire and Engage with Interior Wall Graphics

Inspire and Engage with Interior Wall GraphicsOur sign shop routinely works with business clients who are looking for new ways to start great conversations. We serve companies in and around Cumming, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell and Atlanta, GA. If you already have some quotes you are hoping to use, we can assist you with the development of the lettering.

Conversely, if you are unsure how to put your thoughts into memorable words, we can help you with that, too. Our graphic artist gladly provides you with sayings that would be ideal for encapsulating your brand message. Similarly, we help you select graphics that grab the attention of visitors to your office, storefront, or warehouse. Our team also offers insights into the perfect sizing and color considerations for your location. If you like, we can visit your office to take measurements and ensure that none of the style elements have to compete with wall fixtures.

Contact us today to talk about your wall graphics project!

Inspire and Engage with Interior Wall Graphics

CSI Labs Adds 3D Letter Lobby Sign and Monument Sign in Alpharetta GA

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Located at 2580 Westside Parkway, CSI Laboratories specializes in cancer diagnostics. To outfit this state-of-the-art lab with signage that would reflect its thought leadership in the niche, our sign shop stepped up to the plate. We worked with the team to put together a signage suite that consists of a 3D letter lobby sign and monument sign in Alpharetta GA.

Intricate Signage Presentation Brands the Lab

3D Letter lobby sign and monument sign in Alpharetta GACSI Laboratories developed an intricate logo that features several custom colors. Our technicians ensured that we would create perfect color matches. The lobby sign was then installed behind the receptionist’s desk, where the wall space features several subliminal geometric designs. The glossy finish of the lettering reflects the lighting and creates a chic presentation.

For the monument sign, we installed a new product that looks contemporary and highlights the corporate brand colors. Moreover, it emphasizes the high-tech style of the venue with a unique shape and upgraded color scheme. Three-dimensional style elements greet visitors to the location and assist with wayfinding. The combination of both signs is an excellent example of how a one-two signage presentation is highly effective at beginning and continuing a brand conversation.

Emphasizing Your Branding with Perfect Color Matches

3D Letter lobby sign and monument sign in Alpharetta GAYour brand message expresses itself with font selection, color choice, and placement of the style elements. All of these work together to help the consumer recognize your business at a glance. Think about some of the iconic brands that you know solely because of the shape of a logo or color of a backdrop.

Every business attempts to reach this level of brand recognition. We routinely work with company owners who have multiple signage displays on their properties. If the colors do not match perfectly on all of the signage products involved, the brand message is compromised.

Meridian Signs and Graphics diligently protects your color matches. We ensure that they are identical across all signage types and materials. Whether you combine metal, acrylic, foam, or a different substrate setup for multiple signage solutions, our technicians focus their attention on creating presentations that match perfectly.

As a result, your brand communication flows flawlessly. Most importantly, it works to create the type of brand awareness and recognition among your customers that you desire.

Combining a 3D Letter Lobby Sign and Monument Sign in Alpharetta GA

3D Letter lobby sign and monument sign in Alpharetta GAWhenever possible, we recommend combining sign projects. Not only does it minimize the disruption to your operations, but it also boosts brand awareness building. The more signs you have at your location that meet your current branding needs, the more opportunities your customers have to take in these messages.

Of course, our sign shop can help you, whether you need one sign or ten. Discuss your signage designs with our graphic artist. This specialist assists you with material selection and mounting options. Besides that, we show you on the work-ups what the finished product looks like. You see it through the eyes of a customer, which enables you to make changes with the desired effect in mind.

Contact us today to learn more about your options and to begin the design process.

3D Letter lobby sign and monument sign in Alpharetta GA

Summit Industrial Adds 3D Building Letters and Suite Signs in Cumming GA!

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Summit Industrial’s Atlanta office operates at 380 Dahlonega Street. From there, it provides power, chemical, and oil & gas clients with leadership, fabrication, mechanical, and instrumentation services. When this firm needed 3D building letters and suite signs in Cumming GA, a management team representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Seamless Outdoor to Indoor Signage Continuation

3D building letters and suite signs in Cumming GAWhen customers first approach the red brick building, they see several windows and the company’s name above in large white letters. These three-dimensional style elements contrast well from the red of the façade. Next, we worked on the suite sign. Our team replicated the building sign with scaled-down letters for the wooden door. Once again, the signage’s light color contrasts well with the darker tones of the wooden door.

Branding with Identical Signage Displays

3D building letters and suite signs in Cumming GAIt is getting far more common among Georgia businesses to feature similar outdoor and indoor signs. For most, the replication happens with the building sign to lobby sign design. For others, the similarity is the suite sign. There are various options.

  • Channel letters. Scaled down versions of channel letters are quickly becoming popular lobby signs for offices on the cutting edge of their niches. Front or backlit, these style elements impress the consumer because they look identical to the building sign, which allows for a unique brand message presentation.
  • Lightbox cabinets. Replicate the message on your building with a thinner, smaller lightbox cabinet on the inside. If your façade marker features a lot of detailed information, minimize it for interior displays to present only your corporate persona. Because the sign acts as a light source, it becomes an integral part of the office’s interior décor.
  • Illuminated signage. In fact, any type of illuminated signage is ideal. If you chose to use façade lights outside, you might also display them inside. Once again, a reduction in size is instrumental for making the sign work well with the interior dimensions of the venue.

Of course, you could also take a page from the playbook of Summit Industrial and opt for dimensional letters. By scaling down the sizing but keeping the color play in synch, you succeed in creating a cohesive signage display that begins the brand communication on the exterior and carries is through to the interior.

Choosing Your Ideal 3D Building Letters and Suite Signs in Cumming GA

3D building letters and suite signs in Cumming GAWhat is an ideal sign for a competitor might not work well for you and vice versa. For this reason, we recommend discussing your signage needs with our graphic artist. This expert will help you decide on the best material and sizing standards for the project. For example, acrylic is a fantastic material that is durable, paintable, and looks excellent on a façade.

That said, sign foam is a better option when you like the idea of very thick letters. Moreover, if you anticipate only being at the location for two or three years, you can save considerably with a lower-density material. We can still paint the foam or apply imprinted vinyl overlays.

When you prefer metal, we recommend aluminum or Dibond. This material impresses with its versatility and durability. Most importantly, brushed aluminum look sophisticated and elegant in any setting, which makes it suitable for software firms, doctors’ offices, and construction management companies.

Learn more about your options today by giving our sign shop a call now!

3D building letters and suite signs in Cumming GA