Blade Signs for Your Medical Facility in Atlanta

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Blade Signs for Medical Facilities in AtlantaDirectional signage is a must-have when outfitting the interior of your medical facility. Whether you operate a medical office building, a dental clinic or a multi-department hospital, the addition of blade signs for medical facilities in Atlanta can turn even a maze of corridors into a venue that your patients find easy to navigate. What the options for blade signs for your medical facility?

First Things First: What is a Blade Sign?

You are most likely already familiar with standard wall-mounted signs. They attach directly to the wall and face the person standing right in front of them. The blade sign is different. Although also wall-mounted, it displays perpendicular to the substrate and, therefore, faces the traffic in your hallway so that those who are still down the corridor can see your marker. On the outside of shopping venues, you will have noticed that blade signs attract foot traffic of passersby. Inside a medical office building, they assist with directional clarity and navigation.

Why Select This Signage Solution in a Medical Facility?

Hospital waiting room blade signs AtlantaConsider the fact that your corridors get busy. Remember also that your staff members are actively involved in assisting patients and are therefore usually unavailable to provide wayfinding help to those looking for a particular room, department or office. By empowering your patients to handle their directional needs themselves, you give them the confidence to take charge during their visits. Within a medical office setting, this is a powerful message that consumers are sure to appreciate.

Choosing the Right Product for the Setting

The typical sign will feature a box-like cabinet that displays your message in both directions of the hallway. That said, those signs that have longer messages need to be larger than those with only a symbol or number. As a result, the number markers that identify individual waiting rooms may be only a third of the size as the signage you would need to point to the specialty departments of the floor.

Since legibility is a big concern, we usually recommend the pairing of a highly visible font with a clear color contrast. Although you can easily incorporate your company’s colors when selecting the frame of the sign as well as the backdrop of the message board itself, remember that patients looking up from a distance should still be able to make out the print. Black print on beige, white or pastel-colored backdrops is usually a great idea. When the volume of the message threatens to make the font too small to read from the other end of the hallway, consider one of two steps.

  1. Hospital Restroom Blade Signs AtlantaAdd symbols to the written words, which minimizes the need for text.
  2. Add multiple blades.

Adding illumination is another option that physicians have used for years with the display of waiting room blade signs. Although not necessary, it communicates clearly the rooms that are currently in use, which makes it easier for staff members to help patients.

Discussing Your Signage Needs with the Experts

Contact the pros at Meridian Signs and Graphics to learn more about blade signs for hospitals in Atlanta, what to look for and how to finish them for a finish that blends in well with your venue’s overall atmosphere. Contact us today for more information.

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