The Berndsen Company Rebrands with 3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA

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Located at 3525 Piedmont Road NE, The Berndsen Company specializes in renovations, new construction, and restorations. Recently, the firm underwent a rebranding and contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a 3D logo lobby sign in Atlanta GA.

Rebranding Signage with a Pizzazz That Stands Out

3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GAAfter consulting with our clients, our technicians cut out the company’s lettering from half-inch-thick acrylic. We painted it black and added metal faces that consist of copper and aluminum. Next, we mounted these style elements to the gray backdrop wall.

It is fair to say that this is a sign of unrivaled pizzazz. The combination of metals makes the lettering pop. Besides this sign, we also made etched vinyl film graphics for the glass doors of the company’s entrance. Both signage solutions work together in presenting the rebranded name of the company in style.

Are You Thinking of Changing Your Branding?

3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GARebranding is more common than you might think. It appeals to companies that have been in business for a while. Because the tastes of their target demographics change, these firms rebrand to remain in step with the times. You can do likewise.

For some companies, the changes are as subtle as an alternative to the fonts they have been using so far. For others, there is a mix of new fonts and new color tones. Some also update the logo to be in step with the upgrades.

Our sign shop can help with all aspects of the project. If you are thinking of rebranding but do not yet have the new lettering or logo presentation put together, our graphic artist can assist you with the design details. If you just want to test-drive what a new color or lettering setup might look like, we can certainly help you with that, too.

Presenting an Updated Brand Message

3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GAAlmost all companies that rebrand benefit from the design of a new lobby sign. This is because the lobby sign sets the tone for other signage inside the venue. Moreover, it is the presentation of the corporate persona, which is why it must be at the forefront of undergoing the renewal.

While the lobby sign sets the tone for the rebranding inside, do not forget that this message also needs to trickle down to the signage you use on the exterior. Therefore, it is essential that you remember exterior markers as well. Examples include your building signs, banners, and window graphics.

Ordering a 3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA

Our sign shop routinely works with business clients who are rebranding. We can work with the specs you already have on hand when you designed the signage changes yourself. Similarly, we can work with the information that an advertising agency may be providing to you. Of course, our graphic artist will gladly directly work with you on putting together a new portfolio of brand presentations.

Whether you need a new lobby sign, window graphics, or something else altogether, connect with our sign shop today!

3D Logo Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA