The Benefits of Franchise Vehicle Graphics

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Franchise Vehicle Graphics AtlantaAt Meridian Signs and Graphics, we frequently get questions about the benefits of franchise vehicle graphics. Atlanta business owners know that the graphics look great, but they want to know that the expense is really worth it. We’ve already talked about the benefits of franchise window graphics, but today, our skilled vehicle graphics experts have put together this Q&A, which we hope will explain the return on investment for this advertising medium just a little bit more.

Q: What do Atlanta franchise vehicle graphics offer that other advertising options do not?

A: With properly designed and installed vinyl graphics, you have the power to market and brand your franchise day and night, seven days a week, all year long – even when you park the vehicle. In contrast, a billboard is only useful when you pay for it, which is usually done in weekly increments. If you run out of marketing funds – and billboards are expensive to rent – your marketing message is painted over. In addition, your vehicle takes the marketing to your target demographic. Drive the car where your customers are, and the intended audience sees your advertisement. Quite the opposite, the standard billboard remains stationary, and you can only hope that some members of your target audience drive by.

Q: How do you make these graphics look great?

Vehicle Graphics for Atlanta FranchisesA: The finished look is due in part to the exact match of the graphics. We use a high-resolution, high-quality printer for the vinyl decals and graphics, which in turn results in eye-grabbing appearances of the treated vehicles. With our expertly designed and installed products, your vehicle becomes a marketing medium that you can be proud of.

Q: How do vehicle graphics compare to other advertising media?

A: We have already discussed the merits of billboards. But graphics also surpass the bang for the buck that you get from newspaper, TV and radio ads. Papers are recycled or only purchased for the coupons that they offer. With most folks getting their information from online sources, this medium no longer boasts the large audiences it once did. TV ads are costly – unless you don’t mind having your spots shown during the overnight shows. Radio ads can have a powerful impact if you have the funds needed to have a well-liked personality personally read them. For a standard spot, you can only hope that folks are tuned in. All these media outlets have one thing in common: hit or miss audience presence. Vehicle graphics allow you to be in the middle of your audience. They cannot help but notice your franchise’s information.

Franchise vehicle wraps AtlantaQ: Do I really need to market my franchise locally?

A: Even though your company is known nationwide, you need to appeal to the local audience to find a solid consumer base. Name recognition can be easier to build because of the company’s reputation, but it does not bring folks to your door. We can add elements and graphics that brand you locally along with adding national franchisor graphics.

Q: I have a modified vehicle; can you still install the graphics?

A: You bet! Our graphics work on all makes and models. Call us today for more information!

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