Balams Law Group Adds 3D Letter Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA

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Not too long ago, we designed, manufactured, and installed frosted door graphics for the Balams Law Group. Just recently, the firm’s management team contacted us again to discuss the design of a 3D letter lobby sign in Atlanta GA. This time, the job took us to 5825 Glenridge Drive, where the group needed signage for the reception area as well as the conference room. The driving force behind the signage’s message was to be the office’s brand communication.

After discussing the plans with the client, we put together a look that incorporates half-inch-thick painted PVC. By using it with a layered design, we were able to boost the strong impression the signage makes. Layering further succeeds in turning a three-dimensional presentation into a sign with substantial artistic merit. The combination of the individual symbol components with the colors white, black, and yellow delivers the brand message with perfection.

Common Themes in Lobby Sign Design for Law Groups

3D Letter lobby sign in Atlanta GAThree design features appeal to professionals in the legal field.

  1. Intricacy. Because clients rely on attorneys to be detail-oriented, it makes sense that these professionals find their brand expression in products that feature complex fine points. For the Balams Law Group, this included the use of dimensional letters on top of 3D display elements. For others, it might refer to the presentation of targeted light sources that emphasize metallic looks with etchings.
  2. Substantial presentation. Dimensional letters, the use of logo boards, and the addition of standoffs result in larger displays. A three-dimensional look catches the eye and demonstrates confidence in the plan to be in business for a long time to come. This attitude rubs off on the client, who feels secure in the knowledge that the firm will be there for the duration of her/his need.
  3. Sophistication. Elegance is a central part of a well-designed lobby’s appeal. Ideally, it is understated and presents itself in the small details. This thought process continues not just with furnishings and wall art but also with signage. For a lobby sign, elegance displays with sleek material choices, stylish color combinations that work well with wall surfaces, and a mounting technique that brings pizzazz to the space.

Designing Reception Area Signage on a Budget

3D Letter lobby sign in Atlanta GAYou do not have to spend a million bucks to have a sign that looks as though you did. For example, even though solid metal letters are a hallmark of elegance and style, you can still bring the metal presentation into your space by having us design a 3D marker with foam and adding metal laminates. When the combination of multiple materials is too costly, why not select an acrylic board with an imprinted vinyl overlay? Our graphic artists can create an optical illusion that turns a piece of plastic into a three-dimensional arrangement. Another money-saving tip is the selection of wall graphics or wraps that heighten the display impact of a basic marker.

3D Letter lobby sign in Atlanta GAWhen you are ready to explore the various design options that we offer when putting together lobby signs for law firms in Atlanta GA, contact our graphic artists for assistance.

3D Letter lobby sign in Atlanta GA